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The Best Career Advice for Women That No One Is Talking About

There is A LOT of career advice for women these days. A lot. Ask for the raise. Negotiate from the moment you get your job offer. Get a mentor; get a sponsor; build a personal board of directors.

And more women are taking charge of their careers than ever before, in van cleef & arpels butterfly ring replica ways that our mothers and grandmothers could never have imagined; and those opportunities are only expanding. For example, starting your own business has never been more accessible, as advances in technology have brought the costs down (cloud computing, anyone?) and funding that business is also becoming ever more do able, as more angel networks and crowdfunding sites democratize investing.

Ugh. I'd rather get a tooth pulled, you might be thinking. Without Novocain. After all, doesn't investing involve tons of work and learning lots of jargon, and doesn't it open you up to losing all your money??

No one has ever lost all of their money investing in a diversified investment portfolio. And even if it requires some extra effort (though not nearly, nearly as much as what we are already doing, which is kicking a every day at work), here's what it can do:

It can build your wealth. not by a little, but by enough to make a real difference in your life. The numbers: if you're earning $85,000 a year, having it grow in line with women's salary curves, saving 20 percent of it annually (as personal finance experts recommend), and putting that money in the bank after 40 years, you will have saved $1.5 million.

If you instead invest that same amount, in a diversified investment portfolio, in 40 years you'll have another $1.5 million, or $2 million, or more. (We calculated this using up markets and down markets, and you end up with these amounts the majority of the time.)

Ok, you may be saying, I get how that can help me when I'm a (cool, hipster, awesome) old lady. But aren't we talking about my career? How about me right now?

1) Money is our number one source of stress. If you're concerned about money, you can lose two weeks a year in work productivity worrying about it. Taking action to be van cleef flower ring replica in greater control of your money, and earning more money over time by investing, can help us spend more time focused on work, rather than focused on not having money. So we can do a better job in our job.

2) Tell me: do you feel better about negotiating with your boss if you have more of a money cushion? Do you feel better about going for that new job, which will really stretch you, if you have more money to fall back on? Do you feel better about starting that new business you've always dreamed about if you have more money?

And do you feel better about marching into your boss' office with the proverbial "take this job and shove it" if you have more money? (Heck, do you feel better about ending that not so great relationship with anyone if you have more money, as compared to being financially dependent on them?)

The answer to all of these is, of course, yes. Financial control and financial equality are freedom.

I'll even go so far as to say that without financial equality, the work of feminism that our grandmothers, our mothers and we have been doing is not complete. It can trap us in bad jobs and bad relationships. Can we really achieve equality without achieving financial equality?

If we're not investing, we're doing most of the hard work around money van cleef & arpels ring fake (you know, going to work every day, turning in that amazing design, landing the difficult to close client, beating our sales projections). but we're only getting about half the reward. And so we're depriving ourselves of the ability to take on more risks in our career, to "play loose," to have more fun in what we do, to do more in our careers, if we don't have a financial cushion built up.

Sallie Krawcheck is working to reimagine investing for women, through her new venture, which is a digital investment platform for women.
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Richard Seabridge Obituary

Richard S. Seabridge LAWRENCEVILLE van cleef diamond ring fake Richard S. Seabridge, 86, died Tuesday at his home in Lawrenceville. Born in Lawrenceville he was a lifelong resident. Mr. Seabridge was a World War II veteran having served in the Army Air Corps. He was a proficient aerial and ground gunner assigned to a B 24 bomber and was awarded van cleef perlee ring fake numerous citations. He was a lifelong member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 3022. Mr. Seabridge was a PSE lineman for 35 years before his retirement in 1981. Mr. and was winner of 45 National Grand Tippler Awards. Son of the late William S. and Caroline Zeise Seabridge, and father of the late Richard "Ricky" Seabridge, he is survived by his wife, Joyce E. Shive Seabridge; his two daughters, Joyce Migliarese and Caroline Seabridge; his two sons, John Seabridge and his wife, Monica, and Charles Seabridge; his five grandchildren, Yvonne Giammona and her van cleef and arpels butterfly ring replica husband, Louie, Philip and Richardo Migliarese, and Ryan Edward and Scott Samuel Seabridge; and his good friend, Joe Bryce. He was predeceased by his brother, William F. Seabridge Sr., and his daughter in law, Donna Johnson. at Poulson Van Hise Funeral Directors, 650 Lawrence Road, Lawrenceville, with Pastor B. Daniel Whitener Jr. officiating. Burial will be in the Lawrenceville Cemetery. until time of service. Memorial contributions may be made to the
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Round one's hill of beans

IF IT'S true for footy fans that hope is what kills you, the opening round of a new season can quickly restore health. It takes only three hours of therapy. Otherwise perfectly sane adults, wooed during the pre season into a state of wild delusion, are suddenly jolted by defeat to the realisation of their folly. Life, in all its beige normality, quickly resumes.

This weekend, the majority of these tormented souls are wearing yellow and black. The Tigers had the BBQ sizzling so loudly for a couple of weeks that something genuinely succulent was thought to be in the offing. The lingering aroma of feasts past seemed to be wafting from the hotplate. But on the long awaited night the gas ran out. There was a brief splutter, but very few well cooked sausages were produced and the fans went home hungry.

Not quite as deflating as the 83 point loss in the Ben Cousins game three years earlier but, with a team now spoken of as ready to play finals, genuinely disappointing. The Tigers had done a rare thing in modern sport by allowing themselves to be talked up. In truth, it made a refreshing change from the now predictable and often ludicrous scramble to be the underdog. But in the aftermath, the reason for such desperate avoidance of overdog status was clear.

The risk in doing as the Tigers had is that you become football's version of those Moomba birdmen who hubristically step out with all sorts of intricate and gaudy wings, only to crash lead balloon like into the Yarra on takeoff. And in defence of that lot, none has ever claimed to be Orville Wright.

The Blues have now beaten the Tigers on the last eight occasions they've met, four of Richmond's losses coming in the high profile opening round match. It's the longest streak either has achieved against the other since Carlton won their first 24 encounters on Richmond's entry to the VFL. Tiger fans might find themselves paraphrasing Humphrey Bogart: of all the blockbusters, against all the rivals, in all the world, why did we walk into this one now?

Of course, trying to explain rationally to dejected fans that it's only one game in one season is never a good idea; but the temptation is strong. The deflation of the Tigers on van cleef arpel ring replica Thursday night caused me to recall a round one cameo witnessed in my first full season broadcasting VFL footy.

I'd been assigned the Windy Hill fixture between Essendon and North Melbourne on opening day, 1980. The Ron Barassi coached Kangaroos had been the benchmark of the previous six seasons, playing in six straight grand finals (including a draw in '77) before slipping to third in 1979. Clearly, though, the Roos remained a heavyweight.

Barry Davis was now in his third season as Essendon's coach, having captained North to its first flag five years earlier. The Baby Bombers, Mark I, had reached the elimination final the previous year. Although they had been soundly thrashed by Fitzroy, the genie of hope was out of the bottle. At the dawn of a new season, a clash with the Kangaroos, at home, was the perfect opportunity for a team with aspirations.

The young Bombers flunked the test. Their more experienced opponent opened a narrow gap early, skipped away in the third quarter, and withstood a challenge in the last. It wasn't a big defeat van cleef engagement ring replica for the Dons but enough to reveal that young Madden, Van Der Haar, Watson and co still had a way to go.

As I hurried down Brewster Street after the game to head back for ABC TV's Saturday night footy panel show, I came up behind a mum with her son, who was perhaps just entering his teenage years. He was wearing a black duffle coat with splashes of red memory suggests with Tim Watson's No. 32 on the back and the part of the conversation I heard was brief but telltale. The mum's tone was knowing but frustrated, warning her boy: ''It's gonna be the same old story this year as last, and the one before that. We're just not good enough!''

Yep, it was over. And it was. A check of the history book tells me North won by 13 points: 15.10.100 to 12.15.87. Not much in it and the Bombers had more scoring shots, but this mum knew her footy and her Bombers. They fell well short of the finals that year, as she knew full well they would after one game.

The next year, though, things started to change. A bloke named Sheedy arrived van cleef and arpels emerald ring replica at Windy Hill and, after a chequered start, the Bombers strung together 15 straight wins. A new era had begun. No one could have imagined it would last 27 years. I hope the mum and her boy stuck around for it.

Indeed, I'm sure they did: she had fair dinkum fan written on her as unmistakably as the ''Watson'' on her son's duffle coat. The Tigers have plenty of those fans too.
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run near SF's Broadway Tunnel

A man in his 60s was killed Friday morning in a hit and run crash near the Broadway Tunnel in San Francisco, police said. in the road on Broadway just west of Powell Street after someone went to the on Vallejo Street to report a body in the street, said Officer , a Police Department spokesman.

A witness told police that a white cargo van was driving southbound on Powell Street and making a right onto Broadway toward the Broadway Tunnel when the victim was hit, he said.

It was unclear if the man was in a crosswalk or who had the green light, according to van cleef and arpels diamond ring replica Esparza, but investigators said the victim lived near the scene of the crash.

Police asked van cleef arpels engagement ring replica anyone who spots the van, which they say probably has van cleef and arpels emerald ring replica front end damage, to call them at (415) 575 4444.

The death was the fifth pedestrian fatality this year, Esparza said. Last year, 20 pedestrians died on the streets of San Francisco, according to the End of the Year Traffic Fatality Report.
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the island of colours

A TINGE of envy crept into my heart when some Mauritians of Indian origin greeted me with Bonjour, the most common greeting you will hear on Mauritius. Having read up on this slice of paradise in the Indian Ocean prior to my five day, four night sojourn at the La Plantation d Club Med, I had expected English to be the most widely spoken, as it is generally accepted as the official language.How interesting, then, to listen to these Mauritians, who looked like Malaysian Indians, speaking fluent French or Creole. Of course, the moment a Mauritian notices your puzzled expression after failing to reply to a question, they politely switch to English, putting non French speaking visitors immediately at ease.I thought it was simply cool, to be of Indian descent, living on a beautiful tropical island in the middle of a great ocean and being in command of two very widely spoken languages English and French. A good 68% of Mauritius 1.3 million inhabitants are Indians (the majority of whom are Hindus), 28% Creole (African descent), and 3% Chinese. There are also the French and other nationalities in the expatriate population.The 2,040sqkm island is located some 2,000km off the south east of the African continent. Neighbouring Madagascar, this country includes Rodrigues, the islands of Agalega, and the archipelago of Saint Brandon. Its position just 20 south of the Equator means the island experiences summer and winter. The winter season, from May to October, is not cold and severe but warm, dry and pleasant.A good way to get a feel of the Casela Nature Leisure Park is to ride Bombardier quads.During my trip from Nov 1 van cleef perlee ring replica to 6, it was the peak tourist season (November to April, to be exact). and the weather can be hot and humid, with quite a bit of rainfall.Anyway, this small mountainous island is blessed with what seems to me to be neverending stretches of white sandy beaches and tropical vibes.It is also home to a colourful mosaic of cultures following a rich history of colonisation by the Portuguese, the Dutch, the French and the British. Mauritius, incidentally, was so named by the Dutch in honour of Prince Maurits van Nassau, in the 17th century.Miles and miles of sugar plantations line the narrow Mauritian roads these I had expected to see, having been told by a doctor before my trip, that this was what struck her about the island. I had also written to a former colleague in New Zealand as she had visited the island some years ago. She said that she was charmed by the island and its beautiful people.As for me, the picturesque landscape of the island truly bowled me over.I was very happy when I found out that the Grand Bassin (Ganga Talao) a crater lake situated 549m above sea level was on our itinerary, van cleef arpels ring fake planned by tour agency Mauritours.It a good thing the drive up the mountain (in the district of Savanne) went smoothly; it was neither tiring nor nauseating as I had initially feared.Thick forests lined both sides of the road that we journeyed on. The monotony of the scenery was broken by a magnificent 33m statue of Lord Shiva. The gigantic bronze deity indicated that we were entering sacred ground, and the crater lake was not too far from there.Calmness descended as shrines and van cleef perlee ring fake tall statues of Hindu deities came into view to the left of the Grand Bassin.This is where the Mahashivarathri celebration takes place every February, attracting thousands of pilgrims from all over the world.While in this area, in the hilly south western part of Mauritius, a visit to the Black River Gorges National Park is recommended.The Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel is a spectacular sight found in the middle of a plantation.With 60km of trails, much of the forest is open for discovery if you have time for long walks.The Seven Coloured Earth of Chamarel, which was on my to do list, was also on the tour schedule. This geological wonder of coloured sand dunes with splashes of red, brown, grey, purple and brown in the middle of the Chamarel plantation, is simply breathtaking.Another scenic sight in the vicinity is the Chamarel Falls, with the lush vegetation of the Black River Gorges surrounding it. At a height of 83m, it is the highest waterfall in Mauritius. I was totally mesmerised by nature design!Next on the itinerary was the petting farm, just a stone throw away. There, I saw tortoises cousins of the Galapagos variety basking lazily in the sun.The island has plenty for tourists to feast their eyes on, and if you have enough time, a visit to the 14ha Casela Nature And Leisure Park in the western part is worth visiting. The park is home to some 1,500 birds (of over 150 species), and various animals such as lions, cheetahs, zebras, ostriches and monkeys, none of which are native to the island.My travel mates and I experienced a mini African safari on a coach but how we wished we were riding Bombardier quads, which are a more exciting option to explore and get a feel of the park.A visit to Port Louis allows visitors to experience life in the capital city. Although there are many places of interest, we only had time to visit the Port Louis market, La Citadel and Le Caudan Waterfront.The Port Louis market is a busy place where locals head to for fresh produce, like vegetables and meat. It was interesting to browse the handicraft items, clothes and souvenirs on sale at the stalls.Also known as Fort Adelaide, La Citadel is located on a hill, overlooking Port Louis. This lookout point offers a lovely view of the city.I would recommend a visit to the Le Caudan Waterfront, especially if you plan to indulge in a spot of shopping. This commercial area is dotted with retail shops, including those carrying luxury brands. There are many restaurants here offering a variety of cuisines, and entertainment outlets as well. I thought it would be a good place to meet up with friends for drinks, or take leisurely walks along the harbour.Mauritius may not be a big island but its rich culture, warm hospitality, tourist attractions and magnificent beaches make it a unique and charming getaway.
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seeing more female homeless veterans

While pulling security detail for an Army convoy stuck in gridlocked traffic, Peacock's vehicle came alongside a van full of Iraqi men who "began shouting that they were going to kill us," she said.

One man in the vehicle was particularly threatening. "I can remember his eyes looking at me," she said. "I put my finger on the trigger and aimed my weapon at the guy, and my driver is screaming at me to stop."

She points to the Baghdad confrontation as a major contributor to her struggles with drug abuse and post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD. She says she's one step away from living on the street. See details on vets, including homeless > Shortly after her discharge in 2004, Peacock said, she developed an addiction to pain pills. After her husband left her, she was evicted from her apartment, which she said made it impossible for her to obtain a lease or a mortgage.

She spent the next few years "couch surfing" from friend to friend, relative to relative. Watch how Los Angeles helps its 15,000 homeless vets > "I could be kicked out of this house at any time," she said.

Experts say that Peacock's profile is similar to that of many female veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In fact, the rate of female homeless vets is increasing in the United States, according to the federal government and groups that advocate for homeless people. Department of Veterans Affairs defines PTSD as a type of anxiety that affects people who've experienced a particularly traumatic event that creates intense fear, helplessness or horror.

"You're sitting on your couch and you hear a car go down the street, and you think it's going to come through your house so you kind of catastrophize things automatically," Peacock said. "That's stuff normal people don't do, but if you're in a combat zone on convoys all the time, you can't help but copy van cleef emerald ring do that."

People in Peacock's life "just don't get it," she said, "so you just isolate."

PTSD can trigger depression, experts say, leading to job loss and a rapid downward spiral toward homelessness. Many times, these newly homeless women also have children to care for, advocates say.

Making matters worse, Peacock and other returning vets from Iraq and Afghanistan have been hammered by a struggling economy and skyrocketing unemployment rates. rate and has nearly doubled in the past year to 11.3 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

In addition, about 1.5 million veterans 6.3 percent had incomes below the federal poverty line, according copy van cleef and arpels flower ring to a 2005 congressional analysis of census figures. Army now at 15 percent female, and more women providing supporting roles in combat zones, female vets are becoming homeless at a faster rate than men, said Department of Veterans Affairs spokesman Pete Dougherty.

Conservative estimates count about 131,000 homeless veterans in the United States, most of them from the Vietnam War era. The VA has pinpointed 3,717 homeless veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan, but the nationwide total could be as many as twice that about 7,400, he said.

The VA estimates about 10 percent of all homeless veterans are women, making the estimated number of homeless Iraq Afghanistan female veterans about 740. Dougherty said that number is rising.

Peacock blames her PTSD on many incidents during her time in the military, including "a bunch of small near misses, like sniper fire on a convoy, and waiting for somebody to throw an IED over, and the constant fear that I'm going to die."

She also says she was raped by a noncommissioned officer while deployed in South Korea in 2001.

She said that on the advice of a soldier who outranked her, she never officially reported the rape. "He said if you tell, they're going to put you on trial and make you look like a party girl," she said.

Peacock said the Army reached out to her to investigate the rape accusation, but she refused to cooperate because she didn't think the investigation would do any good.

Known in the ranks as MST, military sexual trauma is another factor homeless advocates point to as a possible cause for PTSD.

To fight the problem, some communities are developing outreach systems to catch homeless women vets before they fall too far. Tracking veterans and determining early on when they've lost jobs and are about to lose their housing has met with some success, said Steve Berg, vice president of programs and policy at the National Alliance to End Homelessness.

At risk vets would get immediate assistance, said Berg, such as help negotiating with a landlord or finding a new job or short term financial assistance. "If you help them get right back into housing, you get better results than if you let people stay homeless for a long time and then try to fix them," Berg said.

Now heading the VA is Eric Shinseki, the Army four star general who retired in 2003, shortly after angering some Bush administration officials by telling a Senate panel that more troops were needed to pacify Iraq after the invasion.

Shinseki has vowed to end homelessness among veterans within five years.

Funds totaling $75 million from the VA and the Department of Housing and Urban copy van cleef and arpels butterfly ring Development in 2008 made vouchers available for 10,000 units of permanent housing for homeless vets in all 50 states.
Surprise Party Invitation Ideas

Throwing a surprise party can be fun not only for the guest of honor, but also the people planning. Actually, in some cases, especially for the people planning. Keeping a secret can be the most thrilling fun anyone can have. It can sometimes be quite disappointing for the one being celebrate as he/she won't be able to participate (although they get gifts). Surprise planning also has its downsides. If planned well in advanced (as these types of parties should be), you'll have to worry about someone disclosing top secret information, or maybe some party planning material lying in full view of the guest of honor, or worse yet, the party just not living up to your expectations. You essentially become a secret agent, albeit domesticated (no need hurling the phrase "shoot to kill" around), and it's your duty making sure all instances of a party taking place remain classified. Mainly to the birthday boy or girl, but also to those who may not be into your secret. And if you're so inclined to take on this task, why not let the ones you're inviting get into the same "secret agent" mode you're in? The party itself can be fun, but so can the party invitations, and here are a few ways you can liven up those invites.

Credit: Ross BrownImagine you're deep in the trenches of some war torn country decoding a message from across enemy lines. It's from a fellow solider asking you to come to his friend's surprise birthday party. Bit of a stretch? Probably so, but still would be a fun way to send out surprise party invitations. You can find software that'll help you create custom invitations to write coded messages in them. Create an invitation where every other word (or every third word; however long your message is) reads in a sentence or so that a surprise party is being hosted. You could make it appear as a generic party invitation, and add a message saying something like "for more details go to my Facebook page" with the URL displayed. There you can tell them a coded message is in the invite and provide a key they can use to decipher it. This can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be. You can even include directions in the coded message to where the party's being held. It might be a good idea to create a faux party a party that's not really taking place so they'd be surprise once they found the truth. Invent a fake person with a fake address displayed on fake retirement party invitations so no one will see it coming. Just make sure on the invite it's clear they need to go to your Facebook page. We only want one person surprised on the special day.

Credit: Evert Jan van Scherpenzeel

The Invisible Invitation

Invisible ink is another alternative way you can send surprise party invitations. You could write on invitations with invisible ink a hidden message that would make the party a little more interesting. Kids would especially love this idea. You'd ask them to save their invitations and bring them to the party. You'd then offer invisible pen and UV light combo toys as party favors so they can read the hidden message. This could go a number of different ways. Turn the party into a scavenger hunt, and each person would view the hidden message letting them know who's team they might be on, or a clue on where to start scavenging. Of course, you'd want the birthday boy or girl to get involved, so you'd write a message on a gift making sure they open copy vca ring that one first. You could also designate places where each child should hide with your hidden message in order to surprise the birthday boy or girl. On the invitations you'd give them an early arrival time (not hidden of course), so everyone can get in place for the big moment. Another idea would be to use a stencil and draw shapes and designs on the invitations with neon markers and, If you're planning a blacklight themed surprise party, the invitations would display bright and colorful images plus any messages you included with the invisible ink. There are plenty more ideas you could use with invisible ink. You'd plan this weeks in advance of their actual birthday as to not arouse any suspicion. Say a surprise party is being held for someone. Someone they don't know and probably doesn't exist (this idea won''t work on a private eye or copy van cleef emerald ring an investigative reporter). Put a legitimate time and place (with directions if needed), so it'll look genuine. Once they arrive everyone will already be there waiting to shock them into next week. And along the way they thought they'd be surprising the hair off of Johnny the man who doesn't exist Smith. They may not trust you for awhile afterward, but would still make a good surprise party. All it takes is just a little thinking outside the box when it comes to invitations.

Surprise parties are fun and can be applied to numerous other occasions. An engagement annoncing can copy van cleef and arpels perlee ring price be a surprise classifying it as a surprise party. People announce engagements at holiday parties or other unrelated events. And a surprise birthday party can be applied to all ages groups. Hosting a surprise 50th birthday party isn't too hard to believe. Just be careful when hosting a surprise retirement party as it can get hairy. She'd obviously be expecting a party after announcing her retirement, so that'd make your task a bit harder. And if you threw one before her announcement, but had an inkling she was going to retire, she might get offended that you jumped the gun (she'd definitely be surprised though). In either case, it won't be easy. But for whatever reason you're throwing a surprise party, start the bash off early with fun invitations so the anticipation can build. And remember, have fun!.
The Benefits And Disadvantages of Driving a Minivan

Minivans are ideal for people who want a vehicle that serves a variety of purposes. Smaller than a van yet bigger than a car, minivans are hugely family friendly because they have lots of room for passengers and cargo. The seats can even be lowered or removed to allow more storage room.

If you thinking about buying a minivan, you need to consider a few things before you make the purchase. The most important thing to consider is to know how the minivan features can be useful for you. Remember that the inherent features of a minivan will serve different owners in different ways. It easy to fit seven individuals into a minivan. You may even find certain models that can comfortably sit up to nine and still have space for luggage. This makes the minivan ideal for families. It can even serve you well if you want to take your family on vacation.

Minivans are possibly the safest light vehicles on the road for several reasons. One is that they are large and heavy. In the event of a collision, the heavier vehicle often has an advantage. This means you will have to spend a lot on fuel. It only going to be worthwhile of you need a vehicle that can transport a large number of people. If you have a small family, then any Dodge Chrysler in Downsview showrooms might be the better option for you. It may be a sedan or some copy van cleef & arpels engagement ring other small vehicle.

The minivan is a safe place to be in copy van cleef and arpels diamond ring a collision, but it not the best vehicle for avoiding one. Candid Dodge Toronto dealers will admit to you that minivans van ring imitation are not easy to maneuver, and it can squeeze out of trouble as readily as a car might. Driver comfort can also be an issue. A lot of drivers find it awkward to drive large vehicles, and an uncomfortable driver is never safe to be with.

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Steven Van Zandt to rock Rutgers as 2017 grad copy van cleef and arpels butterfly ring speaker

NEWARK Steven Van Zandt, a long time member of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band and one of the stars of "The Sopranos," will deliver the keynote address at Rutgers University's commencement ceremony this spring.

Van Zandt, who grew up in New Jersey, was approved by the university Board of Governors during its meeting Wednesday at Rutgers Newark. He's the latest in a series of high profile graduation speakers at Rutgers, including President Barack Obama in 2016.

Rutgers locked in Van Zandt last spring after he was the number one choice of a committee of students and faculty that recommended a commencement speaker, university President Robert Barchi said. The committee accepted nominations from the study body before making a selection, according to Rutgers.

"He was the students' choice, as well as the committee's choice, so I expect that this will be looked on very positively by the students," Barchi said.

7 Jersey shout outs in Obama's speech

Rutgers will pay Van Zandt a $35,000 speaking fee, spokeswoman Karen Smith said. The fee will not be paid from Rutgers' state funding, she said.

Van Zandt sparked some controversy recently when he criticized the cast of the hit Broadway show "Hamilton" for calling out then Vice President elect Mike Pence from the stage during a performance following the November election.

Actor Brandon Victor Dixon, during the curtain call, spoke out to Pence as he left the theater, saying "We hope this show has inspired you to uphold our American values, and work on behalf of ALL of us."

Van Zandt later tweeted that "everyone who is sane disagrees with [Pence's] policies," but said a Broadway stage was not to place copy van cleef perlee ring replica to make that statement.

"Audiences shouldn't have to worry about being blindsided like that. Theater should be sanctuary for Art to speak," wrote Van Zandt, while reiterating he remained staunchly against Donald Trump and Pence's policies.

Also in 1999, Van Zandt began playing the role of Silvio Dante, the consigliere to Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano in HBO's "The Sopranos."

Along with his accolades in music and television, Van Zandt was picked for his activism and community fundraising, copy van cleef & arpels ring price Rutgers officials said.

Locally, Van Zandt has raised money to support the renovation and expansion of Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank.

In addition to speaking, Van Zandt will receive a Doctor of Fine Arts at the May 14 ceremony at High Point Solutions Stadium.

LGBTQ and HIV health care advocate Harvey Makadon will receive an honorary Doctor of Science at the ceremony for the New Brunswick campus. Makadon is the director of the National LGBT Health Education Center and the National Center for Innovation in HIV Care
Simple Tips for Troubleshooting Automatic Transmission Problems

Car models with automatic transmission produced initially were very simple, as they were more dependent on their mechanical components. The new breed of automatic transmission cars, however, depend on a host of components mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic all working in perfect synchronization. In fact, this perfect synchronization is the key to your car transmission, and disruption of the same is what causes your automatic transmission to falter.

Diagnosing problems with the transmission is much more easy when it is a manual transmission, as rough shifting of gears is the most obvious symptom of the same. When you try to shift gears manually, the ease with which you shift will tell you if the shift is smooth or not. Unfortunately, this is usually not possible with an automatic transmission, which is considered to be a disadvantage of this transmission type.

The symptoms of transmission problems in this type only become obvious after considerable damage is done which can be a bit too late; chances are that the damage can be major and cost you a hefty sum in repairs.

Common Problems With an Automatic Transmission

It changes from car to car, due to the brand and the make, and your mechanic. But one thing is certain: if your car makes any kind of whining, whirring, buzzing, or clanging noises, there is something wrong with the transmission. Ignoring these noises only gives them a chance to grow louder.

Most transmission related sounds occur at transition speeds. It happens during acceleration or deceleration in most cases, and idling in bad ones. The intensity determines the problem. It could be anything from a low amount of lubrication to chipped gears.

This one is a little tricky. The worst possible problem is a broken transmission system, because the only way to fix this is a transmission overhaul. But a transmission dying out instantly, without giving any warning, happens very rarely. So if the problem occurs without any other signals (like noise or jerking when the gears change), chances are it could be something copy van cleef & arpels wedding ring else, like the drive shaft, the cable connection to the gear shifter, or a broken bushing.

Loose Transmission/Uneven Changing of Gears

If your car is not going into gear, or can't stay in it once shifted, it could be another sign of transmission failure. Another symptom is a jerk that you get when the gears shift. The source of the problem can be found out by calculating the last time you changed your car's transmission fluids. If it was fairly recent, the leak could be because of loose joints or bolts around the drain plug or filters. If your car is old and the fluid hasn't been changed for quite some time, the problem could lie in the filters or the gaskets. They tend to get worn out after long term use and start malfunctioning.

A slightly more rare cause is damage to the transmission housing by external factors such as rocks, speed bumps, potholes, or the sidewalk.

Never ignore it. You'll just be inviting more trouble if you do. There are two ways to assess the code. One is to check it online, through a legit code book. The book will only tell you which sensor is relaying the specific code, implying that the problem is related to that sensor. The other way is to get it checked directly at a mechanic's.

The light warns you about any problems with the engine and the transmission. Usually, P0xxx is the standard code that you might get. It refers to most cars and makes. If the code starts with P1xxx, then it's a brand specific code, and you'll have to refer to their specific code book.

Note: If you notice any of these problems in your car, it is strongly advised that you show your car to a trusted mechanic. Transmission problems always get worse with time, and the cost of repair increases quite fast too.

The synchronization of various components of an automatic transmission is important; without it, you are bound to experience a rough ride. The automatic transmission on the latest automobiles consist of planetary gear sets, the hydraulic system to control and activate the clutch, the torque converter, which acts as a clutch allowing the vehicle to come to a standstill with the engine running and in gear, the governor and throttle cable monitor that senses when to shift gears (in older models), and the on board computer which senses various parameters thus facilitating precise gear shifting, and giving you the freedom to choose between copy vca ring settings for high power or better mileage.

Smooth shifting happens when you can't hear it, but instead feel it when at the same acceleration your power suddenly drops down but speed increases. There is something wrong when you can feel the gear changing, but at the same time also hear a clinking noise from the gearbox. Furthermore, there is something really wrong when you feel a shudder with each gear shift. You should also keep an eye for transmission fluid (oil) leak, as well as its color and odor, if you are to diagnose transmission problems before considerable damage is done.

Taking Care of an Automatic Transmission

Since you do not have any role in gear change when using a vehicle with automatic transmission, the chances of the gears getting faulty due to human error are next to non existent. The main ingredient that will keep the automatic transmission performing like new is the transmission oil. You know how important changing the engine oil on time is, and the serious damage that can occur in case you don't. Same is the case with changing transmission oil, but this is one area that is very often neglected, thus resulting in sudden and serious damage to the transmission.

If you get your vehicle serviced at a company specified service outlet, you don't need to worry about the various oil changes that your car requires. In all likelihood, your vehicle's entire service details will be maintained, and all the required changes and servicing will be done on time.

The problem is that most will go to such service outlets only when their vehicles are new. The general assumption is that once the vehicle gets old, even the local mechanic will do. This is one reason why you must keep a maintenance record of all servicing and oil changes made right from the day you bought the vehicle.

Engine oil change is a regular feature and will be done at every servicing. You should know when this oil was last changed and, more importantly, when it has to be changed next.

Refer to the car manual, and always follow what your vehicle manufacturer suggests. They have done a lot of research and development to know what suits your vehicle best, and how often you have to change the transmission fluid to avoid problems. If your manufacturer suggests that you copy van cleef clover ring change your automatic transmission oil after every so and so miles, do it on time.

When a Problem is Noticed, Act Immediately

As you get used to the transmission smoothly changing gears, you will be able to notice even the slightest change when the unit performs undesirably. Do not wait for later; instead visit your mechanic as soon as possible and ask him to do the needful. It could be something very minor that can be solved immediately, but by ignoring it you are likely to spell trouble for yourself as the underlying problem is likely to get more serious, and eventually affect other components of the car. If ignored for a long time, even small problems can lead to major malfunctioning, which may require a total overhaul in return.

It is always good to be alert and wise. The moment you notice something amiss, you should resort to professional help. It doesn't only apply to your automatic vehicle's transmission, but applies to absolutely any vehicle, and absolutely any component. Minor issues are known to snowball into major problems. What can be solved in a few dollars when done on time, can cost you a fortune later. The more time you take to address the problem, the deeper the hole in your pocket will get!

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