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Darkness Tencent smart watches coming

As early as May this year, Ma Huateng, chairman of Tencent's board of directors, said: 'The opportunity to pay close attention to wearable smart devices, including watches, bracelets and glasses, may not be directly done, but Tencent has always been known for its vca alhambra earrings replica sense of fake van cleef onyx earrings smell and strong execution. Will be concerned about how it combined with Tencent's services. ' Some words confusing, the industry has been concerned about Tencent whether there will be a specific product, it will enter the field of wearable Tencent CEO Ma Huateng expressed concern about how wearable devices and Tencent combination of services

In contrast, another Internet giant Baidu earlier this year announced that the United Gudong campaign launched a smart phone called 'Gudong dong' smart wearable device, but unfortunately still have not seen the real machine so far now Tencent finally shot It is understood that this smart watch is developed by the domestic team 'Chi device', the team is with more than 10 years of embedded Linux hardware and software technology accumulated team. In-depth understanding of our findings, 'Chi device' has also developed the world's first projection tablet products, the tablet also won the 2013 North American CTIA Innovation Award. It seems the team's technical strength should not be underestimated Z Watch smart watch 699 yuan October 15 stock sale

We found that this smart watch can run WeChat and intelligent voice dialogue can control Tencent ferocious, wearable hot area, let's wait and see the fake van cleef stud earrings performance of the smart watch!
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What is the gift for Valentine's Day 2017?

A survey by RBS Advanta, a British credit card company, found that the longer couples spend together, the less likely they are to spend a lot of money on each other. In this survey of 1,000 people, 53% of unmarried cohabitants were willing to spend more than £ 100 A partner buys a Christmas gift, compared to only 31% of her married partner who intends to spend so much money. Things get worse with kids - romantic gifts are often replaced by utility items. The average cost of a couple (on Christmas presents) living with one to two years together is between 101 and 200 pounds, and those who spend more time together spend 51 to 100 pounds on them. According to the survey, the people who are most willing to spend money on romantic gifts are between 16 and 34 years of age, about a year or two, and men who do not live with their partners. And the least romantic gifts are those who marry van cleef baby earrings replica more than 20-year-old women fake van cleef black earrings without children. Valentine's Day to send gifts, China and other countries in the East, the most generous boys, and the most German boy 'Stingy' survey showed that China, Japan and Singapore and other Far Eastern countries boys, the average price of each Valentine's gift reached 173 pounds (about Renminbi 1722 yuan), generous than men everywhere In Western countries, the most generous Spanish men, the average price of each Valentine's gift reached 151 pounds. The French men, British men and American men in the gift of Valentine's Day 'bleeding' is no less However, the German men are relatively stingy. The average spend on each Valentine's Day gift was only £ 59, which was the last of course for all the countries surveyed. The survey excludes those who did not send anything, not even a greeting card Earrings became the number one spot in the survey of what valentines boys love to buy most, accounting for 31% of all van cleef & arpels alhambra earrings replica purchases. The hot bracelets and necklaces followed.
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Tradition is the root of innovation is the soul

The original title: Lao Fengxiang: Tradition is the 'root' Innovation is the 'soul'

From 2001 to 2013, the price of gold raw materials rose 4 to 5 times, the sales revenue of Lao Fengxiang increased 45 times and the profit increased 218 times. The compound growth rate of sales and profit was 37.51% and 56.68% respectively. In 2014, the price of gold plummeted, The industry is very downturn, but Lao Fengxiang net profit is still double-digit growth, a hundred years old brand Phoenix is ​​still flying high in the wind and dragon one is a dragon and phoenix bracelet, as thin as two gold hair to create a dragon and Phoenix lifelike, the middle of that bead is hidden The mechanism of the buckle, a bracelet is a work of art. The production of the bracelet has more than 30 procedures, the vast majority of hand-made, technician Huang Jialin is an expert in this area, but it has been 10 years did not do this live. In the first two years in order to inherit the master skills, Huang Jialin retired quickly re-invited out of the mountain, built a studio. He now has a few disciples, hoping to pass on this unique skills is an enamel bracelet, was a stylish oval, the pattern is not auspicious patterns of traditional cloisonne, but full of modern flavor of innovative design. Lao Fengxiang, general manager of marketing Wang En Sheng said Lao Fengxiang's image of the spokesman for the White Snake played by Zhao Yazhi, which gave him inspiration, he suggested designers white Snake snake elements and design into the bracelet, meaning 'a clear life.' Imagine this chic bracelet wearing a gentleman's wrist wearing the same color cheongsam, revealing what is the elegant and refined oriental charm!

Two different bracelets reveal the mystery of a Chinese brand such as Lao Fengxiang that has survived 167 years of storm: tradition is 'root' and innovation is 'soul.' Time reversal, the 90s of last century, Lao Fengxiang, like many old-fashioned difficult. In 2001, Shi Lihua, general manager of China First Pencil Co., Ltd., was in jeopardy and 'cross-border' became the head of Lao Fengxiang. At that time, Lao Fengxiang sales of only 710 million yuan, book profit of more than 500 million, but holding the old gnawing the old employees are not convinced that 'layman' Shi Lihua can take them out of the woods 'dare to think, dare to do, dare to break ', Is the listed company manager Shi Lihua's' three axes. ' He wants to change a train of thought, through heavy crisis Lao Fengxiang has a large number of national and Shanghai arts and crafts masters. The first step of reform is to reform the distribution system, boldly implement the 'four strategies' and take 'brand names, famous products, famous shops and celebrities' as the starting point to expand the market depth. Arts and crafts masters in the Lao Fengxiang became a baby, every year masterpiece come out, Lao Fengxiang began to fly high in the prosperous sales of gold, Lao Fengxiang has begun to constantly adjust and innovate product mix, first gold plus platinum, diamonds, silver, white jade , Emeralds, pearl and colored gemstones 'Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea', and then added new product categories such as enamel, K-gold glasses and souvenirs for tourism and tourism, and gradually formed 12 complete series of 'full square' jewelry products. The annual update rate of products Reached 34 Lao Fengxiang's marketing also recalled: In 2005, the domestic first repurchase of the Lunar New Year gold bars and commemorative gold bars; 2007, the domestic first carat diamond repurchase; 2010, launched 30 minutes to 99 minutes diamond repurchase. Five years ago, Lao Fengxiang also set up a risk-sharing, more able to mobilize the enthusiasm of the dealers cooperation in the regional branch, attracted peers to study after 10 years of constant hard work, a hundred years old Fengxiang to become vibrant again and again, peers Suffering from the ups and downs of the price of gold raw materials, the entire industry downturn, Lao Fengxiang benefit from a complete industrial chain and product line, Choi Po sales doubled, diamond sales surge, a hundred years the brand is still shine. Lao Fengxiang a masterpiece handed down from the world, 'Eight Immortals God gourd' by the Chinese arts and crafts master Zhang Xinyi carefully designed, senior technicians Shen Guoxing, Zhu Jinsong, Ding Yi, Shen Guangyu and others spent nearly a year together, is made of gold gourd Inlaid with emeralds, rubies and other 'Eight Immortals' treasure, national non-heritage project - Lao Fengxiang gold and silver fine craftsmanship used in this work come out as early as 2004, Zhang Xinyi led the Shanghai Lao Fengxiang teacher design The center became one of the first 11 'Shanghai Original Design Master Studios'. Center includes Zhang Jingyang, Song Jing, Lin Lianlian, Liu Hongbao, Huang Wen, Yang Zhe and other middle-aged and three generations of designers, Lao Fengxiang each year with the designer's masterpiece went to the United States Las Vegas participating in the world's three major jewelery One of JCK International Jewelry Show, blowing golden 'China Tornado' South Africa's World Gold Museum, clover diamond earrings replica but also a high collection of Lao Fengxiang gold jewelry kit 'tenderness', 'Century Form.' In 1997 and 1999, Chinese technicist Zhang Jingyang led Lu Kui and other senior technicians to form a creative production team. They elaborated the souvenir 'Pujiang Qinggui' presented by Shanghai Municipal People's Government in Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions, Go ', have been acclaimed teachers are also' design stage moved to the forefront of the silver floor, 'to listen to the aspirations of consumers, the design of jewelry and consumers are more connected with each other. A few years ago, the daughter of an Argentine compatriot 20 years old, he came to Lao Fengxiang with a ruby, the Chinese arts and crafts master Song Jing design a zodiac dog as a birthday present. Song Jing draw sketch on the spot, ruby ​​became the dog's mouth, black pearl is the eyes. After getting the finished product, he overjoyed, praised the master. Now, every year there will be a lot of overseas Chinese attracted to Lao Fengxiang custom personalized jewelry Every April or May, Lao fake van cleef earrings alhambra Fengxiang will hold jewelry exposition and jewelry festival. Lao Fengxiang also named the Shanghai Film Festival, the Shanghai Television Festival, jewelry design contest, souvenir tournament, Parade and a series of arts and cultural activities, Lao Fengxiang brand rooted in the hearts of young people. Jewelry is frozen language, the world famous brand is going to 'go out', with the charm of the old Fengxiang jewelry Chinese story to foreigners listen to. Shi Lihua often said that large-scale overseas brands have been in China for many years, how Chinese brands can sit instead of 'going out'? Focusing on tomorrow, we must start to cultivate overseas markets and gain brand influence. In 2012, Lao Fengxiang opened the first Lao Fengxiang Silverhouse franchise store in Sydney, Australia. In 2013, Lao Fengxiang Jewelry Hong Kong Co., Ltd. was established. In 2014, On May 1 this year, Lao Fengxiang finally took a place in Tsim Sha Tsui, where Hong Kong's established jewelry brands got together. Soon the second largest store will open in Hong Kong; and Canada The Vancouver Branch will also open its doors to the international market by the end of this year. It is the pride of Chinese national brands, indicating that the Chinese brands fake van cleef arpels alhambra earrings finally have the courage and strength to rank among the world-class brand camps. In 2014, Lao Fengxiang was ranked as the 'Top 100 Most Valuable Chinese Brands' by BRANDZ, a world-renowned research institute, ranking the 58th. The first jewelry culture in the Chinese jewelery industry made foreign consumers have different products Demand, therefore, there are many new overseas shops need to solve the problem. For example, in the U.S. market, diamonds with higher profit margins make up 70%, while in the Chinese market, they account for more than 70% of gold. In addition, large foreign consumers care more about whether the product has a design sense, not big enough, rather than paying particular attention to whether the material is expensive. Moreover, overseas Chinese have roots and love Lao Fengxiang's traditional products. However, they also need to inject new fashion elements to make the younger generation fall in love with the design of China's Shi Lihua. 'This is also the Lao Fengxiang, who has adjusted the structure of the main species and learned from others Good opportunity.I hope in the international market after 3 years of brand cultivation period, to achieve a certain scale effect. 'Shi Lihua plan, 3 years later Lao Fengxiang in the international market to open 30 to 40 stores, 5 years or so open to 50 Shop, when Lao Fengxiang business revenue reached nearly 100 billion yuan scale, the overseas market sales accounted for 20% to 30% Lao Fengxiang, a 167-year-old Chinese brand, such as the Phoenix Nirvana bath, reborn, is flies farther local. (Economic Daily reporter Shen Zejin)
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360 Soul soul official website

About Legion Q: What are the conditions for joining the Legion? A: When the player reaches level 17, opening the legion function, you can join the legion. Q: What conditions do you need to create a regiment? A: The player can reach 17 and open the Legion function before they can create the Legion. Create a Legion need 20 ingots or silver 100000, ingot can be recharged through the mall. Q: What is the maximum number of members of the regiment? A: The maximum number of Corps members at level 1 is 15, plus one ceiling per level plus five, up to 60. Q: Why do I always create the name of the Army Corps can not do, there are restrictions on the number of words? A: The name of the regiment is limited to five words, and the shield can not be entered. Q: Under what circumstances, the head of the position will change? A: When a regiment's leader does not log in within three days of the game, the system will open the impeachment, the specific process is as follows: 1. Only the deputy head of the post to launch impeachment 2. Daily Corps has two deputy heads, giving priority to launch impeachment players First get the head of the delegation Q: In addition to the head of a corps, there are those ranks? A: Corps, including the head, deputy head, officials, members fake van cleef mother of pearl earrings of these four ranks. Q: How to increase the rank of the corps? A: Raising the Legion by donating to the Gathering Hall of Donations. Members can donate Legion contributions and Gem rewards

About equipment Q: how to wear equipment? A: Click the main interface below the generals button to select the equipment label, and then select the generals want to equip, and then click on the right side of the equipment can be. Q: what is the difference between the color of the equipment A: equipment quality from low to high blue and purple orange pink four, the higher the quality of the higher equipment properties. Q: Why my equipment can not be strengthened? A: The number of equipment can be enhanced with the quality of the equipment, fake van cleef alhambra diamond earrings such as game player blue equipment can only be enhanced to 10

Q: Where can I get equipment? A: You get gear in single copy, market building and event. Q: How many gems can be fitted in the equipment? A: The number of stones that can be mounted in the equipment is determined by the number of its mounting holes. The upper limit of the mounting hole for one piece of equipment is 4, and the number of holes for mounting varies from one equipment to another. Q: equipment can upgrade it, what kind of equipment to upgrade? A: When you collect enough material and strengthen to reach the upper limit of quality can upgrade equipment, all quality equipment can be upgraded to the top quality. Q: What are the total number of parts? A: Equipment parts include weapons, weapons, horses, books, treasures, rings 2, bracelets 2. Q: What is the additional role of the suit? A: Generals will get the package attributes when equipped with the entire package. Q: Where do the gems come from? A: The gems can be obtained during the game or purchased in the mall. Generals question Q: I can bring up a few generals battle, several generals to help out? A: The lord can not fight, but can carry two sets of striker reinforcements a total of 10 generals battle. Q: How to get senior generals? A: According to the game guide, players can gradually get senior generals, and then through the gameplay to collect material can enhance the quality of military generals Q: What is the difference between generals? How to determine the front row platoon? A: The generals are divided into physical attack, attack and attack, auxiliary three categories, according to generals skills to distinguish between front and rear rows of seats

Level and copy Q: There is no limit to the number of fighting rounds? A: The maximum number of rounds for a fight is 30 rounds. Fight round number reached 30 rounds, both sides have the role of survival, the defensive victory. Q: physical exhaustion of how to do? A: Physical strength will slowly recover as time goes by, you can get a physical pack every day at 12 and 18. In addition, depending on the player's VIP level, you can also purchase different maximum physical strength. Q: How many times a copy can be entered per day? A: single copy van cleef mini alhambra earrings replica of each player's physical strength to determine the number of times each day, the elite copy of the real-name players will be based on the progress of a single copy of the progress of the open, each elite copy can challenge once a day Q: how to open a new copy of it ? A: The copy is based on the player's current level in order to open, upgrade the level to a copy of the required level, and customs clearance front copy, the new copy will be turned on. Q: In a copy of the battle failed, you can continue to challenge it? A: All copies of the failure will not be deducted the number of challenges or physical strength, you can re-challenge other issues in the game Q: How to get VIP and ingot? What are the benefits of becoming a VIP? A: Recharge is the only way to get the gold ingot. After recharging the gold ingot, you can get the VIP experience. When the experience reaches the demand, you can be promoted to the next VIP level. Specific VIP privileges and growth settings, see the home page. Q: How to add friends? A: Click on the player in the world map, or click on the player name from the chat channel, and then select as a friend in the pop-up menu. Click the button in the top right of the main interface to open the friend interface. You can search for the player name and add a specific player through the Find Buddy button in the interface. Q: How to sell props in bulk? A: Click the backpack interface, the bulk sale button, then click the item you want to sell, and finally click on the completion of it. Q: How to close the game music? How to not show the same screen with other players? A: Click the sound button on the top left of the main interface to close the game music, 'eyes' button can shield the player. Q: Silver two and food can be obtained by what means? A: both silver and food can be obtained through a variety of games, but also through the official collection
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The second chapter heritage

Can Liu Jing Jing Jing said: 'You mean I have now been completed?' 'Yes, the master, now you have finished the master, but also completely absorbed the day of liquid.' Jingjing is very happy Said 'I am now not invincible? Haha ... I am invincible,' Lau Chan crazy dance with laughter. Jingjing looked crazy Madison Lau said weak: 'The owner, you are now just a successful foundation, building a small doll, giggle ...' Speaking of half Jingjing himself laughed Liu Can Action stiff, turned his head and asked one: 'Then I am still a rookie?' Jingjing Liu Can Chan that funny action, while laughing and said: 'Master, uh, you are doing well, you really are a Novice, but the owner, do not worry, when you inherit all the old master, you will definitely become super-strong, and the master you are also very powerful now, uh, at least not on Earth, Of course, they use technology weapons, the owner will still be harmed .For example, a large missile can make the owner you go to see the old owner, and 'giggle'

'You mean, I'm still very strong?' Liu Can asked, and then tried and found himself really full body strength, that he can punch a beating a tiger. Jingjing funny looking at his master in the non-stop doing a variety of actions, looked for a moment looked serious: 'Master, now I seriously ask you.Are you willing to accept the old master's heritage?'

Liu Chan stopped, thought for a while, asked: 'I do not want to, you will not kill me immediately? And then find someone to accept the inheritance?' Jingjing heard Liu Chan said with a smile Said: 'Of course not, but the owner's memory will be erased, and then put back to the owner's home.'

Liu Can smiled and said: 'I just casually asked, of course, I am willing to accept the inheritance. Who do not want cattle X ah. Come ,,, let the storm more violent it.' Ha ha '

Jingjing looked mad again began to master, the expression is fake van cleef onyx earrings still serious, said: 'Master, you have to accept the heritage to help the old masters revenge.You agreed?' Liu Chan also seriously replied: 'Well, as long as I have the ability, I will definitely help him to revenge. '

Jingjing hear Liu Can's fake van cleef and arpels flower earrings words, happy to say: fake van cleef butterfly earrings 'Then I started Oh.' Did not finish Liu Can answer, do not know where to come up with a piece of jade floating in front of Liu Can jade press Liu Can On the forehead. Jingjing very fast, Liu Can not respond directly to the huge information to the dizzy Liu Chan woke up in the past, found his head mess, huge information, Liu Can spent an hour before finishing to adapt slowly it is good. In the huge information contains practice, matrix method, training device, etc. Liu Can finished finishing the information in his mind, looked serious facing Jingjing said: 'Do not worry, I will definitely keep their promise, but you Does it mean that the master and his enemy have been given away? And what other enemies? '

Jingjing a little sad, said: 'Those people can only be regarded as a thugs, the real black hand is not the master now you can know, waiting for your repair I will tell you, the owner,' Liu Chan a bit puzzled, but did not ask . Jingjing also said: 'Master you determine the practice of the law it?' Liu Can said: 'Well, the practice of chaos tactics, the most cattle X, ha ha,' Jingjing looked at Liu Can: 'Master you Since it is determined, then began to practice it. 'But my heart thought, powerful but powerful. . Liu Chan did not know what Jingjing was thinking of, just shook her head and said: 'I need to go home first, or my family will find me. All come out and do not know how long, yes, how long have I come out?'

Jingjing said: 'The owner has been here for 3 months, well, it was 3 months in the nutrition capsule to fully absorb the days of liquid ...' Jingjing not finish, I heard Liu Can excited Shouted: 'I go, 3 months, my mom not find me everywhere, no, I have to go back immediately, fast, I sent back to Earth'

At this time, Jingjing said with a smile: 'The owner has time inside the warship speed control function, when you come in I have set the time flow rate of 1 to 240. Earth had more than 9 hours, so you do not master Anxious. 'Can Liu smiled, think of more than nine hours now is 6 o'clock in the morning, no, or have to go back, think of this, Liu Can said:' No, I still have to go back, or wait until dawn I Mom, I am looking for breakfast, can not find me, I'll go back.

Jingjing see Liu Can insisted on going back, it said: 'Well, master, I will build a large base here.' Liu Chan bent to go home so did not pay attention should be cries, shouting to go back . Then Jingjing to Liu Chan a bracelet, Liu Chan bring a bracelet, the bracelet automatically into his hand bowl. Liu Chan surprised to see will be on the bed, so that Jing Jing and even he brought a bed and handed back Liu Can only feel a while in bed dizzy, opened his eyes and found himself back home, in his own small The room only feels like a dream to do, but look at the tattoo on the bracelet and know everything is real. 'Breath' long made a deep breath, lying in bed to organize thinking, take a look at the time, only 7:00, anyway, can not sleep, get up and play under the shooting OL, adjust the state of mind, opened the computer into the game, find A competitive weight spy room, because it is still early, so not many people. Just started Liu Can found that the mouse is very slow, and then put the sensitivity transferred to the highest, just feel good on it, Liu Chan out of the CT base to the WC, out, to see a T jump out, Liu Chan directly open the mirror that T is a shot, headshot, grace good, Liu Can play three innings, killing 14 people. Before he was happy to be scolded, and said he opened G, he just installed a line of 13 words 'that I am G, go directly to the complaint, less silently chirp.' As the saying goes mounted 13 was mine Provision, this is not, this child has just finished Bahrain, the first four did not finish was flying. Liu Chan that gas ah, holding the mouse is a beat. This film made a mistake. Directly smash the mouse, the computer mouse placed on the tempered glass directly smashed Liu Can scold Maize Lie blanket up, changed a mouse, Liu came in. Liu Chan looked at the computer scolded Liu Chan sentence: 'And overnight, but also hit the morning smash things, quickly packed up to eat breakfast.' Go out to do breakfast. After breakfast, Liu mother said Liu and his father back home, a week later will come back. Gave Liu Can 200 dollars so that he can take care of themselves, finished to take care of themselves and get away Liu Chan sent their parents to the car, they returned home. Feel bored, ready to go to Mars under the practice, casually said that under the Jingjing said base shouted at the wrist: 'call Jingjing ,, call Jingjing, I want to see you' Someone next to see the words, Liu Chan will definitely send the word 'silly X'

Liu Chan shouted a few times, suddenly a whirlwind. When this feeling disappears, Liu Chan stood on the base last night. Cute Jingjing is standing on that smile watching Liu Can. After the adaptation such as Liu Chan asked: 'The host, welcome back'

Liu Can pleased to say: 'You do not mean that you will build a base? How kind .Construct it? Take me to see.' 'Good host, base construction is very smooth.' Jingjing while talking with one side I walked to the front door. 'The base is now built around a warship. It has three robotic workshops, two warship workshops, and a full-scale warship workshop. Because we do not have any robots yet, we have to wait in the robot workshop to produce Out of the robot can be built after the complex warships production workshop, and now there is a living area, can accommodate 100,000 people. Mars on the minerals and groundwater are very rich, so the construction speed will slowly increase, now only These. 'Said they went to the outside of the ship of Heaven. Liu Chan has been silly standing there, he was silly outside the scenery shock. The warship, the bow is a sharp diamond, hull is streamer cylinder, diamond and cylinder perfect connection, the overall look is like a gun head. Look outside the boundless universe, watching the blue earth, watching the base covered by a huge pale white cover. There are six huge buildings, each one occupies tens of thousands of square meters, and in the warships next to a larger metal platform, which is being assembled with a warship Jingjing not yet finished looking silly Liu Can did not speak, Liu Chan slowly recovered. Watching the robot inside the base that is as common as ordinary people is busy working. Mining car whistling come and go, this scene so that Liu reminded of Star Trek Tyrants scene 'This is what you say base? I rely on. This is too great, and I built a battleship, with my robot Soldiers, hey I see who else would have to offend the Lao Zi Huaxia. 'Ha ha' Liu Can shouted with joy, no way, who called this kid is too happy yet.
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DNF85 version of the Master how to fight vocational teaching

War Mage has a very fast movement, attack speed, advanced magic shield, as well as transmutation capabilities, make it in close combat ease. The occupation of the operating ability of higher requirements, grasp of the fighting pace, keen ability to respond are crucial. They are good at using rapid moves, looking for opportunities to attack, even the slightest flaw will become your lifeblood. Believe that the high-end battle mage just once dazzling batter you can solve combat difficult to get started: because the landlord is not what the high-end atmosphere of the technical file, it will popularize a little basic knowledge

No attribute Xuan Wen, ordinary attack the third attack or hit generation. Attributes vary with the properties of the weapon, increasing the speed of movement. Without equipment status, the most damaging attack, no additional effects

Hygroscopic ice attribute, Aral tooth skills attack or hit generation. Ice attribute magic damage. Increase their own defense, attack will have a lot of stiffness, and have the chance to blame the blame caused by slowing down the optical properties of light-striped pattern, the day hit skills attack or hit generation. Light property magic damage, increase their speed of attack, and cause the enemy to float the effect of fire-hyun Hyun pattern, fall flower palm attack or hit generation. Fire attribute magic fake van cleef fleurette necklace damage, increase their own strength and intelligence, causing the enemy flying effect

Dark attribute dazzle pattern, with round dance stick attack or hit generation, dark attribute magic damage, increase their physical magic crit rate, the dazzle pattern when puncture strong hyun pattern, and with a certain adsorption effect

Genre selection

A physical spear, output, fill the size of broken bully, fill the size of La La, full of knives, full strike, full awakening with the use of Hyun Wen. (The genre awakening output highest)

2 Shuangxiu, the genre is an extraordinary output faction, and is ideal for civilian occupation, fill the size of La La size smash crusade and integration, full Dragon knife, with a single attribute of the dazzle pattern output, but also can use the awakening output

3 colored balls, this genre very much need to grasp the hand speed, and very quiet during the vacuum output smooth and easy, is one of the law branch of the ball, the skills of the problem at least filled with light and fire three balls. After hanging up automatically with the size of La La has extraordinary output capacity

3 Pure Darkness, the genre's highest and ruthless fury at the time of the outbreak, concentrates the dazzle to fill the dark spots and adds intelligence (books, lights) The genre van cleef alhambra necklace copy needs far-swoop (and dressup) support. A pressure to die on the disabled

Equipment introduction

First, the physical spear: 11: The current standard set of equipment is a 70cc set, Mana predator gloves, attributes strengthen the right groove, jewelry: soul hunter (no grudges replaced), Bones of the ring (no Strong ring instead of), gold bracelet (no choice can be replaced by the bracelet again bad, Seguria bracelet can be used to get blurred. Acquired by the ancient two map specified monsters drop falling, some parts can be obtained through the task and through knock off van cleef alhambra necklace the material npc place in exchange for the conditions as far as possible for a set of spears quite good armor

Second, the double repair spear: 5 sets of recommended wild boar, double attack left or skeleton knight left slot, is a strong right groove, ring black pearl or La Luo (dress invalid), necklace soul hunter, bracelet, gold bracelet
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dnf full professional tb6 plus program dnfTB6 skills reviews and equipment recommended

Read 9 dragon upgrade 5 times the output, the cost is halved in duration, damaged by reading dress 9, 7 seconds can be restored duration, switch a large number of yellow words explosion, fire reduction and resistance equipment can quatrefoil necklace van cleef replica greatly enhance the Brontosaurus damage Principle: Brontosaurus shot lock their own skills panel, skill panels and independent and level-linked, light, intelligence. Continued follow-up, that non-read nine states for 7 seconds, switch from read 9 to non-read 9 will continue to become 7 seconds need to read a 9 set, left Cao white book, and a yellow and white burst (to the back of casual equipment recommended View)

Read 6 sets: the choice of civilians, 6 pieces into a simple, add balls and lions, easy to disperse, the most basic choice Light Assist 9: After the revision benefit greatly, you can re-become the mainstream set, eat skills and beads Skill badge, need to heap CD, magic coat and reduce the CD title is the key to molding, suitable for well-being of Artillery 9: Pull the roar synonymous with pure percentage sets. Maximize the role of the lion brush the most smooth set of pictures, the output endurance outbreak pertinent to the novice brick, and the transition kit blitz 9: men's qigong exclusive, practice field can be installed flashing save 4 surround and then switch to read 6 Heap of balls the highest damage Light 9: the main C can not lack the basic crit, the reference BUFF sets the choice of flexible use of the 3 sets and 6 sets of weapons: the van cleef imitation necklace wholesale ancient gloves, wild ancient claws, the ancient oriental stick, boxing wind, Houndstooth, Different magic gloves, soul gloves release life (with 56 white number equipment can have 66 yellow words, milk comparable to the boxing wind)

Tops: Thousands of spider coat, day domain, magic war shirt, tactical coat, kill the Italian coat, white shirt, Wu move the soul shirt, coat of arms underwear: death underwear, kill the Italian underwear, magic war underwear , Tian domain, Poseidon legs, Big Ax Luochu legs, white Moon Legs Shoulder: Death Demon Shoulders, magic war Shoulders, Templar approval Shoulderguard, Pledge of blood head and shoulders, Japanese shoulder belt: tactical belt, sky, magic belt, beautiful Danhua belt (casual best local tycoon preferred), vowing blood waist, commando captain's quatrefoil necklace van cleef fake mechanical waist, Argus Gaucho belt shoes: , Defensive storm shoes (+10 minus all belong to anti-national costume translation error), Tian domain, vowed shoes bracelet: gluttonous bracelets, bracelets endless gluttony, assistance Le Mate Jia Light, Remains Bracelets, Harvest Bracelets, Gold Bracelets Necklace: Soul Chain, Bulimian Necklace, Endless Bulimian Necklace, Refined Necklace, Blade Queen Necklace, Assassination Necklace, Magic Counterfeit Necklace Ring: Bulimia Ring, Endless Bulimia Ring, Assassination Ring , Refining ring, Spirit of the Holy Light, meditation ring, Reese Ziyuan Ring (Civilian Gospel Gospel), Black Pearl (Yellow), Ancient Elvin Left Cao: Bulimia, Mark of Endless Bulimia, Aid to Locke, A Pocket Watch, White Watch Book, bloody sun hat, bage goggles right slot: empty city tears, Agnes (arid under) light intensity higher than 30, including 30 is a strong stone.
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From the poor to well-off blue boxing equipment selection as well as some suggestions bus DNF zone

The skills are full of the main skills are: ideation-driven, straight fist, submerged abdomen punch, punch straight punch, the size of three punches, broken hammer, machine guns, 70Ex, personal feeling more exaggerated 60Ex injury is considerable, After the (the best corner) to use! To add that (I am lucky, with a Mustang 6), 80 version, I feel awake is full !! sp lack of children's shoes to wake up, then give up Broken hammer to! Spirit bit controversial is avatar! Some people say full! I 70 version because of growth problems, so it comes out before the double avatar. This is a personal favorite! Passive awakening, personally think it should be full! The reason is that blue fist change recruit on it! Blue fist brush map is a mobile occupation! The change is about to change immediately, coupled with now Blue Boxing skills now Pa body and harmony of the miss! The actual point later another article introduction, not much to say here!

After the choice of 80 equipment can be diverse (weapons in the following)

1: the choice of the poor Ancient 3 parts, the first hit what property to see what skills you add, I hit a small 3 boxing double attributes, generally according to their skills to choose to add! Plus what they want !! The key is With smoothly! High frequency!

2: generally good luck can choose ancient 2,6 sets knock off arpels van cleef necklace of Mustang 5 pieces of equipment + bracelet is the best, but what depends on the horse what to bring!

3: The above are not interested or have no time, can only choose cc! But personal feeling Brush equipment or ancient mainstream 2 3. cc is only suitable for ancient costume pk rotten again, the skills also by percentage plus !!

4: fake purple, feeling the property is high !! The price is not cheap, but also spend a large number of tweezers have high attributes! Relative to the ancient costume, the damage is not too good, the key question is: the property is high, Not fake van cleef fleurette necklace necessarily hurt higher than the ancient!

5: Pigs, 2 words, outdated, I use the shoulder with a belt! But with a sad necklace on the belt also do not bring! Pigs spend a long time, get less return !! Really done 1 set! Feel that 60 out of the frequency of the property is high, but think about your idea of ​​a plug is more than 300! Or eliminated!

Summary of the above equipment selection 80 version of the ancient 3 absolute mainstream brush illustration (daily brush, set with you), before the brush wild Mustang 6 can temporarily be said to be better than the ancient 3! But their own equipment to see the ancient 3 Ancient 2 (that is, the ancient 3 explosion rate than the ancient 2) 1: necklace, the first choice is the soul hunter! Look at the previous post Some people say that can not afford! If you are brushing every 100 + fatigue, I dare to play a policy, the absolute surplus money! Follow this is a sad necklace! Who used to know, not much explanation, there is a property enhancement necklace with the ancient 3 parts or suits (hunter or sad, you can not take ancient 3 van cleef malachite necklace knock off as far as possible without, heap anti-ignoring) What kind of fake purple do not say

2: bracelet, this issue considered for a long time! Got (personal opinion) sad bracelet, with the ancient 3 free, feeling less blood with a lion,

3: ring, the first choice is the bone ring, there is 80 ancient powder. 12 seconds + 20% attack. (Not to mention no money! What you want to save the money to buy), the strength of civilians is coming step by step! Finally choose to strengthen the property with the ancient 3!

Weapon choice: For the blue boxing, the weapon must be high (ignoring is king), even if what about the tank or the ancient 3, the general for the civilians to start the weapon is +12 purple weapons generally less than 15 million, enough money Or your own strong talk, get +13 65 ghost powder totem! Adequate funds can hand 80 ancient powder or sickle, just opened 80, not recommended! Stable price is estimated at 6000 800 million. Money worry with flowers, and so strengthen the master to get the +13! The lords out of the totem is good !! But if you are not strong! It did not bring +12 purple + sadness cool!

Left and right slots: left the first choice is a glove !, according to their own ability to buy! Brut's grudge seal is the first choice brush boss! For this bring, do not consider the ancient, unless the ancient 3 sets of 9, Plus skills left slot powder is not bad! But the use of the frequency feel better than gloves!

The right choice is nothing more than property enhancement!

The above is my opinion! Say do not say to me no money to buy which! Not only spend money on the weapons, bone ring, attribute enhanced jewelry, if this can not save money to buy, I think you will always be poor !! ( I follow the gold transaction, from the no 1 penny, depends on the accumulation of time, people should concentrate on professional, you can not play this career, but you choose the blue boxing, you would like to find ways to play with him) my face thick, welcome Spray advice
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51 Bouncing Church how to recover stolen game items recovery rules

In order to reduce the loss of the majority of bombshell missiles, we will conduct according to the actual situation, some of the items returned to equipment, please help protect the majority of their friends safe!

Note: In addition to the deletion of mistakes, e-mail delete (tied items), the loss caused by misoperation we can not compensate, such as: (give, buy, strengthen, smelting, etc.), please friends in the process of these operations take care!

1, Do not log on to other people to send URLs, regular computer anti-virus, to avoid being implanted Trojan program;

2, do not disclose their account information to other players, the official staff will not ask for any password information;

3, to avoid private transactions (such as private trading account, point coupons, etc.), all due to private transactions and cause their own losses, we can not be compensated, please beware of fraud; 4, once found account stolen Or abnormal login), as soon as possible to modify the account password, reset the account password protection, log in the game to reset the second password, as soon as possible to verify whether the equipment is missing; found equipment has been maliciously deleted, please play the first contact with the customer service staff , You must provide the account number, role name, location and the exact date of the detected hacking, the name of the item to be deleted!

Apply for the restoration of the standard items:

1, the backpack belongs to 'props category' will not be restored, the other 'point coupons, gold coins, gift money, medal' will not be restored;

2, backpack belongs to the 'equipment category', only the restoration of 'weapons, clothes, hats, bracelets, rings, wedding rings, necklaces,' and other original items valid for 1 year or more or excellent quality and not expired valuables (Note: Inlaid Pearl class 3 or above can be restored);

3, If the equipment is not expired and the enhanced level is greater than 7 (jewelry plus 2 or more, true series necklace), restore the remaining equipment expiration date, strengthen the level and additional attributes (Note: 3 or more inlaid Pearl class can be restored); 4, Meet the conditions alhambra style necklace copy of 1, 2 and 3 equipment, and has successfully opened any level (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4) seal hole equipment, can restore the seal hole (Note: 3 set with orbital level above can be restored) ; 5, based on the data from the technical inquiries, only the equipment that is 'manually deleted' and meets the requirements of 1, 2, 3 and 4 within the stolen time will be recovered; other 'mailing out' or 'auction' Of the items are binding, and the original equipment level, additional attributes, the remaining validity of the same, with the last query of the staff data shall prevail; 7, at present can arpels van cleef necklace imitation only be restored within 15 days was 'manually deleted' equipment items beyond that time Can not be restored (to the last data query staff); 8, from the last application time to start calculating the Friends of Friends within 2 months, an account can only apply for a rebound items recovery;

9, such as the player in the application did not specify, we will directly to the background data, subject to recovery within 15 days 'manually deleted' and meet the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 standard items ; If there is a special description of the name of the item, we will directly from the list of items provided to restore, restore within 15 days of 'manual deletion', and in line with 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 standard equipment . 10, the current +3 and +3 jewelry above, +7 and +7 above equipment is not refined, if the player's equipment was downgraded refining, we will resume under the recovery rules.

51 Bouncing Church is a no need to download the Q version of van cleef and arpels alhambra necklace fake shooting competitive web games, Bouncing Church 2 games known as the human crazy tank + Adventure Island combined version.
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Think of the red knot from the gold bracelet

To be honest, the heart is still 'slightly' for a moment, a little lonely, a little lost, Needless to say that the owner of the hand, should have quatrefoil necklace van cleef replica a vested with the heart. This means that since then the hand, with the constraints trapped encircling anyway, this should also be a good thing. He used such a subtle way to announce his love, it is romantic, but also very smart. As the usual low-key humility, love, he did not speculation life is alive, only to find the other half and with one, is van cleef alhambra necklace imitation considered a complete life. Women, men, too

Yao saw this pair of magnificent artifacts, I do not know why but think of Yao Ming, think of his red knot - that almost perfect big boy, and his almost perfect love in autobiography, Yao Ming said that since the age of 17 he only one Girl fascinated, this person is Ye Li. 'We knew each other as early as in our teens - though at that time she always said no, then Yeh was very shy and refused to go downstairs, Yao was poked like a telephone pole standing on the tuyere, frozen Enough to choke. Finally, Ye Li came down, the two ate hot pot - that is Ye Li's favorite. Since then, Ye became Yao's girlfriend ----------------- ---------------

Du Chun and Yao Ming, the same young people after 80, with the same achievements in their own areas of young people, with van cleef malachite necklace knock off the same clever, hardworking, healthy sunshine, humble low profile, filial piety, fraternity and other characteristics, no sex scandal, no Pompous, no hype. Only silently work silently improve their professional skills, silently build their own career difference is that in love, Yao Ming is a prophet who consciousness, 17-year-old know his other half, and then spared no effort in pursuit of 10 years After the final marriage to the United States, the achievement of the story of a small Duoduo sports, should belong to the aftercareer Lianjiang not as good Jiang Bo before the age of 20 to know who the other half is good, it now appears, Also understand.
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