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The 127th chapter confusion battlefield

This astonishing transformation of gas, it seems that he consumed a lot of physical fitness, so he needed food supplements on his back carrying a lot of march rations, so do not bother, he put his hand to tie the deerskin bag A slight relaxation of the ropes, took out a march rations to the mouth plug him in one hand carrying a water bag, one hand to his mouth plug the march rations, eat a large mouth march on the fierce irrigation a few saliva, this meal is unsightly, the taste Is not good, full mouth is the feeling of pink, but it is simple and effective, practical tube full of 'such a back pocket which are all food?

Zhou Jingzong van cleef clover bracelet imitation completely unable to believe his eyes, he and the rest of the six students in the college before speculation that this forest has been like a shadow carrying a heavy sack in what treasures, but if not personally witness, I am afraid someone told him inside are just Food, he will never believe too eccentric he felt completely unable to use reason to infer the meaning of Lin, he began to subconsciously felt, Lin Yi back to such a heavy object is definitely not to eat, but to take the practice 'I seem to eat Doubled! '

Lin Italian himself is the more eat the more shocked, and his physique has indeed been greatly improved, not only increased food intake, but gastrointestinal digestion seems far better than ever before, the body of the grain of gas from the belly of the team poured out of his belly It is like having a medicine stove and constantly refining these march rations. The weight of the red dragon silver shark bracelet with his hands is disappearing, and he could not help but waving the wolf tooth stick. End of the strength And with his waving, each time the force, the skeleton of the bone marrow inside is like silver and mercury flow, flashing light, there is a unique essence is inspired to record, Can barely lift four hundred pounds of heavy objects, but barely picked up and readily waving things is a great difference, and now Linyi wearing a bracelet and then wielding a single hand wolf spangles have begun to feel handy this bracelet plus the wolf stick are Three hundred and seventy pounds of weight, and now the power of forest, I am afraid that has been over the life of the practitioner, and into the mood of the practitioners into almost the same, and in addition to the power, the forest is also the perception of perception His intuition that he can hear the voice of the farther away, he can see the finer dust in the air, he fiercely eats and drinks, and the march in the deerskin bag obviously goes down a lot. The march in the water bag He also drank fake bracelet van cleef and arpels empty space He heard the bracelet van cleef knock off sound of water on one side and the stream of water flowing out of it. He prepared to fill the marines again, but only through a jungle and before he reached the stream, he smelled a stream Strange odor This odor is light, but is he intuitively dangerous 'toxic?'

Almost at the same time, in his glittering eyes, the silver-white python pendant hanging around his neck suddenly became dull and then even emitted a black fluorescent 'Do not touch this stream!'

Linyi Dayton paused, he whispered drink and also want to go to irrigation Zhou Jingzong, and listen attentively to this stream of insects around the stream seem to be extinct, this water is extremely toxic, unlike the natural formation of vague This stream upstream, it seems there is a metal crash came 'Someone fighting!'

He heard several breathing time, only to find that the sound becomes clearer and clearer, and in accordance with the direction came, it should be produced in the area of ​​Sin Weng!
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May wedding season gold sales increase

Into the traditional wedding season in May, the reporter visited the city a number of shopping malls and jewelry floor learned that the recent weight-bearing gold jewelry and ornaments sales increased significantly over the previous month. Workmanship beautiful traditional Chinese style, sweet and romantic style of jewelry has won the recognition of customers Over the past few days, the downtown shopping district and the large shopping malls gold jewelry van cleef and arpels alhambra bracelet copy shop, home to pick the people of gold jewelry in an van cleef and arpels alhambra bracelet imitation endless stream. Some older people with the old gold jewelry to change, for the upcoming daughter or upcoming daughter to buy new jewelry. Aunt Zhu aunt with his son and quasi-daughter selection of new gold bracelets. Although the salesperson introduced them to a variety of the latest fashion accessories, but quasi-daughter or choose a more traditional Chinese pattern bangle. van cleef and arpels clover bracelet copy She told reporters that the wedding dress is divided into two types of Chinese and Western, Chinese dress to take the traditional pattern of jewelry, but also as a young man also likes the traditional retro style According to businessmen introduced a lot of gold jewelry manufacturers compete for wedding business opportunities in the design A variety of drawing, scrub, hollow and other processes, so that the traditional gold ornaments look more agile and meticulous. Among them, there are not only auspicious patterns and special blessing symbols in Chinese traditional culture, but also simple geometric three-dimensional shapes in the western atmosphere. In addition, some young women favor simple fresh and sweet style, the business also adopted the elements of love, angels, swans and other elements, highlighting the lovely and romantic temperament jewelry. Gold ornaments, including gold abacus, gold comb, etc. also sell well. At present, foreign-brand gold promotional price of 360 yuan per gram in the vicinity of the domestic brand promotional price per gram from 305 yuan to 330 yuan (excluding labor costs).
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DNF85 version of the Magic scholar brush map plus equipment to share

Magic weapons: 80 powder sweep (independent high.), No trace (as mysterious as the name.), 80SS broom (face fighter to wear), cattle broom

Tops, pants, shoulder pads, belts, shoes, these five pieces of equipment only allow the case of false purple brush map add dots

Fake purple general choice is intelligence (preferred), the scope of magic explosion and intelligence (local tyrants can find Spirit Spirit is the magic explosion)

Bracelets, necklaces, rings, left and right trough these five pieces of equipment are only allowed to be bought and can be made

Bracelets: Sorcerer Lingzhu (fear of breaking the recommended move with this), insect bracelets (7% of the magic burst), the will of the generals (4045 skills plus 1)

(5th Anniversary Gold Bracelet.) If you bring a gold bracelet, do not take it anymore.

Necklace: Insect Chain (Economical, now it's a gold bracelet that does not stack with effects at the same time), Soul Hunter (First you have van cleef clover bracelet knock off to endure the loneliness of the tortoise altar and then endure the price of the soul.)

Rings: Elwyn (Recommended dress often line also can, but that is the price of Alvin now.), Black pearl (as long as you can often buy a trick to recommend this), the ring of the devil is also known as killing fake van cleef arpels bracelet pigs Ring (endure the loneliness of the turtle altar. Then 85 version

The four power plants used to bring the effect is very good), Titan enhanced ring (go independent to consider.)

Left slot: Skeleton Knight boxing sets (easy to use and can do), Dragon left slot (12% magic explosion. There 10% crit damage)

Right slot: Intermediate tear (four attributes have enhanced), Titan enhanced beads (independent high), what to go to strengthen what to buy on the 65-level bracelet van cleef copy property enhancement stone (take the extreme considerations.), Dragon right slot Reduce the damage by 7%)

Magic jewelry three and left and right troughs do not recommend buying fake purple

DNF Magic Luke play tips recommend reading the second older driver

After the Magic upgrade time 3 pieces and ghost in the end how much the gap?

I will always like Guling cover DNF three super continent Magic injury NB After the national dress DNF85 version of the career brush chart list

Strong rolling pressure, dnf85 version summon violence brushed map plus some share

Forgotten common sense tips players summarize dnf common sense 30

Arad Forbes rich list dnf85 version of the station street ho

DNF85 version of the forgotten common sense and personal experience to share Dad encountered these equipment Do not decompose DNF90 class equipment Zatan
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DNF Asuras equipped with the recommended guidelines to maximize damage

50 trauma useless, with explosive ring, fake van cleef and arpels clover bracelet the right slot high independence, the right slot is high, bracelets because there is no way to increase injuries, Shura main light. So choose the king of the light, the soul chain is good, this equipment into the map to increase about 400 independent, but after the miss weapon on the skills effective, it is not recommended with such a weapon Knife in the conflict is not a good choice, but no explosion, With the injury bracelet is also a perfect match, meditation ring on the intelligence bonus is perfect Many people do not understand the value of the days Congyun, when you have 30 injured bracelets explosion ring, the knife is useless for you are tasteless , Tian Congyun 20 white on the skill level plus 1, upgrade is not what you can imagine, their own panel equipment can not play the greatest effect. You can take a look to Alice, video Tian Congyun really force, here Thank you, the outside world sets Xiuluo main c, let Shura saw the hope of the dawn of seven knife into the power of Figure 700, some people ask not to move more than 3 Second, but I tell you, independent intelligence has long been locked. Seven high-definition independent intellectual intelligence specifically for the non-current build, CD is brought down after 20% of fixed cd, 10 seconds once. I have this weapon so dare to say that the above title with Gothic, because Shura cd or very tight below is the title of explosive injury

Under the condition of blasting the title, the preferred injury site. Injury is now the first useless, and then with a soul chain, meditation support panel, and sometimes into the map board than the figure is more important to have the title after blasting with other explosive equipment, weapons, no useless bracelet preferred injury, Such as Long Xiang hit, relics bracelets, anniversary gold fingers. However, it is best to Antain van cleef & arpels bracelet imitation 15 by the injury, because this can be an increase of 30 injuries, according to personal equipment to choose their own equipment for Shura Recommended: First choice group, the Temple (Bengbu 10 independent high), Gothic (10CD Cooling is not a strong high independence), Chunhua (CD is the most outstanding, but there are cd restrictions independent double attack low recommended dressup use), Ruiling series (yellow title easy to conflict, the van cleef and arpels perlee bracelet replica basic yellow words in the two parts of the arms and bracelets , But outsider 9 is still good)

Shura Weapons Recommended: Sword only recommended useless, knife too knife, Trinity, Mingguang can be. Knife do not match with explosive equipment, Trinity features cd reset, short dagger days Congru cloud perfect conflict-free high damage, explosive combination of Yin Jian 15 ice wound 70 ice 70 dark strong, more suitable for extreme flow. With the sets of Ghost sets or snow sleeves Shura Recommended: detonation ring devaluation. Second, meditation refining ring, meditation mental high conflict, you can buy the best ring, refining ring is reset cd, epic package is not in the discussion Shura necklace Recommended: First, Not easy, the second recommended soul chain can be done, the third is the achievement of Amnesty Enchantment white 9, the fourth is a necklace refining necklace (not very recommended), there are legendary level auction can buy, but the conflict, the fifth difference Industry necklaces, green grass and other all strong necklace, access to simple but not very effective economy The Shura bracelet recommended: the first choice of 30 achievements An An achievement upgrade, the second achievement of An Teng 15 injuries, the third dragons, Heterogeneous bracelets can be purchased and produced without trouble priority does not require high investment (Tau 11 injury trauma low price is not recommended to buy), the fourth burning day bracelet injury because after the injury 20, is now unstable, immediately revised revision, the fifth All strong bracelets, Shura are all better, the first six King Kwong Kwong, the ultimate light intensity preferred Shura left slot Recommended: The most important white book, Shura this version rely on the outbreak, but the equipment is not good not built Start, because you do not play a white book advantage, the second push Antun achievements, upgrade does not upgrade high independent double attack intelligence, Shura with very good, comprehensive, third fog, high independence but cost is not high, the price is very expensive , The fourth pig tongue, 100 double attack or independent Shura right slot is more balanced Recommended: the first choice of the achievements of An upgraded version, 70 points all belong to the second empty city, when you are particularly high 15 additional or very good , The third is the achievement of Antun, senior stone, the fourth 50 light right, a single attribute is not very suitable for Shura, the first 5 rainbow shell and colorful equipment with an injury a high basis of explosion damage (a strong intellectual independence) More white words, tb6 Shura a passive addition to blow up this equipment is Shura perfect match of one more gaming news and game dynamics, WeChat concerned about the Pacific Game Network (pcgames_cn), heavy game news every day, oh
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Minibus girls accidentally broke the market 14

Express News On the evening of March 26, 2013, Zhenjiang City resident Xu Fang (not his real name) broke a jade bracelet and dropped it on the ground in the evening before a jewelery counter of the Zhendian Commercial City Xindian store. The bracelet price was as high as 388,000 yuan. Xu Fang, who is on a monthly low security day, was once a cancer patient. She said she could not afford this high price compensation. There were no results for Zhenjiang Golden fake van cleef clover bracelet Resources Jewelry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the jewelry company) and Xu Fang to consult the court. On May 22, the case was held in Jingkou Court of Zhenjiang City, Xu Fang was absent, and no agent was hired to defend On January 27, 2014, the second trial of Zhentian 'high price bracelet' was held. Jingkou Court has so far failed to Xu Fang get in touch, after the 'People's Court Newspaper' announcement, Xu Fang still did not appear in court, the court made a trial in absence Jingkou City Court commissioned Zhenjiang Price Certification Center, the market price of bracelets were identified. On August 14, 2013, under the joint participation of experts, the bracelet was inspected in kind. The forensic personnel conducted a market survey to understand and combined the opinions of experts to determine the market price of the bracelet - 147,500 yuan. Li Yi-cheng, a judge of fake van cleef & arpels bracelet the Jingkou People's Court of the People's Court, said: 'According to the damage, the salvage value of the bracelet in this case is about 10% of the normal value of the bracelet intact and generally no more than 20%.' Jewelery companies endorse the result of forensic appraisal but claim Court of Justice Xu Fang full compensation in accordance with the identification of yesterday's trial court, Xu Fang as the defendant still did not appear in court. Court, the contractor judge announced this from Zhenjiang City Price Certification Center forensic results. As for the specific compensation figures, since the defendant did not appear in court, he has yet to be heard by the collegiate bench of the court. The court will choose the day to adjudicate the case Japanese night life: young people are willing to spend money to find someone to accompany love (Video) School girls hug the lower body swollen, but the hymen did not break, your president is Liu Xiahui China is not real Nun, see my heart startled! (Figure) men on the porn site browse A film found the actress was actually his girlfriend Chai Jing's painting skin gradually being stripped! Chongqing lawyer Zhou Li Tai: 'a bunch of beasts!' Jackie Chan was how to coax Wu Qili last question 1 Li Keqiang The Prime Minister's Response to Our People's Bombing Now the company is in chaos. Talking about the cancer of Taiwan's Xu Taihou: Taiwan's son, cutting Chen Shui-bian and operatic opening (above) Ching Ching Mu: Uncovering My Sexual Desire in Shandong How to deal with the property that Xu Caihou illegally gains (Reprint) Zhou Yongkang Sure enough, the chain of interests of China's organ transplant with imputed deaths! Shandong push 'sex education case' education officials were Paozhu trousers tourists to France transit Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Latin America, I do not shopping [the truth] homosexuals reveal a surprising secret: why the Galaxy can not attack? Xu Caihou no longer 'sinners', how to 'criminal facts'? Inventory of 'big tiger's madam' what to do in the name of husband peanut life extension of 4 kinds of people have been killed but 'tiger is not the largest but only bigger' van cleef & arpels bracelet imitation revealed what information
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Thieves stole more than 100 kilos heavy safes

On the morning of the 10th, Ms. Jin, who had been worried about being stolen for one week at home, was finally happy. Police told her the case was broken, stolen 200,000 yuan property and 3 million yuan IOUs were chased back to Ms. King hurried home, then the police have reached Ms. King found that at home, 1 meter high, weighing more than 100 kilograms of insurance The cabinet is gone The safe has 24 pieces of gold, 4 Hetian jade bracelets, 5 watches, 6 jade, 3 strings of beeswax, plus RMB, USD and other cash, the total value of 200,000 yuan. There are several stolen the IOU, add up to 300 million to give up on leave, night investigation

Ms. Kim's house is a street home, the crime scene during the street vehicles, pedestrians, many police station to give up all the police to go on vacation, wholeheartedly into the investigation. After two days and two nights of hard work, the police locked the suspects. Ryu, 22, Weng'an, Guizhou, rented in the South City streets Jia Zhaicun, whereabouts track all the way, control the thieves

8 o'clock on the 8th Xu, hunt for police in painting water town draw Creek found that Liu driving a motorcycle flew by. For security reasons, plainclothes police choose to follow the track to the intersection of the city of double Hyun Road and Nanshi Road, met a red light, Liu parking, hunt for police swarmed to its camouflage civilian police to bring it back to Jia rental, found Pry bad safes also kept, those jade pieces of gold has been classified packaging. A gold ring worn on Liu's finger, he returned to the city this time, is trying to change the gold ring pawn for a few days, choose the crime

According to Ryu account, Mid-Autumn Festival, he riding a motorcycle through the door of Ms. Jin, see the edge of the Mercedes Benz parked, it locked the target. After more than 5 o'clock for van cleef fake alhambra necklace many days thereafter, Liu will be punctual to the door imitation van cleef long necklace of Ms. Kim on the door. He also stole a ladder in advance, on the evening of the 3rd of Ms. Kim's house, Ryu saw Mrs. Kim's house and drove out to ride a motorcycle replica mother of pearl van cleef necklace for a while. He found the car to Cheung Cheung town to open the direction, he returned to Ms. Kim door, ladders into the room. Liu first pushed the safe downstairs, and then moved onto the motorcycle tied, fleeing the scene Liu too afraid of the road too many vehicles were found to ride to the south foot of the town west hill, along the path to Yiwu, around a large circle , Only to return to the streets of Nara City Zhaizhai their place to live According to investigation, last year's Ching Ming Festival, Liu in drawing water town Xu Zhaicun a family stole a safe, have more than 20,000 yuan in cash, as well as gold necklace and Gold bracelet and other property.
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Legendary 3G Storm rider bracelet defense

If according to the front of the market to imitation van cleef and arpels heart necklace see, it seems that the value of 250300 yuan, but according to the current level of operation of the legendary three G, the current 3G players in a large number of lost. Few players on the line on the district, in fake van cleef and arpels long necklace addition to the red man's name, all do the task of others, almost no one on the line. People have lost their confidence in Legend III. Unless 3G agents or agents have a major change in personnel. Otherwise it is difficult for anyone to use RMB to buy equipment that may be worthless in the future. Now from our area, few people except for equipment are calling RMB to sell their equipment. (No matter how good his equipment) is not now.

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Have you washed fur at home? ? ? How to wash! Do not buy radiation protection suit? Do not know tube does not work, but to work. Shenzhen Jinli Yuan costumes are lying it! ? See all on the Internet .315 Hypocritical copy van cleef long necklace talk that those years, we encounter shopping. Baby can not afford a pair of socks ten dollars I have not crossed. We help look at the first one is No. 12, and the second is 1. Help, how with this small coat with what is good. These shoes look good? Weather love hot day today, foreign radiation suits? Anyway, this thing is us. 月子 鞋 wear flat shoes to produce when you need to wear underwear do you want to wear underwear, stockings, Shenzhen triangle clothing briefs briefs Longines and Omega In order to identify the necklace
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Returning to Asia after Obama took office, he actually went on to promote Indonesia's relatives

Xinhua News Agency, Jakarta, July 4 (Reporter Liang Hui) Former US President Barack Obama finally concluded a 10-day trip to Indonesia with his family and Secret Service bodyguards flying away from high-profile destinations in Jakarta where he called for 'return to Asia' He, after he left office, returned to the mountains of flashlight downstream of Asia. Trump on the stage secretly interacts with 'Indonesian President Obama.' But this is not true of Obama's trip. But in the final analysis, The role to play is actually 'Indonesian propaganda ambassador' is 'retired' is comfortable

From June 23 to July 2, Obama and his wife Michelle both visited Indonesia fake van cleef and arpels turquoise alhambra necklace and visited Bali, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. In the memory of Obama, Jakarta has a special weight 50 years ago, the 6-year-old Obama Follow her mother and Indonesian stepfather emigrated to Jakarta and live in this Southeast Asian city for 4 years In his book 'Fearless Hope,' published in 2006, frankly admitting he has unforgettable life in Indonesia for just a few days in Bali, A group visited the local art museum and several well-known attractions in Kuta, Ubud and other outdoor enthusiastic Obama, but also in Bali, a river experiencing a river rafting movement was Eid al-Fitr holiday, most of the media people The holiday, but a photo of Obama riding a raft soon appeared in major news sites in Indonesia, a prominent position in Yogyakarta, in addition to visiting the local royal palace, Prambanan Hindu temple and Borobudur Buddhist ruins, the words of the local media Said Obama also 'a romance' - barefoot walking in the mud in the mountain paddy Obama also walk out of luxury hotels around Stroll Meet the street vendor vendors, also chatted on the last few words, show your Indonesian words in Bali, Obama bought a few wooden bracelets in the street vendors; in Yogyakarta, Obama bought some Fresh fruit traders naturally a little copy van cleef and arpels turquoise alhambra necklace excited: First, to see the former president of the United States has a high reputation in Indonesia, and second, Obama may bring 'big business' Obama is very popular in Indonesia. When he became president of the United States, Indonesian fans even set up a statue of a young Obama and later moved to Obama. Obama and Indonesia's primary schools where they had studied in Jakarta were quite good.

This time, Obama was invited by Indonesian President Zocto to visit Indonesia's Zozo in Indonesia in 2014. Many international media used the term 'Indonesian President Obama' to call him imitation van cleef and arpels long necklace not only because Zoeco looks like Obama, but also because On the 30 June, Indonesian President Zoco held a meeting with the President of Bogor in Bogor, not far from Jakarta, to greet Obama in order to show his courtesy. With his wife, Son together with Obama and his entourage enthusiastically, Zozo also personally to Obama as the driver Obama and Zuke with a car. (Xinhua News Agency issued)

The two walk together and have lunch in the greenery. Obama is very able to speak, claiming that he first arrived in Jakarta from the age of 6 fell in love with the Indonesian cuisine Obama is good at speaking, visiting Indonesia, how can we not make a skill?

On July 1, he was invited to give a speech at the 4th Indonesian National Assembly in Jakarta. This is the first time that he will leave for his first public speech in Asia.
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The eighty-fifth chapter soul jade card

Well blue surprised, but also looked carefully, hundreds of souls jade, shiny but dozens of nothing, the rest are long gone, it is estimated Shangyu Zong predecessors, but did not expect thousands replica van cleef and arpels alhambra turquoise necklace of years ago Shangyu Taoist actually there are luster, I do not know where now Suddenly well blue found not far from the top right of a jade card, is a piece of jade, the card is engraved with 'Pan Xingzhi' three characters, could not help but for a while Sigh, although the jade card, Si man has to go not far away there is a jade card, it is well before asked Blue 'Pan Chu', during which brilliant imitation van cleef and arpels long necklace shine, we can see that this woman is still in the world well blue in accordance with the requirements of the In the cave a lot of worship, and then personally put their jade hanging in one, with all the people back to the humble elders, entry ceremony can be regarded as successful 'well blue, from now on even if you are We Shangyu Zong core disciples, and after what things can come to the elders Pavilion, the general thing you find Lianggezhu it, you go down, I have something to do with the two elders. 'Ren Qinghong tone is very soft well blue this Trailing Liang Dong left the elders Pavilion The two again returned to the third floor of the PepsiCo, I saw Liang Dong took out some items from the bracelet handed Blue well blue is also welcome, one by one, the first is a storage belt, the storage However, the capacity of the bags is much larger, with a few jade pieces, and a jade identity card. 'Starting today, your treatment will change from twenty items of the month to fake magic alhambra necklace ten pieces of middleware, and at the end of each month you will be able to To the Pepsi Court on the second floor to lead, of course, you can also be once a year, with your convenience, the value of the task you can also pick up the second floor, your former identity Yupai to me, I destroyed, after use New, other I will not say more, to your jade Jane, take a good look at yourself. 'Leung Court Lord said with due diligence' Of course there is anything you can come to me at any time, including some practice things '

'Well, I will, thank you Lianggezhu', well blue replied after beaming Lianggezhu, well blue crab step out of the Pepsi Court, I feel a little excited, it seems like I thought too much before, and now not so Ting Okay?

Back to far Lu peak, well blue came directly to the old Lo cave house, a few law tactics, well blue light familiar road into the cave house 'master, are you? I'm back,' well blue shouted Old Luo is in a furnace Tripod in front of meditation, see well blue back, opened his eyes, airway: 'Almost by your noisy desperation, and joined the core disciples great bar, take a look at the storage belt ah ... ...'

Regret it, did not join, you are now joined to win, well blue smiled, tease Old Luo said regret is not, but to say ashamed of my master as an apprentice able ah, Lao Luo soon sighed, 'Master, what are you talking about ah ... ...' Well blue also some doubts, Lao Luo said something so what is the meaning of ah?

'Nothing, I saw you only ten years to reach such a high achievement, I want to join the two hundred years, or nothing ah'

'Master, I think your refining device and alchemy Kung Fu is very powerful, ah, if that day you form Yuan Ying, you can use the true flavor of the three flavors, then you are our self-comprehension of refining master.' Well well blue comfort 'Oh, you, this kid, when the mouth also learn sweet ... ...', no matter what, Lao Lo is still very happy, my heart also made sense that the well blue In fact, the old Luo refining device level is still high, Helpless repair to infants, can not use the true flavor of the fire, that practiced no top quality and the best magic, which is also the greatest regret of the old Luo Master and apprentice talked for a while, well blue went back to Dong Fu, back to the hole Later, Iris found that Rui Rui did not run to himself as usual, but lying alone in the room motionless, it seems uncomfortable like blue scared, and quickly put their hands on the lion cubs Parkway suddenly, suddenly, slightly Spiritual power through the body of a small lion well blue found that the lion is very unstable lion, this situation has its own, that is a precursor to building a base, is it a small red fire lion to qualify, well blue overjoyed, If that is the case They can concentrate more on their own practice, instead of three days to go out and hunt well blue two did not expect a small Rui fire so soon to qualify, I thought at least have a three or four years, where thought, only a year In fact, the majority of adult Red Fire Red Lion are at least five Wicked, but that at least one hundred and eighty years of time, of course, due to the well blue Red Lion for blood control God, well blue repair to improve, Red Lion can also get some benefits, which I am afraid is also less than a year on the Red Lion is about to promote the excitement of the excitement of well blue quickly calm down, building their own is over, it is a very dangerous process, power Become a rule, not a hundred and nine will bite back, Xiao Ying is the best example, he must do a good job for a small Ruihuo law enforcement to ensure that foolproof, well blue specifically to take their few Lingshi out, arranged A micro Ju Ling array, no matter whether small fire can absorb, the small Swiss fire on the inside, he also sat down on the edge, always pay attention to the situation of small Rui fire, by the way looked at from Liang Dong there Jade Jane three After the month, next to a roar, he smiled and opened his blue eyes well, though not looking, but the consciousness of the past few months have been concerned about the next Rui fire.
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2015 Wearables Preview

The development of wearable devices After a long period of fatigues, the road to development becomes clearer. After all, practice is the only test of truth, and you have to think about how the smart device road of the future should go and listen to consumers. In 2014, although the price of smart devices is often tens of thousands, but ugly shape, poor design, single function, but still can not resist the enthusiasm of local tyrants, no way, rich, wayward, buy and play chanting!

After experiencing the misty days spent watching flowers, throwing too high-grade virtual reality equipment, Xiaobian that the development of wearable devices in 2015 there are three major changes in the first, reeling spring is coming By the end of 2014, the cheap trend triggered by the millet bracelet made the rice vermicelli even more convinced that 'having a fever' was by no means an empty talk. Speaking of the price of the heart of civilians, but with the function of smart devices, millet is really quite spell, millet bracelet has also been a lot of people called the industry conscience. Currently on the market price of smart bracelets are mostly ranging from a few hundred dollars to a thousand dollars, but to be honest, the function still can not be separated from the most basic health monitoring, sleep monitoring, pedometer function, etc., I would like to focus on wearable devices Friends have been familiar with these introductory bar it, Xiaobian has been unable to go to the same smart bracelet introduced the same function. Even thousands of dollars on the smart bracelet has also been criticized by the monitoring results are not accurate, then why the $ 79 millet bracelet demanding too? You really enough! Moreover, most of the product life becomes a flaw, the millet bracelet is doing well, saying life can reach a month. Stand poor people from the point of view, although Xiao Bian is not rice flour, but for economic considerations, millet bracelet is still a good choice Oh!

More well-known in the country's e-commerce platform - Jingdong Mall, we ranked by sales search, found that such as millet bracelets such a low-cost products, the user is still the most purchasing power. In the top eight sales charts, there are five products priced at less than 100 yuan through the 'shelf time' for limited search, the top few are four hundred dollars less than the smart bracelet, smart watch, visible In today's wearable market, high-end products have been gradually reduced under the impact of cheap products, and wearables manufacturers targeting the mass market have begun to embark on the low-end civilians route. The product is very luxurious and beautiful, memorable. This smart bracelet supports the most basic sports monitoring and health monitoring capabilities, it can be said that both the shape and function In addition, the luxury brands, Louis Vuitton seems to be the first one that could not hold back, its famous designer jointly Jewelry brand Harry Winston designed a highly targeted June Sun smart bracelet, the user's skin will be exposed to the sun for a long time will be reminded, but in Xiaobian view, the real meaning of smart bracelets can not really dare Compliment. Louis Vuitton also announced that it will launch its own smart watch and said it is definitely not a replica of the Apple Watch, see the wearables market is still quite confident June intelligent sun protection bracelet

For the current market, many luxury brands have introduced wearable devices, but it seems that these products are based on their own products, based on an increase of pedometer, and heart rate monitoring and other functions, the monitoring function does not fully cover people In all aspects of the body, do not support the professional-level waterproof More lack of the smart watch display screen similar to the diversity of smart phones, so strictly speaking, can only be counted as a luxury with technology elements, due to the appearance of the design Restrictions, and did not wear the device in the actual life experience to the extreme, but perhaps for local tyrants, would rather wear a prestige of luxury jewelry, do not want to wear a shape resembles a plastic bracelet!

In addition to these luxury brands, many Swiss watchmakers have introduced smart watches, such as Montblanc, Citizen and more. However, they are also deeply limited by their own established by many years of traditional hand-made brand level created by the different sets of high-profile, but also can not escape the current market competition in the smart watch, the products made are inevitably non-existent The rush, while they ridiculed the accumulation of smart watches is too small, on the one hand and secretly hard to vote for consumers. To be honest, traditional technology, manufacturers are really not easy ah!

With regard to the smart watch to the strong market impact brought by the high-end traditional watch known for its exquisite handcraft skills, the current smart watch has started to get on the right track and gradually detached from the shell of the 'electronic watch'. For the future, Of the road must have a clear understanding of their own position, or it is easy to overnight in a hundred years of technology to destroy the impact of technology tide, although this argument is too pessimistic, but I have to say, ruined The business empire is not the most terrible, the most terrible is the ruin of hundreds of years of people's belief in the traditional skills replica van cleef long necklace 3 smart watch manufacturers raise the banner of return to the traditional

To say that smart watches, the Moto 360 in the past, competition in the smart device can be described as the limelight, smart watches have suffered Waterloo, the Moto 360 has become the leader in smart watch dial, the square dial seems to be abandoned, All businesses have launched a circular dial watch, Samsung, LG, shell have launched a circular smart watch, just a few months time, the smart watch more and more return to mechanical watch shape, people scream and joy through the following Picture, we will soon understand why the Moto 360 successful market share, why the smart phone look quite convenient today, the traditional object of the watch still did not exit the market, people no longer just watch as a watch time Of the tools, to a certain extent, it also acts as a symbol of the status of jewelry and identity, in which case, the smart watch like a square dial like a thirty-dollar electronic watch inevitably not popular but in the words of Moto 360's success is not Because of creating a circular dial, but the function of smart watches are just right blend into the mechanical watch Form, there is no smart watch technology sense of feeling too strong and bulky, there is no violation and flu, you do not say, no one can imagine this is a smart watch, really is 'low-key work, high profile table' The highest level to follow the circular dial is indeed to meet the needs of consumers, but the key is not that it is not a circular dial, because the dial can not be the reason why people choose a smart watch, but because it meets the deep psychological On the product needs. Can stand from the perspective of consumers in line with user habits to make products, is the product of success or failure of the deciding factor, or even appearance more gimmick can only be a flash product. Speak your voice? Do not thank me. The development of smart devices has gradually brought a carpet bombing to our life, covering all aspects of the basic necessities of life. We only pick our most concerned product category. Admittedly, the road is bright. Poor reluctantly always complain that this is an era of rich people, wearable devices are local tycoons plaything, but from this perspective, with the cost of science and technology, the price and performance of smart devices is bound to be two opposite trend curve. Although poor, but van cleef long necklace knock off also have poor ambition, may wish to think that since the current wearable device experience just so so, but also terribly expensive, really waiting for its low-cost outbreak and high-quality mature when it imitation van cleef and arpels long necklace comes to the world's most cost-effective One thing! For wearable devices: I quietly watched you cut prices.
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