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The feeling of contentment with your life at present; your state of Martin Havlat Jersey being when things feel comfortable, at ease, light; time in which you feel centered, calm and well.


Creating PEACE lessens worry, increases pleasure and enhances your here and now'. More PEACE in your life allows for more enjoyment and appreciation of your life.

Questions that INSPIRE:

¢Describe your most recent experience of PEACE. How did it feel?

¢What can you do, think or experience differently to bring more PEACE in to your life?

¢How does greater PEACE impact you and your life?

¢¢Does PEACE conflict with excitement and adventure?

¢Can you have PEACE among chaos? How?

I would love to hear your answers and comments. Take 45 seconds to reply to these questions at contact info below. Chicago Blackhawks Authentic David Rundblad Jersey Pro Shop I will keep all responses confidential and reply directly to you.

Julie Cohen, PCC, is a Career and Personal Coach. She supports her clients to achieve greater career satisfaction. Formerly an Internal Executive Coach at Cap Gemini Ernst Young LLC, she was part of the design team responsible for developing and implementing a national coaching program. Julie brings over fifteen years experience in corporate, non-profit and entrepreneurial entities to her work as a human Nick Leddy Jersey Cheap development professional. Julie has a BA in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania and a MS in Counseling from Villanova University. She is a graduate of Corporate Coach University International's and Coach University's Training Programs, is a Past-President of the Philadelphia Area Coaches Alliance and a member of the International Coach Federation. Jul 9 '14
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Blues bruisers welcome Scott to the fold

NSW "bruise brothers" Paul Gallen and Greg Bird are pleased to welcome a third sibling into their fold for the street fight with Queensland in the opening State of Origin match at Suncorp Stadium.

Completing the Blues' back row is St George Illawarra's Beau Scott - and it's no coincidence he's another former Cronulla Shark cut from the same cloth of uncompromising aggression.

Captain Gallen and his long-time sidekick Bird will rekindle their bond next Wednesday night and Scott will fit in nicely as the trio attempt to set the tone for their NSW team-mates to follow.

With arguably the NRL's toughest forward Gallen and former Sharks coach Ricky Stuart in charge, proven performer Bird was never going to be overlooked.

And Scott has the in-your-face approach colleagues love and opponents loathe, so he's seen as the perfect man to stand alongside in the trenches.

"He's a funny fella, Beauy. He's quiet but you wouldn't want to be messing with him too much," said Gallen.

"He's the type of player Nick Leddy Jersey Cheap you want to play with, he's a good man."

Gallen himself has been enormous for the Sharks and in the Australian Test this year, but declared Bird as essential to the Blues hopes of wrestling back Origin glory.

"It'll be good to see my old mate," said Gallen wryly.

"If there's such a thing as a rep player, he's a rep player. Every time he pulls on a blue jersey or a green and gold jersey, he's man of the match in a lot of them.

"He's suited to this type of footy and he's going to be huge for us.

"He's uncompromising, he's tough, he's aggressive, he plays with passion Craig Adams Jersey and thoroughly deserves his spot. It's going to be good to play with him again."

Scott's role for the Dragons playing alongside Jamie Soward has been crucial, but he refused to concede he'd be the five-eighth's protector at Suncorp Stadium. Jul 9 '14
Akadema Bats

Not content to rest on their breakthroughs in baseball glove design, the Gilligan brothers who run Akadema have turned their special brand of attention to the baseball bat. The result is a line of aluminum and wood bats that offer better grip, faster bat speed, and unequalled balance. The Garfield, New Jersey firm has done it again, but this time for the offense.

The Akadema Xtension aluminum bat was designed for but Authentic Denis Savard Jersey Cheap one reason, according to Lawrence and Joe, and that is better Jeff Zatkoff Jersey bat speed. Testimonials by pro sluggers attest to the Xtension's unrivaled balance and control, which allows for Matt Niskanen Jersey more speed. The Alcoa Alcalyte alloy that goes into the making of these bats makes them the toughest and hardest sticks on the block.

Wood is well represented in the Akadema bat line-up as well, with popular varieties available in ash and maple. The Amish Wood Bat series features the company's patented Tacktion grips, made from a combination of ground-up sunflower seeds, walnut shells and sand. The need for pine tar is eliminated for those who pick up Akadema bats with Tacktion grips.

The Gilligans also offer their own bat bags in which to carry your Xtension and Amish sluggers. An unending commitment to research makes Akadema bats stand out from those made by their complacent competition. Serious baseball and softball players should pick one up for themselves to compare the difference between an Akadema bat and everything else. Jul 9 '14
The NFL Debuts Super Bowl XLV Commercials

The National Football League today introduced two TV commercials, a 60-second and 30-second spot slated for Super Bowl XLV, and now I have a reason to watch.

The Super Bowl features two teams that I don care to watch, the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers. I grew up three miles from the New England Patriots home stadium and attended many home games over the years. This year football season ended for me when it ended for the Patriots, but today preview of the advertisements during the big game will actually have me watch it.

"The Super Bowl has become America appointment television from coast to coast and generation to generation," said Mark Waller, Chief Marketing Officer of the NFL. "We wanted our advertising to entertain and thank NFL fans, the best fans ever."

I remember a lot of great commercials that debuted over the years. The one that I remember anticipating most was the 3D Coca-Cola commercial that featured Michael Jackson. Nothing has come close to that until now.

The centerpiece of the NFL advertising is a 60-second commercial called "American Family" that celebrates the entertainment/pop culture phenomenon the Super Bowl has become. It features the greatest collection of television talent ever assembled, over 40 stars, living and dead, who graced nearly 20 of the most famous, popular shows of the last several decades.

Many of America favorite stars from Alf, Beverly Hills 90210, Happy Days, The Brady Bunch, Cheers, The Dukes of Hazard, Family Matters, Full House, Seinfeld, Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Family Guy, The Simpsons, The Office, Sesame Street, The Golden Girls and The Sopranos make cameos (See list of stars following).

The commercial is a montage of quick cuts as America most beloved TV family gathers, and the anticipation builds, for the big game. The creative twist, and pay-off for the viewers, is that every scene has been contemporized with today NFL branding . . . The Sopranos wear Jets jerseys; the Fonz taps a flat-screen TV playing Fox Sports, Norm enters Cheers with New England Patriots gear. A simple slate ends Ben Smith Retro Jersey Price the spot with the message "Best. Fans. Ever," the NFL logo, and one more surprise. The commercial will air in the third quarter of the game. Jul 9 '14
Geforce 8800 ultra dead

OF course, new psu and a large size videocard could barely fit in a standard HP atx mid-tower, but I made it happen by bundling cabels and creating more room this way. I was concerned that there will be bad air flow and my gpu will over heat eventually due tight room in the tower and standard 85mm fans. but believe it or not, for last two years I had absolutely no problem with my PC. there were no crashes or overheating, I could play any game I wanted on high settings.

Last weekend, my comp started working very slow. I couldnt even browse internet. I tried to restart it, but I was seeing artifacts on start-up screen and then the screen goes blue or pc shuts down by itself. I coudnt get temps for my cpu and gpu, but when I touched my 8800 ultra with my hand, I realized that it is bloody hot!!!

The problem is in videocard because I switched back to original 8500GT and comp works just fine.

I upgraded Nvidia drivers, ran system recovery, cleaned the dust - nothing works. Same artifacts on start up screen, same blue screen, "your computer was unable to start, looking for solution" it says.

does my gpu get overheated?

I ordered new Cooler Master HAF 922M case, hoping that with its 200mm fans it will do great job on keeping my 8800ultra very cool. It will arrive tomorrow, I will move all the components to this new tower and see where we at.

But what if my lovely videocard got fried? Artifacts at the beginnig, blue screen. does it mean that I also need a new GPU?

for some "god knows why" reason, all my friends are using laptops, and I couldnt try my videocard on other comps.

So I couldn't test my videocard with 600w powerKing psu because this psu doesn't have two cables to power 8800 ultra.

The case arrved today and I moved all the components into it. Now i can't get it started. It receives power, all the fans are spinning but there is a message on my screen "Error: system fan has failed. Service PC to prevent damage. Press F2 to continue." I figured it is a message about my CPU fan. Or is it my bad psu? I ordered new PSU Cooler Master ATX 750w.

When I was installing components into new case, I cleaned dust off all the parts. I was using a can of pressed air but I couldn't reach all this dust in CPU fan, so I kinds scratched gently dust with tiny metal flat head screwdriver. I didn't know that I shouldn't do that. Do you think this damaged my CPU fan. Remember, the cause of previous crashes was in my slowly dieng PSU.

Well, the thing is that I wasn't even disconnecting anything from my mobo beside audio and video card and 5,25 devices. The CPU fan stayed on mobo and I moved it into new case as is. I can check the connection again, but I'm sure it should be fine.

I'm not sure if Jarret Stoll Jersey my cleaning has anything to do with this error message. Did I damage my CPU fan somehow while getting off the dust? I hope it's all about crippy PSU that will be changed in few days. I can only see things on the screen with 8500gt. 8800ultra doesn't work, I supose it doesn't receive enough power??? I also ordered POST card so I don have to guess so much next time something broke. So what do you think? What is the cause of this error message? Jul 9 '14
Italian Restaurants in Capitol Hill

Carbo-load before the next day's hike at Serafina, which provides diners a Tuscan landscape and a wide selection of Italian specialties. Chris Kunitz Jersey Pastas are made by hand in-house and may be accompanied by chicken, pork and meats. Vegetarian hikers enjoy the many meat-free selections. The restaurant offers a late-night menu of smaller plates through midnight. There is also Jaromir Jagr Jersey a full bar menu and desserts available. Enjoy entertainment with your dinner as nightly jazz, piano and vocals turn dinner into a show.

2043 Eastlake Ave. E.

Open for dinner Monday through Saturday, the Ristorante Machiavelli would be a great place to fuel up after a long day's hike. Serving traditional casual Italian fare such as individual pizzas, pastas (many vegetarian choices) and veal, the restaurant also has a large wine selection. With entertainment most nights (open-mic night Mondays, Sunday-night acoustic music and NFL games), dinner will be enjoyable. Serving specialty pizzas you can create yourself with selected topping choices, pastas, sandwiches, salads and rotating daily specials, Bill's also has microbrews and wine. Breakfast choices include pizzas, quiches and breads.

725 E. Create your own pizza from the extensive checklist of toppings or choose from a menu of specialty pizzas. Feeling like lighter fare? Salads and panini are on the menu. Celebrating a hiking record? Try a slice of cheesecake or pie for dessert.

601 Summit Ave. E

(206) 325-0877

Enjoy Northern Italian cuisine at Assiaggo, which serves both lunch and dinner with pastas, pizza, chicken and meat dishes. Wine enthusiasts enjoy choosing from the extensive collection (sold by the bottle). Assiaggo's chef selects each day's ingredients personally from Seattle's famous Pike Place market. Jul 9 '14
Sleepers and the Overrated

The NFL draft is ready to begin on Thursday and though it is just two days until the draft starts, there are several players that are still moving up and down draft boards on all 32 NFL teams. This time of year is big for fans as they checkout their teams latest mock drafts and what players could be added to their favorite team for the upcoming season.

Just like the stock market, the draft has risers and fallers every day and it usually is off rumors and speculation. Today there was news that OLB Justin Houston of Georgia failed his drug test while at the NFL combine. This news can cost the young man millions of dollars as his draft status will fall from his mistake. Teams thinking of drafting Houston will now look deeper into his background to find if this was a regular pattern on his part. Teams spend millions on these players and want to know exactly what they're getting on draft day.

On the other side of the spectrum, teams will workout countless players in the hope they find that diamond in the rough. If a team thinks they can get a good player late in the draft, it saves them money and improves their team at the same time. A good example is OT James Carpenter of Alabama. Carpenter Keith Magnuson Jersey is not flashy and does not have the most athletic body, but he is a solid player that played well against very Marcel Goc Jersey good competition. Carpenter worked hard this off-season and with good workouts for scouts is now projected as a second or third round pick in this weeks draft.

For many players the dream of playing the game they love as a profession would be a dream come true. Players spend countless hours to improve their game and bodies in hope of making it to the NFL. This week over 350 players will get drafted Rick Nash Jersey and get that opportunity. With some hard work and a little luck they will be making that paycheck they have dreamed of since they were kids. Jul 9 '14
Minimize The Risk Of Additives With Homemade Energy Drink

We can see variety of energy drinks in cans or in bottles on TV commercials, in the market and even in local stores. Each of them are promoting and telling you about how it would increase your resistance, healthy performance and mind functions. Convincing you about its probable benefits, and its special characteristic that vary give them the edge among the other brand. However, these Energy beverages are quite expensive and for some people who are health conscious found out that these are not safe to drink at all times due to the reason that some of the brands contain artificial additives and high dosages of stimulants such as caffeine, which Justin Williams Jersey may cause worst effect on them.

Why try to suffer the consequences of these products, wherein you can just make your own Homemade energy drink? You can choose the ingredients you want, depending on your taste and the most advantage about this is that, you know it Chris Kreider Jersey is clean and you are aware about the processes that the ingredients undergo.

Homemade energy drinks is sometimes healthier than those which are sold in the market. Homemade energy drinks may contain lesser amount of sugar and caffeine, which harm the health of an individual. These are purely natural but it will still depend on the manner of making the homemade energy drink. It does not always serve a guarantee that you are making an effective unless proven. It is likewise better to test its safeness.

There are different varieties of recipe you can choose from in making homemade energy drinks. You can mix many ingredients to create a taste that is more satisfying and would provide you the sufficient energy that you need.

Some recipes of homemade energy drinks differ from one another. There are energy drinks, which are mixed with alcohol, recipe that is somewhat the same with milkshake, and other recipes that have different effects, and depends on the needed energy of the person who will take the Energy drink.

The common ingredients of commercialized energy drinks are caffeine, guarana, taurine, amino acids, vitamin B, some minerals and sometimes alcohol. Some people also use sugar, sodium, water, and other natural extracts but not that much energy that commercial energy drinks provide.

However, if you will try to make your own version of homemade energy drinks you will need the following ingredients: lemon juice, honey, water, salt and baking soda. The amount or the ratio of each component will be based on how much you are going to produce.

Nice thing about the homemade energy drink product is this, you can alter the amount of ingredients anytime you want. You can add or lessen the measurement depending on your desired taste and effect. From a quart of water to a glass of lemon juice, as long as you feel comfortable with the outcome of the taste you can do so.

Homemade energy drink is getting popular. People find it Sale Sheldon Brookbank Jersey as a best alternative for meeting their energy needs in every activity that that are suppose to do. Although it will cost you a bit from the time that you will buy the ingredients of the recipe but in the end, you will really benefit from it. Jul 9 '14
'Jersey Shore' star pleads guilty to being annoying on beach


Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi is sentenced to two days of service and fined $500She was arrested in July on charges of disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance"You seem to be acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe," a New Jersey judge tells Polizzi

(CNN) -- A New Jersey judge Wednesday Simon Despres Jersey sentenced Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, the MTV "Jersey Shore" star, to two days of community service with animal control and a $500 fine after she agreed to plead guilty to annoying others on a beach.

Polizzi was arrested in July on charges of disorderly conduct and creating a public nuisance.

The judge also ordered that she pay $33 in court costs and gave her one day credit on the community service sentence, according InSession producer Michael Christian, who was in the courtroom.

The prosecution asked the court to limit Polizzi's community service to two days, and asked that it be carried out in Seaside Heights.

While Seaside Heights Municipal Judge Damian Murray agreed to the two days of community service, and Michal Handzus Jersey Sale even credited her with one day, he still had some tough words of advice.

"You seem to be acting like a Lindsay Lohan wannabe," he said. "This is not the way you want to live your life."

Lohan was recently sentenced to 90 days in jail for missing alcohol counseling sessions in violation of her probation. The judge also ordered Lohan to spend 90 days in a drug and alcohol rehab program after her jail term was completed. She ended up serving only 13 days in jail and about 23 in rehab.

Polizzi would have faced up to $3,200 in fines if found guilty of all charges. The disorderly conduct charge, which was dropped, could have carried a 30-day jail sentence. Jul 9 '14
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