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Why Employees Quit

In the grand scheme of operating a small business, these so-called "microinequities" -- the veiled putdown, the sarcastic tone, as well as nonverbal transgressions such as rolling the eyes and turning your back toward someone in conversation -- may seem like piddling things to fret about. But think about it: How would you like to be treated insignificantly or indifferently at work?

Employees might be willing to blow off one or even a few such rude gestures. But if a boss, manager or project teammate habitually treats colleagues disrespectfully, they will feel demoralized. Perhaps that will lead to attitude problems and increased absenteeism.

Say a supervisor asks for suggestions on a project. An employee perks up with a thoughtful solution. As if tone-deaf, the supervisor then asks, "Okay, who'd like to get things started here?" Or, the supervisor embraces the idea but only after someone else mentions it. Next time the supervisor asks for recommendations, the unappreciated employee remains tight-lipped. Maybe co-workers also button up. Result: Valuable ideas never get aired, and productivity suffers.

In a worst-case scenario, the disrespected employees leave. And in a worst-worst-case scenario, they may end up suing you for these unwelcome gestures. At least that's what is starting to occur, according to one San Francisco law firm that defends management in conflicts with employees.

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In today's ultra-competitive business climate, your small enterprise can't afford to lose valuable workers. That's especially true with an expected major labor shortage on the horizon. Who knows, the offended employees might have been your company's next rainmakers.

So how do you stop these microinequities?

First, understand what they are. That's easier said than done, because many such offenses are committed subconsciously. A boss might not even be aware he is botching the pronunciation on a colleague's name. Or that he is glancing at his watch during an employee's presentation.

According to experts, we're sending dozens of powerful micromessages every time we speak, gesture or even do nothing. Those communications may vary somewhat from culture to culture and even organization to organization. But the point is, we're sending a message even when we don't think we're sending a message.

A number of organizations are playing closer attention to this workplace behavior. They are paying for training sessions attended by their managers and rank and file. One role-playing exercise conducted by New Jersey consultant Stephen Young almost guarantees a reaction.

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In this demonstration, Young asks participants to pair off. Person A discusses his current job, responsibilities and challenges while Person B smiles and listens attentively. Then, in a pre-arrangement, Person A starts discussing his last job and Person B immediately begins fidgeting, checking her cell phone, looking around -- anything to appear disinterested. After the exercise, Person As invariably report they became more and more incensed by the disinterest. One Fortune 500 CEO observed he wanted to punch an antsy Young after performing the exercise with him. Remarkably, Young stresses, increased irritation was a routine response even though participants knew it was just a game.

Short of taking training exercises, small companies can take several actions to prevent microinequities. Supervisors might bring up the topic at staff meetings to demonstrate their awareness. Or, the subject might be broached in company emails, newsletters or attitude surveys.

Going forward, pay closer attention to all your employees, not just your stars or those you are most comfortable with. Consider engaging in nonbusiness conversations so you can develop rapport, respect and trust. Solicit suggestions from them. Maybe Michael Jordan Jersey ask what they are working on and then pose follow-up questions. And, very important: Give direct eye contact and listen attentively to them.

In group settings, Young suggests, be sensitive to how you greet or treat a colleague you're close with, so it appears you're not playing favorites. When possible, give public credit to "owners" of good ideas. And encourage participation -- from everyone.

As with microinequities themselves, these positive gestures may seem small or insignificant. But these microaffirmations can help produce a giant return on investment: An engaged Michael Jordan Jersey Cheap workforce that feels appreciated and is motivated to perform. Jul 23 '14
Russell Simmons House

Apparently, he isn't just a genius when it comes to hip hop and fashion; Russell Simmons knows what he's doing in the world of real estate too. He owns a sprawling 35,000 square foot mansion in Saddle River, New Jersey - one of the largest homes on the eastern coast, a $5.3 million, 5,800 square foot mansion in Los Angeles, and a Manhattan penthouse. But, for now, it seems like this music mogul has had enough. Russell Simmons' house in New Jersey is now up for sale.

With ten bedrooms, 35 foot ceilings, and gold-leaf ceilings, this New Jersey estate has an asking price of more than $20 million. It is located 25 miles north of Manhattan, New York, in the same suburb that was once home to Richard Nixon. The house was built in 1996 by clothing mogul Arnold Simon and, with its vast number of rooms seems to be more of a museum than a residence.

Its dining room and gym alone are larger than most normal houses, while its special "Versace room" features a Gianni Versace-designed bed and a 16 foot high fireplace in the shape of a lion's mouth. It also has a movie theatre modeled after an old Brooklyn theatre, complete with popcorn machines and a candy counter, a bright marquee and a wax figure selling tickets. The outside of the house is equally as impressive as the inside. Across the four acre property is a massive outdoor pool, a waterfall and a koi pond.

Each Russell Simmons house is more impressive than the next. The most recent piece of property that was purchased by Simmons and his wife at the time, model-turned-fashion designer Kimora Lee, is a five NEW BALANCE ML574 OLG "OLYMPIC PACK" ニューバランス ML574 オリンピック グレー bedroom, four bathroom mansion in a Mediterranean-style gated estate near Sunset Strip. It also has stone floors throughout and an outdoor kitchen for 【2013新作】NEW BALANCE WL574 WPG ニューバランスWL574WPG グレー/レッド/ブラック when Simmons decides to take his party outside.

These estates aren't just ways for Simmons to enjoy the wealth he has acquired over the years. Rather, he sees them as symbols of the success he has had 【男女兼用】ニューバランス/NEW BALANCE/ スニーカー [グレー] ML574CVY/メンズ in changing the face of America. "The diversity that America has is so special," says Simmons. "Not only because there are more mixes of people, but because people are more open-minded about each other."

Much like his success has enabled him to enjoy the occasional mansion, so too does Simmons see the nation benefiting from the success of the growth of hip hop. "America has a great, great opportunity," he says, "and mostly because of hip hop."

With a price tag of $20 million, there are few who could afford to buy this Russell Simmons house. But, therein lies of the beauty of the hip hop music he has helped to spread; everyone from the ghettos of Chicago to the mansions of Beverly Hills can come together to share the musical experience. Jul 23 '14
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customize jerseys

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Things You Need To Know

The bearded dragon originates from Australia's desert area, but are found world wide all over. They have become well known and liked by 2012新作入荷オリンピックシリーズ 2012 ニューバランス 574 クラシック【New Balance 574 Classic】緑 young and old, due to their quiet behavior.

They can grow up to 15 inches in length, this does not include their tails, which makes them one of the smaller reptiles out there today. Unlike other lizards, such as the geckos, anoles, and others, the bearded dragon does not drop it's tail and it grow back. Once the beardie loses his/her tail, it will not grow back.

Bearded dragons main food consists of vegetables and fruits with an occasion cricket or mealworm. Another difference between the beardie and other lizards, is most lizards are nocturnal, which means they are more active at night, but the beardie is not nocturnal and enjoys being up and active during the day and sleeps at night. This makes raising one more fun since they have the same schedule as us humans.

Their home is also easy to keep up, but can be expensive to get it started and set up properly. They require special lighting known as UVB light, this helps them to digest their food and product the vitamin D3 they need. They also need a way to keep warm, as these lizard come from the desert area they are use to hot days and cool nights. So they will need a special heating [ニューバランス] new balance new balance NB WR996CAO lamp to help them regulate their own body temperature.

They will also need heat from the bottom of their tanks as well to help keep the tank at the right temperature. Do not ever put any kind of heating element inside their tanks. Beardies are very curious and love to lay on rocks and other perches, yet they do not know when they have laid too long and end up burning themselves. So never put any kind heating element inside their tanks.

It is also good to have a water dish for them, but most beardies do not use it as that. They are more use to licking leaves and other objects that drip water. This is closer to their own environment settings when out in the desert. You can simply get a 【現品限り一斉値下げ!】【2012新作 Nb574スニーカー通販 海外New Balance】nb574スニーカー通販 海外New Balance ML574UA オリンピック版 AURORA RED NB ML574 UA ニューバランス Red White Gray オリンピック版 メンズ レディース靴 special spray bottle and mist them a few times every day. I would recommend that you also mist their perches and the back glass, this way they can lick up the water as if in the desert.

You also do need to provide them with room to run around. These guys are use to running over the desert sand all day to find food. They are not avid climbers, so having just one perch is enough that they can climb up on to get closer to the heating light. They also need what is called a hide box, this way they can escape the heat. Beardies will maintain their own body heat by switching back and forth from the cooler end to the warmer end of their tanks.

Knowing the importance of how bearded dragons live in their natural environment will help you set up their tank in the same manner and it is not difficult to copy the same conditions. Know your beardie, spend time with him/her, learn his/her behavior patterns and you will be able to know when or if your beardie is sick or needs something more. Jul 23 '14
Kawasaki Ninja500r Aftermarket Parts

When you are looking for parts for a car or motorcycle you will find there are two main types. One would be OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacture, and the other is simply Aftermarket parts. Today we will just be talking about Aftermarket parts for the Kawasaki Ninja 500R. Aftermarket part are parts that were made by Kawasaki or other companies that did not come on the bike when it was made.

Such parts as mirrors, turn signals, frame sliders, fairings, and fender eliminator kits. There are much much more then just these, however I am only going to discuss a few for today. Some parts are designed to improve the look of the bike, while others are more functional to protect the bike or make the bike handle more smoothly.

There are some parts that achieve both function and style, such as a tank pad. Tank pads come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. They look great and protect the gas tank from scratches and are soft for your comfort. Aftermarket turn signals look great in different shapes and different materials they are made out of. Some of them are mounted flush with the fairing to protect in case of laying the bike over. The OEM turn signals, in the event of the bike falling on its side, would punch a hole in the fairing as they collapse over under the weight of the bike.

There are some mirrors that have the turn signals integrated into the back of them, they are stylish, easier to see, and eliminates excess weight. As far as elimination goes, the finder eliminator kit is a good way to give you bike a more sporty look. It removes the big black plastic piece under the back end of the bike, and leaves just the turn signals and the license plate. Also there are different types of fairings that can make you bike look sporty or look like a different type of bike, such as the design of the Ninja 250R. There are fairings that remove the headlight for a race bike look, and some that cover that gap between the upper and lower fairing for a more solid look.

However there are some Aftermarket parts that are more for safety then for looks. One part I recommend is the frame sliders. The name may sound weird but they are a great investment that could save you lots of money later. Frame slides are small metal poles that attach to the frame of the bike and stick out past the fairings a bit. If you lose control of you bike and end up sliding it down the road, the frame sliders will protect the fairings and let the frame weight rest on them rather then the fairings.

So as you can see there are a variety of Aftermarket parts, some designed to look good while others are designed to protect you and your Ninja. I hope this article was informative and helped you out in some way or another. Jul 23 '14
Amendments to Construction Lien Law in New Jersey

2A:44A-1 et seq. (\"CLL\"), was signed into law by Governor Chris Christie on January 5, 2011. The impetus behind the amendments was a report issued by the New Jersey Law Revision Commission in March of 2009 identifying several key problems with the statute as it was enacted in 1994. The amendments purport to clarify various provisions of the statute and conform it to numerous court decisions interpreting the CLL that have been issued during the past 15 years.

The amendments, which take effect immediately, include several significant changes which participants in the construction process -- owners, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers -- must understand:

1. New Timing for Residential Construction Liens. Residential construction claimants must file a Notice of Unpaid Balance and Right to File Lien (\"NUB\") within 60 days from when the claimant last performed work or supplied materials. Within 10 days after filing the NUB, the claimant is required to serve a demand for arbitration for the purpose of determining the amount of the lien claim. This time may only be extended upon consent of the parties and arbitrator. Within 10 days after the arbitrator\'s determination is rendered, but within 120 days from when the claimant last performed work or supplied materials, the claimant must finally record the lien claim. The lien claim form must be stamped with the date and time when it was received by the county clerk in order for it to be served on the owner and any other interested parties.

2. Multiple Liens Against the Same Residential Project. The new law allows parties aggrieved by lien claims relating to the same construction project to be joined in a single construction lien arbitration proceeding. Moreover, the law requires that, if possible, the same arbitrator determine all such claims, even if joinder is not possible. Finally, arbitrator(s) must consider the outcome of all previous proceedings relating to the same construction project in rendering the arbitrator\'s determination. The primary purpose of these requirements is to avoid inconsistent arbitration awards.

3. New Forms. New statutory forms were created for the NUB, lien claim and amended lien claim. Significantly, the new forms clarify the manner in which the claimant calculates the amount of the lien. There is also a standard form of affidavit that is now used to summarily discharge lien claims which have been satisfied and a standard form for the bond used to discharge a construction lien claim.

4. New Definitions. Many definitions in the statute have been clarified or added. These include:

a. \"Residential Construction\" - A construction project which includes any residential units is deemed \"residential\" in nature. Therefore, a claimant must follow the special statutory requirements for residential construction projects.

b. Filing - The act of delivering a document to the County Clerk and that document being marked by the Clerk with a date and time stamp is now defined as \"lodging for record.\" A claim that is \"lodged for record\" is enforceable against parties with notice of the document, even if it has not been \"indexed.\" \"Lodging for record\" is distinct from \"indexing,\" a term indicating when the clerk files or records the lien documents in a manner that puts the entire world on \"record notice\" of the lien.

5. Liens on Fee Interest. In the event that a tenant causes improvements to be made to real property, the leasehold interest is subject to attachment by a lien claim. The Lien Fund. The lien fund is the \"pool of money from which one or more lien claims may be paid. The amount of the lien fund shall not exceed the maximum amount for which an owner can be liable.\" The recent amendments to the CLL illustrate how to calculate the lien fund, thus ensuring than an owner will not pay more than once for the same work.

7. Liens Against Common Elements. For claimants against a community association, liens placed on common elements may not be enforced by foreclosure and sale. The only remedy for such a lien claimant is a court-ordered assessment against the unit owners.

8. Suppliers to Suppliers May Now File Liens. A supplier to a supplier who falls within the first three tiers of the contracting chain and has a written contract may now file a lien under the amended law. Enforcement by Summary Action. New procedures and parameters for enforcing a lien in Superior Court are spelled out in the amendments to the CLL. Additionally, the claimant must now also file a Notice of Lis Pendens once suit has commenced.

10. Residential Construction Liens and the Allocation of Partial New balance WR996 CLD ニューバランスWR996 レークブルー/ダリア レディース スニーカー Payments. A residential lien claimant who receives a partial payment must release a proportionate share of interest in the property. Moreover, in the absence of an agreement stating otherwise, if the encumbered property is divided into subdivisions or tracts then the allocation of released interest must be proportionate to each subdivision or tract.

11. Discharge of Liens by Owner. In situations where the lien claim has been paid in full, the claimant has failed to 【2013新作】NEW BALANCE WR996BVD ニューバランス WR996 BVD レディース ピンク discharge the lien, and 13 months have passed since the date of the lien claim, the owner need only file a discharge certification and an affidavit to summarily discharge the lien without court intervention. However, before doing so the aggrieved party must notify the claimant by certified mail. Thereafter, if no written objection disputing complete payment of the lien claim is received in 90 days, the owner may proceed with the expedient discharge procedure. writes for Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith and Davis LLP. The firm has over 100 attorneys in four main practice departments, and 19 practice 【正規品】【送料無料】2013秋冬 Nb996スニーカー激安通販New Balance MRH996AD ニューバランス Brown Red White 【2013年秋冬モデル】スポーツカジュアルシューズ スニーカー LIFESTYLE Running style NB MRH996 AD DESERT STONE メンズメンズ レディース靴 areas offering comprehensive legal services, including construction litigation. The firm has offices located in Woodbridge and Roseland, NJ. Jul 23 '14
Employee Handbook Red Flags For Multi

Employee Handbook Red Flags For Multi-State Employers

Many employers are not aware that when they draft their employee handbook there are many policies that need to be different based upon the state in which the employer is operating. This can be a real nightmare for HR. The best thing to do is make a list of all the states in which you operate. Remember that this includes states in which even just one employee may be working remotely. You should prepare a checklist to mark all the policies in which you will need to check the state laws to ensure that you are in compliance. The best practice is usually to create an employee handbook that is in compliance based on federal laws. You should then create a local practices section of the handbook and in this section have local and state laws in each of the 10 states in which you operate that may be different from the main employee handbook.

What are some of the policies that could cause you problems that you should include in this checklist?

The first is of course FMLA. Many, although not all, states have their own FMLA laws that sometimes require more leave than what is required under the federal FMLA. For instance, Connecticut requires that employers provide eligible 【今がお買い得!スポーツ用品爆安満載】【2013新作】[送料無料] Nb574スニーカー最安値New Balance ML574NSU ニューバランス Gray Black Blue NB ML574 NSU (newbalance)  スニーカー シュ ーズ 履き抜群 employees with 16 workweeks of leave in any 24-month period. In addition, in Connecticut, an eligible employee only has to have worked for 1000 hours in the 12-month period immediately preceding the leave rather than the 1,250 hours required by federal law. Also under the Connecticut family leave law an eligible employee ニューバランス NEW balance ML574AG(ニューバランス ML574AG)ML574AG can take leave to serve as an organ or bone marrow donor. New Jersey requires that employers provide 12 weeks of leave in a 24 month period but it is only for the serious health condition of a parent, child or spouse or the birth or placement for adoption or foster care of a child. There is no New Jersey FMLA for your own serious health condition. Moreover, this New Jersey family leave law applies to employers with 50 employees anywhere in the country as long as one of the employees is employed in New Jersey. In addition, to be an eligible employee under New Jersey law as we saw was the case in Connecticut, the employee need have only worked 1,000 hours in the 12 months immediately preceding the leave. Also, the definition of family member in New Jersey includes leave to care for an in-law or step-parent. New York does not have its own state family leave law. Be sure that you check your state's laws to determine if (1) there is a state family leave law and (2) if it provides something different than does the federal FMLA.

Another policy that will have local implications is your jury duty leave policy. Some states such as New York require that the employee be paid $40 for the first three days of leave. Massachusetts requires that for employees that were scheduled to work for three months preceding the jury duty leave, that they be paid their regular wages for the first three days of jury duty leave.

Another area that is dictated by local state practice would be access to personnel records. Different states have different laws about whether employees have the right to see or copy their personnel file. You should make sure that you know the law of each of the states in which you operate and insert all relevant information into the local practices section of your employee handbook.

Vacation and wage deductions is another big area of concern. Many times employers allow employees to borrow PTO or vacation time when they have not yet accrued such time. Then if the employee is terminated prior to accruing the time, the employer requires that the employee pay back the time and sets forth that this will be done by deducting the amount from the employee's last pay check. This is unlawful in many states. Make sure that you check each of the state laws in the states in which you operate to find out what the laws for wage deductions are in that particular state. In addition, each state has specific laws about an employee's final paycheck when the employee has been terminated or has voluntarily terminated their employment. It is important that you are familiar with these state laws so that you can ensure that the employee receives their final paycheck within the time limits specified by the law in your particular jurisdiction.

Short-Term Disability Benefits

In addition, some states such as New York require that employers provide short-term disability benefits. Make sure that you know the law in your state regarding whether you will need to provide your employees with short-term disability benefits.

States also have a variety of other laws that employers need to be aware of. These laws can change and/or become law quickly so it is important for you to be aware of new laws in each of the states in which you, as a multi-state employer, operate. New York recently passed this law); leave to donate blood or be a bone marrow donor and domestic violence leave laws. Another area that is being regulated by states and local municipalities is cell phone and texting laws. Be sure to keep abreast of local laws in all the areas in which you operate.

These 【2013新作】NEW BALANCE WR996 AGN ニューバランス WR996AGN イエロー/ブルー/グリーン local state laws can get employers in deep trouble. Employers should be proactive and keep abreast of all the relevant state laws in the states in which they operate. Employers should ensure that their employee handbooks set forth in a local practices section information to ensure that they are in compliance with each state's laws. Jul 23 '14
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