Small Wimshurst Generator From Cardboard and vca sweet alhambra necklace copy CDs

The Wimshurst influence machine was a popular machine at the end of the 19th century to generate high voltages.

From it's development 1883 it superseded other devices such as the "Holtz" and "Voss" machines. It was one of the first ways to generate high voltage to more or less conveniently take Rntgen pictures around the turn of van cleef lucky alhambra necklace replica the century. Bottone has an interesting chapter on Wimshurst machines, how to hook them up to a Crookes tube and how to take X ray pictures. My little Wimshurst machine should in theory be able to do the job, but it will take a very long time to get 10 good flashes. And the tiny crank is not ergonomic. And I don't have a Crookes tube.

The Wimshurst machine got superseded around 1924 by more practical generators like the Marx generator which is still used today in laser printers and CRT television (Although those are getting obsolete too).

And for extreme high voltages, it got replaced around 1929 by Van de Graaff generators which were used for example for the early particle acceleratorsThis instructable will show how I built a small Wimshurst influence machine with two CDs, pieces of scrap cardboard and some tin foil. These are instructions for materials and tools that I had lying around, just to provide knock off van cleef four leaf clover necklace ideas for other people. Of course it would be better not to use cardboard and to make the device much larger.

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