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This is not a trough at this stall

Dozens of media outlets are waiting to be out of seconds in the rest room. When they reach their names, they fill in 20 minutes of the respondent, like Q Bouche '(in French, meaning silver lip). When he mentioned the name, he could not bear it Excited, 'French name, very powerful, romanticism,' Tony Leung Ka-fai recalled that at that time Hong Kong was beginning to make some progress in fashion. Girls were very popular to see these magazines, but many of the information was translated from Japanese magazines, such as Street Make, make-up, manicure, often with a star or celebrity model or cover. 'I think looking for TV, movie star to do to spend money, simply my girl magazine to find some content, the story of the girl to do cover girl', that is, Li Hanxiang's daughter Lee Dian Lang, precisely because of this friendship, Tony Leung Ka Fai Appreciated by Li Hanxiang Into the movie circle In 1982, Tony Leung Ka Wai first came to Beijing, followed by director Li Hanxiang shot in the Forbidden City 'curtain curtain listen to government.' Mixed with talent and luck on the screen of the debut, let him harvest his life's first Grand Prix movie, he said modestly, when he did not understand acting. As one of the first Hong Kong filmmakers filming in the Mainland, he did not have any curiosity about this piece of land as we imagined. Originally, he had been with his father on a monthly basis in Guangzhou and Hong Kong. In the time when the material in the Mainland was scarce, With clothes, oil, meat, cloth and other necessities to visit the local cousin, so the impression of the Mainland has always been constantly updated in Guangzhou. But for Beijing, the capital that he never set foot on is still full of excitement. 'When you come to an airport, you feel completely different from Hong Kong. Especially for the first week, I think Beijing is unoccupied because it has not been seen on the road When filming, we set out from the state guesthouse where we stayed at six o'clock in the morning and occasionally saw several bicycles on the street, most of which were donkey carts, carrying Chinese cabbages into the city. Recalling the original Beijing, he used simple to describe, 'the building is van cleef & arpels engagement ring knock off not very high, Chang'an Avenue, the train station there is all the courtyard and alley. Occasionally a car in the past, is also the kind of old-fashioned red flag car. So at that time to Beijing The impression is quiet, I feel this is the capital, no wonder the road is so wide. '

'Vertical curtain to listen to politics,' a beat that is more than a year, Tony Leung Ka Fai so every morning to the National Palace Museum. Watching Jinshui Bridge at Jinshui Bridge and filming from the main entrance, 'The Forbidden City rising from the sun and the Forbidden City at night are all over the place. At that time, there were not any grandstands or tourists, so every corner of the Forbidden City Have been passed. 'When asked about the night filming, have not encountered supernatural events, he hee hee smiles, face Xiaozugiao,' how? You know how beautiful the night view of the Forbidden City? You know the Forbidden City when no one That kind of feeling magnificent?

What is the Forbidden City in Taiwan? 'The Forbidden City of Beijing was left from the Ming Dynasty until the end of the Qing Dynasty and has not changed any of its architecture. It is only different palaces which play different roles in different dynasties.' 'Teacher Liang' is a science populace for us. 'Taipei The Forbidden City is entirely for storing artifacts from the Forbidden City taken here, so the layout is relatively small and it is a condensed version that is simply incomparable with the Forbidden City in Beijing.

Recalling his last experience of coming to Beijing's Forbidden City, the 'dragon' directed by Li Hanxiang in 1985 was set. Turning to the reason why he did not come back later, he laughed and said, 'Because of the growing number of people now, if I run the Forbidden City to be recognized, I will become a scene of the Forbidden City and become an exhibit. People certainly beat me, do not shoot artifacts, will rob the Forbidden City in the limelight .Because the 'burning Yuanmingyuan' in 1983 is a co-production of Hong Kong and the mainland, Tony Leung Ka Fai has become a target forced to write repentance, he resolutely resist, so by him Starring in the movie are not allowed to enter the theater in Taiwan, Taiwan, a kill, no one in Hong Kong to find Tony Leung film, and he inevitably unemployed .1985, that is, took the second year of the movie actor, he There is no film about the idle nothing to do, and friends went to the night market street stalls, sell their own leather bracelet, even if now think of it, he did not think that period of time is the ebb of life, and never did so Worried 'In the past, I was not a student pursuing academic studies, but my dad was more enlightened. He once said that if you really do not want to read a book, you told me that to learn a craft, improper white collar workers can also be a blue collar, must It is a skilled worker. In fact, my father and mother have been inculcating to me all such values, first do not give up, do not think this is trough, life is finished. No, your life is still, as long as you do not die one day, there is always the opportunity to let you sprint, one day your head can come out. You have to tread water, you have to keep working hard, head hard to emerge, someone always see your head on the water. One day, there is a promising day. 'When acquainted with the most down, a piece of paper hand-painted marriage certificate came today

Tony Leung and his wife Jiang Ka Nien met him during that period. At that time, the woman was a producer on Radio Television Hong Kong and heard of Tony Leung's unfairness. It is this work experience, boosting the two eventually come together after two contacts, ready to get married. For the wedding Tony Leung Ka Fai spent the bank account only the more than 8,000 Hong Kong dollars, including the purchase of the ring replica van cleef & arpels butterfly ring spent 800 Hong Kong dollars, and the rest used in the honeymoon Suite that two wedding. When it comes to this matter, he does not think that being poor or poor at the time will make his wife feel less secure. 'I will not let her be sad. Our feelings and happiness are not based on money.' To prevent parents from knowing and saving He also had a small secret wedding between his wife and his wife. Both of the two sisters acted as witnesses, and Liang Jiahui himself drew a marriage certificate. He said with a smile that 'it looks better than the government's, We are all satisfied. 'Later, as the economic life is getting richer, to compensate their wives, they will change their wedding rings every ten years.' It seems as if every year our feelings will be refurbished. ' Sometimes worn on the hand, and sometimes hung on the necklace, but not long ago, accidentally lost their third ring, 'because the work relationship to hang wheat, had to pick it up, put in your pocket, and then lost, I do not know how to throw it. ' He now has a fourth ring, a simple silver ring, 'hope not to be lost.' As for the hand-drawn marriage certificate, with a genuine certificate that was later reissued, and placed in a locker at home, 'a certificate is just the same thing, it's just something you will not throw away.' They knew all too well I am a dad who spoils them

Everyone knows Tony Leung has a twin daughter, her oldest daughter Nikkie only a minute earlier than his youngest daughter, Chole. In 1993, when they were born, Tony Leung was still filming in the United Kingdom. Premature delivery was not allowed to land on a Hong Kong typhoon plane. Therefore, he did not finally arrive at the hospital until the third day of arrival of the daughters from the oxygen tank Hold out is different from those parents like to twins dressed exactly the same, Tony Leung Ka Fai never buy them the same clothes, comb the same hairstyle, in his eyes, they are two different life of an individual, 'experience, each one People are different .Even the same family, same teacher, but the way to go, or your own .As a father, I can only help, rather than mention or teaching, because how do you know she will encounter When she arrives, she knows how to get along with others. 'He gave his daughter great democracy and freedom.' They want to be like what they are. If they do not hurt themselves, this is my attitude to their daughters. '

Tony Leung said he and his wife will never discuss their views on her daughter. They all have a way of getting along with each other. 'We will only discuss such as today I know that my sister's performance is not as good as my sister and whether I should pay more attention to my sister's study.' But how she told them, I do not participate in any opinion. 'A few years without making a movie, he is responsible for the delivery of the sisters to school, give them massage, storytelling, coaxing. Now that her daughters are all 23 years old, her husband is gentle as a lady and her daughter is as arrogant as she is. What is the father in the eyes of her daughter? 'They are all very well aware that I am a dad who spoils them and can let them do their own choices, and they know that whatever they can not get from their mother can certainly be found on me, not necessarily physically or mentally 'Also, looking back on more than two decades of parenting experience, he feels that his best gift for a daughter is an unlimited amount of support.' For example, if suddenly one of my daughters told me, Dad, I do not want to study My first sentence is back to be able to support the end of the next asked to understand and see how to guide in fact, to some extent, is to let them go through their own replica van cleef and arpels diamond ring experience.
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DNF nanny speed into a simple IQ group of 3000

Now 3000 intellectual little sister is still very popular, Luke can not go, but Antun just casually mixed! Many people may not know how to match the equipment of a small sister, Xiaobian today to recommend a quick way to 3000 intelligence, so you never worry!

The first is the weapon, Xiaobian recommended to the little sister to open that anniversary of the penalty stand 20 cans, Xiao Bian to you to pack a ticket absolutely out of a small graduation cross. Cangmu and god bless you are good, although the curse of the cross a little worse, but still very strong coat, then recommended and Dad's honor dressups, 55 level relics breastplate. Patient friend can do it, soon can use the small brush out. Of course, local tyrants can buy directly, also millions of looks like legs can choose Poseidon legs, a level of courage and blessing very important! Nurse and dad can not blindly pile intelligence and physical strength. Courage is a core BUFF, when the pile of physical strength must take into account!

Belts and shoes, you can consider the 90-level artifacts, because two can trigger the effect! 216 intelligence bonus or beautiful!

Shoulder, you can choose the glory of glory, van cleef and arpels perlee ring price knock off more than 180 points of intelligence is very powerful, less than the dragon metal shoulder 100 points less, but that giant shoulder too expensive, unless it is to build in-depth otherwise not recommended !

Jewelry, Xiaobian recommended high-tech ring, Needless to say, a courage blessing must! Llano is certainly the best, but after all, a copy of Overturn Antun, the mix will have to spend less I have to mix the mentality of mind! Then buy the future song and hero bracelet, two artifact addition is good!

Recommended by the left Cao, the royal cheats plus a BUFF, so it does not look like a poisoned milk! In fact, intellectual IQ is equal to 2200 physical milk father. This is measured data, probably in the context of the right slot, you can choose the memory of the rune. Or a replica van cleef & arpels ring bloody sunset stone. Scarlet shading, then the cost of higher, remember the runes look good on the panel!

Earrings to buy replica van cleef ring an intelligence S on it, fake purple is not bad, haha ​​But wish you early out of chaos!

In fact, these above equipment, taking advantage of the activities really good to do, little sister suddenly 3000 intellect. There are 17 levels of courage, Antun casually mixed! Like a friend can give a little compilation, like a collection.
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TOTWOO smart jewelry Wang Jie Ming

In fact, as early as 2015 Swarovski launched the first solar (000591) wearable tracking products, Fossil also introduced Q smart bracelets and other products. Earlier this year, CTF also announced a beta of a smart jewelry product. In addition to the jewelry giant, a group of startups represented by TOTWOO also look for new opportunities in the field of smart jewelry. Smart jewelry products meet the fashion requirements while roughly following two kinds of logic: wearable devices and emotional social. Class wearable, basically smart bracelet logic continuation. However, the current smart bracelet itself has stagnated, even using the concept of jewelry to replace the bracelet will inevitably repeat the same mistakes and later Ela similar as early as the founding of the early 2015, TOTWOO put forward the main 'emotional experience' products Concept, more emphasis on emotional social functions, jewelry, built-in smart chip and APP connected through jewelry, you can make friends and other emotional social networking activities TOTWOO founder Wang Jieming believes that positioning in the smart jewelry closer to the luxury fashion jewelry through the design Bring a sense of fashion impress users. Technology to give the emotional significance, to further enhance the topic of the product and experience, helping to stimulate the user's new consumer motivation In the production of smart jewelry across the two areas of jewelry design and electronic equipment, at the same time, in order to reduce costs and improve Yield, production process, but also with the designer program repeatedly, many run. Therefore, the technology integration and supply chain management put forward higher requirements for the future. Wang Jieming hopes to van cleef arpels between finger ring knock off create a 'TOTWOO' platform to sell products to customers at the same time, to more independent designers, IP, and different spheres and other brands In addition, how to make better use of the 'people of IoT' social, multi-channel and multi-touch promotion and acquisition to increase the repo and also the future The main attempt and efforts to love the direction of the recent interview with the founder of TOTWOO jewelry Wang Jie Ming, he shared his knowledge of the development of the industry, the market pattern, as well as understanding of the creation of smart jewelry brand Prior to the creation of TOTWOO jewelry, Wang Jie Ming served as Xinhua News Agency The Nordic reporter, is one of the founders of the 'Financial State Weekly'. After leaving Xinhua News Agency, is the largest mobile magazine platform VIVA wireless new media president. In the meantime, and the fashion industry are many excerpts from the interviews are excerpted below, to readers strong demand, the relative blue ocean, fashion jewelry market has great potential

Love Analysis: Fashion jewelry is a decentralized market, or concentrated market?

Wang Jieming: more scattered, especially at home and abroad, okay. However, compared with other industries, jewelry brand concentration is indeed small in the field of jewelry before, the user's consumer habits are heavy materials, not heavy brand. But now, jewelry in this area, spelling the main design, the brand's requirements will be higher. Therefore, in the past two years, the market concentration of jewelery brands has been greatly improved. In this context, the new jewelry brand rise even greater opportunities, even more than clothing, shoes and hats to a lot of love Analysis: Fashion jewelry market, what are the benchmarking companies, which have their own landmark play?

Wang Jieming: Swarovski, Pandora, and the recent rise of the APM is the main benchmark company. One Swarovski is a private family company, Pandora is the largest listed company Swarovski innovation is the artificial glass sold the price of precious stones. And it not only set up 2C jewelry shop, but also the crystal stone brand 2B sale. Swarovski B-side customers have jewelry, clothes, and even lighting companies, will be sold together with the brand to the user. Although this model later also have other brands to follow up, but the brand can not go beyond the Swarovski to give an example, if the Swarovski stone 5 dollars a stone, the same material, there is no Swarovski brand is 5 hair Money, brand premium is very high in the industry, Pandora is a wonderful flower, is now the world's largest jewelry company, the market value of 15 billion US dollars. And Pandora's gross margin high, 74% in the fourth quarter of last year, Tiffany is 59%. ZARA is the leader in fast fashion, its profit is H Moments ', each bead represents a moment in your life, so in fact, when you buy is not buying the jewelry itself Love Analysis: Pandora and Swarovski's How long has it taken to build a brand?

Wang Jieming: Pandora is very short. Swarovski has done a long time, but it also took a few years to rise, their core is still the mode of innovation Pandora, the earliest out of the usual jewelry, the middle also experienced a financial crisis. Since the reform model, the introduction of beaded mode, the rapid development of now also 4 to 5 years time. In addition to the gross profit and market capitalization I just said, its revenue and profit growth rate surpassed Inditex (parent company of ZARA) and vca ring knock off Adidas in the past year, which is astonishing for the industry. Analysis: The current international fashion jewelry to enter Chinese market, in what kind of stage?

Wang Jie Ming: Some brands have entered the Chinese market, but there is still a large number of fashion jewelry did not come. In the United States accounted for about 7% of the van cleef wedding ring knock off jewelry market share, the volume of fashion jewelry and gold are basically the same size. Chinese gold in the entire jewelry market in more than 60%, fashion jewelry is extremely small and extremely small. So now come in relatively small, but those particularly large multinational companies, as well as some users through the sea Amoy can access to love Analysis: Is there any good domestic jewelry brand has been done on the market?

Wang Jieming: In the past there are pirate ship silverware, but now more of the decline of love analysis: What is the reason for decline?

Wang Jieming: Or brand tension. Their initial advantage is mainly to enter the market early, but due to lack of understanding of consumer upgrades, self-innovation ability is very weak, so behind the international brands come in, these brands will rapidly decline.
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43 sets of plot diversity introduced to the finale

Ko Zhihong became deputy captain and transferred to Skylette, and flew to London with his old friend Tang Yifeng, this is also the first flight of Zhihong at Skylette. In the building outside Chihiro macro and wind meet, compare each other's flight mileage, Zhihong van cleef and arpels perlee ring price knock off told Yifeng in the previous company mainly to fly to Taiwan short-term, but also by the wind 揶 Zhi Zhihong is to get to know the girl. Zhihong met at the dispatch center had worked with the former Cheng-day East and Mai Mushu, Zhihong conversation with colleagues learned that the same plane pilot is called Cool Magic Gu Xia Yang, but when Zhizhong talk about Cool magic When, everyone's face has become very subtle, and even the wind looks iron up.

Xia Yang met in the restricted area of ​​the airport when the supermodel Kate, Kate took the van cleef and arpels engagement ring price knock off initiative to leave the floor, Kate wanted to refuse each other, but was attracted to the charm of Xia Yang, Xia Yang saw Kate's boarding pass, told her that she would take the same flight with their own , And handed a slip of paper encountered difficulties

During the flight, the wind also found thunderstorms in front of the cloud, and then continue to fly there will be a chance of being hit by lightning, Yifeng and Zhihong therefore debated, Xia Yang stopped their conversation, and understand the passengers Zhuozhi , More specifically asked Kate in the commercial guest seat, and finally Xia Yang decided to continue flying through the thunderstorm cloud, Zhihong feel Xia Yang devoted to help Kate, Xia Yang ignored Hui Zhihong, and easily fly the aircraft through thunderstorm clouds. When the plane successfully landed in London, looking at the summer driving Zhihong also had to admire Xia Yang's driving skills, after Zhuo Zhi suddenly took the cake into the captain's room, all the original arrangements for the summer wave of hope

Xia Yang encounter in London for many years traveled all over van cleef between the finger ring knock off the world, Manna's daughter He Nixi, Xia Yang impressed on Nixi's figure. When Nishi returned to London and met his friend Daisy, he made a telescope in his hand. When Daisy referred to the bracelet of Nishi, Nino showed his regrettable expression. Nishi's mother, Manna, afterwards called I hope I will go home for many years but will be replaced by Nye's death project.
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DNF summoner plus point and equipment completely Raiders

Unknowingly played for a long time to summon, here to share with you to add something as well as equipment most confusing thing must summon equipment, this is all DNF novice are confused thing. We reinforce the attributes from the equipment to enhance one by one slowly said. Why do you have a separate card? Because the baby summoned out very clearly written above, the percentage of + solid damage, and independent cards is to enhance the third injury injury, equipment, it is recommended to use the attributes of the package to increase the more intelligence (such as heritage, or true purple ), Do not deliberately use equipment to enhance the JN level (of course you can hire a BB for a change of equipment, if you are hard-working, when I did not say). Also, the black pearl broken strokes on the baby is invalid, sorrow necklace to increase magic damage is invalid, sorrow bracelet magic crit is invalid (do not believe you can do a month of sadness and then decomposed

Necklace: devaluation Ngau Tau Wang necklace, the effect of this necklace is very wonderful, an extra call has been a baby, but the cap for the baby is only 1, he will never call a second, such as Louise sister, but this necklace is also good , When calling the host elves or calling elven king, if the effect of this necklace, that is, when calling out 2 elven king, he will not consume the lower genie (still does not appear 2 Elven King). The probability of this necklace is very high, you can save a lot of MP auxiliary push necklace: Snow Mountain to the 45 Rabbit God necklace, that necklace is the most intelligence plus. Auxiliary secondary push: green are there I do not know there is blood to add magic attack to consume colorless necklace (I forgot). If you are pro-sold, please feel free to buy it

Bracelets: Tycoon recommend 68 shaman wizard beads. The poor recommended the use of outsider bracelets, and now the body picking ash gray equipment popular ah, I believe a lot of lolicon has picked up the favorite equipment (ash often force Oh, pro ^ _ ^). If there is no outsider, which intellectual high with which ring: Elvin recommended Alvin ring. Poor people recommend the use of outsiders. No outsiders, which intellectual high with which. So summoner's weapons try to choose the basis of high attack, such as 68 powder magic wand ^ _ ^. Of course, except for the sacrificial flow stream Fifth, plus point, the summoner plus some wonderful, diverse, disgusting, van cleef gold ring knock off I will not say more summoner did not add the best point, only for their own plus points, of course, awakening passive Soul control), in this version is not necessary to add (MP is very abundant). Then replica van cleef ring I also write a few replica van cleef and arpels diamond ring plus points. Are still good points due to add some simulator error, JN highest level a little deviation, SP error of about 100 points
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Chu Qiao Chu Chuan Chu Chu back to memory when the experience of Joe Secret

After drinking herbs specially prepared by Zuo Mancang, Chu Qiao began to slowly faint and consciousness began to become chaotic. On the contrary, the memories she had lost earlier gradually became clear.

In memory, Chu Qiao's mother is sending her skill, while the young Chu Qiao unbearable skill, is sweating profusely. (This is also the reason for her strong internal forces)

Despite her unbearable tendencies, her mother did not stop there and was constantly delivering. After the exercise was over, her mother said slowly: I do not want you to experience it either, but you are My daughter, I do not want the day of danger you do not knock off van cleef alhambra ring have the ability van cleef ring copy to self-protection van cleef engagement ring copy When you finish the reason, began to tell Chu Chiao just passed to her the use of the ice decision Chouchiao did not say a word all the way, has been listening to her mother Say. Mum also told her that even if raw as a micro-grass, but also still have to survive in the drama Chu Qiao Chuan, Chu Qiao is in the 17 episode to recover the memory of 'Chu Chuan' What is behind the Luo River forces?

According to 'Chiao Chuan' tour of hand travel, during the Northern and Southern Dynasties, chaotic times. Northern Wei, Nan Liang intrigue, attack endlessly attacked the two countries spy interplanetary Road, to secretly strange way fight for the world. The Northern Wei Dynasty set up a 'Spy Eye', on behalf of the emperor to inspect the entire world, to sigh Nanliang Nanliang the following year the establishment of 'South Liang secret government', trying to match the 'Spy Eye'. Tiger fight, there must be an injury? However, the real injury is indeed the great people of the Northern Wei Dynasty three years, there are rivers and lakes, 'Luohe' hand-held 'Storm Order', together with 'twelve outstanding' Cold Mountain League 'trying to Ge Ge, to curb the Liang Wei two countries erode the people. Since then, the world's spies into a full three-pronged situation Great Northern Wei Dynasty Twenty-three years, 'Luohe' was 'Hanshan League traitors' plot, dying occasion, 'Legend' passed on to his young daughter 'Chu Qiao.' Liang Wei two countries that are dark secretly robbed the 'Storm Order', trying to control 'Cold Mountain League' Chu Qiao Secret

'Chouchun Chuan' finally aired in the long-awaited broadcast, broadcast in the drama, the actress Chou Qiao back with a bloody red flower mark, the bracelet on her hand is also particularly eye-catching, these are all disclosed This Chu Qiao special career trail. So Chu Chu Chuan Chua's special life is what? Let's understand together
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DNF90-level SS scattered scattered line after the epoch-making reorganization detailed explanation

 After the revision of the attributes of the player's shirt is basically the same attributes van cleef butterfly ring copy and kill the same shirt attributes, are 18% of the yellow equipment. In addition to yellow version of the current version of the word necklace and yellow weapon that is the highest damage this piece of equipment, the yellow word! Although the word yellow damage, but the current version of the word equipment knock off van cleef alhambra ring is too much! Title bracelet weapons have yellow damage, this piece of equipment was covered by the light. If there is no yellow word equipment this equipment is definitely the epic top choice!

There are players now shoulder version of the strength and intelligence plus the highest equipment! 350 + attributes ah! Absolute street stand up forced first artifact!

This equipment and Tianjiao shoes attributes can fight! It can be said that each has its own characteristics. The highlight of this piece of equipment is more comprehensive property, independent attack is a strong three-speed panel van cleef and arpels butterfly ring copy attacks have. Even better than some of the properties of 90 epic shoes are better, this equipment can be said to be better than the property of robbery shoes, robbery shoes plus a strong genus. This equipment is different. To reduce that 1% HP can be ignored. .
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DNF dnf official website cooperation area

Then, I correct a mistake in the mask: that is - the state of the mask can be attached to up to two monsters at the same time, the following illustration

As can be seen, the state is not knock off van cleef & arpels ring the most in a strange body, but two strange, but after I tested many times, the two blame is the limit, can not be high. This is because the built-in CD for the face 5 seconds, and the duration of the effect is 10 seconds, so up to only two strange state into the mobile phone care party, the text explain properties: Harnik's face 52 powder bracelet magic Defense 2982 Physical +19 (20 is full of attributes, my own tune) Demon +8 attacks have a 15% chance to make the enemy reduce all 6 points of resistance, the effect lasts 10 seconds (that is, a short time of human eggs Pain, in fact, the effect of a very high chance of) Here we come to PK field test results, because the cat face brush only when playing BOSS to force, the effect is mainly attached to the mobs too little. However, if van cleef perlee ring copy it is brush grief, ruins, mechanical cattle these are the van cleef perlee ring replica copy ancient elite strange figure, Hanik's face is still a very good choice PS: Hanik face effect stack up to 3 times in the dungeon, PK field up to twice Because I did not point hell, so only test the three properties of shells in the state of no reduction and resistance in the state of reduced power
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DNF90 legendary equipment against the excellent property does not lose epic

DNF90 legendary equipment against the excellent properties do not lose the epic DNF90 level content is very rich, new copies, new towns and new equipment. After the update of 90, you will find no matter is the 90 epic or legendary equipment has a guilty property, today we will give you an inventory of these underworld 90 legendary equipment 1, mechanical boots

This is not the tycoon shoes it? Same tyrants body effect, the trigger is the same way. However, this legendary equipment in the tyrants body effect is a direct increase of 10% of all attacks, the effect lasted 5 seconds, the cooling time is 5 seconds, as long as the timing of the trigger Pa body, equivalent to an increase of 10% 2, armband

Similar to the effects of Poison Gloves, only a small increase in abnormal state level, but at the same time weakened the monster in the 500px range of abnormal state resistance, do not know how the specific effect, but it is certain that with a thousand spider is still very strong 3 Covenant boots

Each 2000 MP maximum can van cleef and arpels emerald ring copy increase 2% of the strength and intelligence, the upper limit of 10%. Now the role of any reason can have 10,000 MP value of it, so count is a steady increase of 10% of the power or intelligence, from this point of view is a very good spare parts 4, Magic Amplifier

All strong +10 and 10% plus skill attack plus 10% attribute makes it a very powerful casual equipment, it has the advantage of not conflict, and the effect of outlying weapons is similar. Only MP + 30% consumption and let it become a local tyrant equipment, the use of the process needs to constantly add blue volume 5, blood-red breastplate

This is a fire-fighting equipment, and no monster level restrictions apply to a copy of Luke, see the light can see it is very powerful. But without the actual test, do not know how much ascension in actual combat 6, the alloy belt of Qutu loso

This amazing, we have to look at its properties, is an additional 6% yellow damage and crit damage, the meaning is not with the current yellow word equipment, crit equipment conflict. Although the promotion is not great, but never conflict point of view is still quite good 7, Beckham's toy bracelet

Upgraded version of the relic bracelet, crit damage increased by 5% more than one van cleef perlee ring copy piece of equipment to meet the yellow and crit at the same time, regardless of conflict and other better equipped under the premise is very powerful spare parts, it is important It is tradable and can be obtained without material from the liver. 8 Volcanic Belt

Stable increase of 8% throughout the three attacks, any job is applicable, but relatively speaking, upgrading is not great. It is also available directly through the auction, only to find that most of the 90 Legend of the legendary equipment can be traded 9, light and dark

Extremely powerful property, no wonder empty city tears to strengthen a wave. Full attribute 150 four-dimensional increase and 10% white damage, the same can be auctioned, the current price of 6000W or so, there is no right slot equipment students can consider starting 10, the unsuspecting builders magic stone

Increases skill attack power by 12% every 9 seconds, the effect lasted 9 seconds, van cleef ring price copy which is equivalent to an increase of 12% of the full range and does not conflict with any equipment. But this piece of equipment can only be exchanged, can not trade more powerful is its package properties, 3 sets of direct increase of 10% of all attacks, the whole steady increase. And an additional 15% increase in Luke Dungeon, I see I feel so scared ah.
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Married wearing a 50 gold bracelet

All along, Shunde 'Golden Bride' online fame is not small, the wedding of the bride to wear gold silver pride so that many users, 'envy envy hate.' Yesterday, another similar microblogging once again exclaimed the netizens, the bride covered no less than 50 pieces of gold jewelry, setting a 'new record.'

Yesterday morning, an article entitled 'The rich and powerful! Shunde bride van cleef and arpels wedding ring copy body fifty gold bracelets!' Caused a vibration in the microblogging, microblogging van cleef arpels between finger ring copy content shows that on December 15, a wedding in Shunde, the bride not only Hands full of gold bracelets, and neck covered with gold ornaments. The microblogging map and Mao, not only the bride full of bling jewelry, but also with text description, 'Visual about 50 bracelets or more, a diamond crown, a diamond set, earrings 1 right, 1 carat Diamond ring 3 ... Visual gold is not less than 1000 grams. '

In recent years, Shunde often came out 'Golden Bride' microblogging, often let users exclaimed Shunde people's lavish. However, this time van cleef cosmos ring copy the network sensation, so that hair microblogging users and women involved in the onlookers unexpected.

It is reported that the bride was exposed on December 15 in Beibei Ramada staged a 'heroine' in the wedding planning companies are also exposed on the microblogging wedding luxury night. The bride also said for the first time, worried about innocent exposure, causing unnecessary security problems.
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