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NFL Scores Week One

The week one NFL scores have already started coming in. 13 more week one NFL scores will come from Sunday after the league debuting on Thursday night and two more will come during Monday night football. The odds already predicted that the Green Bay Packers would beat the New Orleans Saints to open the year, and that is exactly what took place during Thursday's 42-34 Packers win.

Now other fans around the league will finally get to see their teams take the field after what seemed like an extremely long span of time with no football. The Dustin Byfuglien Jersey preseason was able to bring excitement to some of those fans, but the regular season is where every game finally counts. On Sunday morning (Sep. 11), the week one NFL scores will begin coming in just after 10 am PT (1 pm ET). Games like Atlanta vs. Chicago, Philadelphia vs. St. Louis, and Pittsburgh vs. Baltimore will draw most of the attention early though.

The great thing about the first week of the year is that every team is on the same playing field at 0-0. Every fan out there still has hope of their specific team making it into the playoffs, even if some are hoping to enter the "Andrew Luck sweepstakes" right out of the gate. With the completion of each game on Sunday, including the nightcap in New York at 5:20 pm PT (8:20 pm ET), this article will serve as an update to the completed games.

Look for week one NFL scores to evolve throughout the day, but for all final scores to be posted in the comment section below. Any early thoughts on which teams have the easiest games on the schedule this week? Any predictions on an early season upset that the "experts" might not see coming? Jul 10 '14
Do Not Underestimate Microsoft's Ability to Compete with Flash

Comments from a meeting last week with journalists at Adobe's (ADBE) headquarters indicate that Adobe's CEO, Shantanu Narayen, thinks Adobe has already won the online video Henrik Lundqvist Jersey platform battle and that Flash can survive any threat from Microsoft (MSFT). While I would agree that the penetration rate is high, keep in mind that Flash has almost no penetration in areas like the enterprise vertical, a market that Windows Media still dominates. It also has literally no penetration when it comes to downloaded video to the desktop, which is dominated by Windows Media and QuickTime.

And for all the talk of the Adobe Media Player [AMP], which allows you to play back downloadable video, when was the last time you saw any website offering Flash video as a download with the Adobe Media Player? While Adobe is clearly trying to push into the enterprise market and offer a platform for downloadable video, Flash has gotten almost no penetration in those markets.

And when it comes to live video, while Adobe has now made live Flash streaming stable in version 3.+ of the Flash Media Server, any CDN will tell you it does not scale as well as Windows Media and has a higher total cost of deployment than Windows Media. It does not support multicasting, that I am aware of, and the DRM capability of Flash has been very late to the game and expensive to deploy. The fact we see Netflix (NFLX) and others offering streaming movies for Mac users is primarily due to the DRM capabilities of Silverlight. Not to mention, in most cases, Flash video streaming is still more expensive for content owners to deliver, especially for those with a lot of traffic.

In the guardian article, Adobe's CEO was also quoted as saying, "The BBC moved over, the NFL [National Football League] went live with us using NBC. Microsoft and NBC have had a long standing relationship, but they picked us." The problem with that quote is that it's factually wrong. Yes, Microsoft and the NBC have a long standing relationship, yet they did not decide to use Flash for the NFL streaming. The NFL decided and is quoted on the record in various locations as saying Taylor Pyatt Jersey they are the ones who made the decision to use Flash, not NBC. And from what various sources tell me, Adobe is helping to foot the bill to stream the NFL games.

So is it really fair for Adobe's CEO to be calling out Microsoft for "opening its chequebook" in an attempt to muscle its way into the web video market when Adobe may also be helping content owners foot the bill? The fact no one from Adobe will comment or give any details on the record about the NFL deal, speaks volumes.

No one is debating whether or not the Flash platform has tremendous penetration in certain segments of the market, it clearly does. But to go on record and say that you think Microsoft has no shot at ever competing with the Flash platform and stating that you feel you can withstand any push from Microsoft, that's a dangerous message to convey. Especially when, from what I have seen, the Flash team operates with the intelligence knowing that they always need to improve upon their product.

I deal with a lot of people on the Flash team and at no time, that I can remember, do they ever talk about having Microsoft "beat" or talking down their competition. They know they have a good product that they are constantly working to improve on and aren't happy to sit around the rest because of the market penetration they already have. But when the CEO of Adobe comes out and says they have already won the online video platform battle, what message is that conveying to the rest of the company? Should the Flash team now stop working as hard to make Flash even better? It's a very dangerous tone to set.

We all remember what happened when RealNetwork's (RNWK) format ruled the online video industry and then Microsoft entered the market and took nearly all of Real's market share in a few short years. I'm not predicting the same thing will happen in this case to Flash, but Microsoft is going to take share from Adobe, with Silverlight, over time. Might not be next year or the year after, but Microsoft isn't playing for a short-term win. They are in this for the future and can build their platform over time, waiting until online video truly becomes a business, when content owners start making money.

Enabling others to make money from online video has been Microsoft's goal from day one and one of the driving forces behind their DRM functionality in the Windows Media platform since 1999. Adobe only just started addressing DRM functionality this year. Adobe has also been very late to the HD game, something else Microsoft has been focusing on for years.

In the guardian article, Adobe's CEO is also quoted as saying, "If you look at the number of partners who are signing up [to use Flash] despite the fact that Redmond opens its chequebook and tries to get companies to move to Silverlight, we're winning." If Adobe thinks Microsoft has "opened its checkbook" and is not seeing results, think again. While many people think Microsoft throws money at everyone, they have not, as of yet. To date, Microsoft has offered up very little money to content owners, Olympics aside, and has not implemented some of the programs, like "netcredits", that Microsoft did back when it battled RealNetworks . If Microsoft were to put serious money behind Silverlight and really spend the marketing dollars it did when it took the market from Real, Adobe would be in for a serious fight. Don't underestimate Microsoft's ability to do that again, sometime soon. Jul 10 '14
Former NFL punter and AFL star Ben Graham says Tim Tebow unlikely to make it as an NFL QB

In a lively question-and-answer session with our readers today, the former Cardinals punter was asked whether any NFL club is likely to give Tebow another shot at quarterback.

"I don't think so," Graham wrote. "I watched him up close last year in the warmup and he hasn't got the ability as a true QB.

Tebow was two wins from the Super Bowl a year ago and became a media sensation, with his signature "Tebowing" kneeling-in-prayer celebration parodied throughout the world.

But despite already being a household name, he's now likely to be released by the New York Jets after a frustrating season in which he barely played.

Start of sidebar. Skip to end of sidebar.

Graham - the first Australian to play in a Super Bowl when his Arizona Cardinals lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2009 - told readers he reckons the San Francisco 49ers will win Monday's NFL showpiece by a score of 31-24.

He also recounted his own experiences switching to NFL, named his favourite players and teammates past and present, and discussed the possibility of another Aussie playing a part in a future Super Bowl. Jul 10 '14
Kim Kardashian Wants Reggie Bush to Be the Father of Her Children

Kim Kardashian marriage to Kris Humphries may have fizzled out in record time , but sources say the celebutante hasn given up on her dream of having a baby and she looking to her ex Reggie Bush to fulfill that lifelong goal.

A source tells OK! Kris wasn the guy for Kim as a husband or baby daddy ever since she left him, she been obsessing over NFL running back Reggie Bush.

However, this source says Kim wants more from Reggie than just a fling, or even a committed relationship. According to the source, Kim thinks Reggie is father material. />

level-headed, responsible and mature, and he loves kids. He seems like this big tough guy, but get him around a baby or a Dustin Brown Jersey puppy and he just a big softie, which she adores, says the Marty Mcsorley Jersey insider.

As for how Reggie feels? Despite swirling rumors that the two were reconnecting, Reggie recently told reporters he focused Kim divorce from Kris. Still, what a Kardashian wants, a Kardashian gets. We can wait to see how this one unfolds! Jul 10 '14
Who Pays When Bed Bugs Invade

When bed bugs invade an apartment, who calls the exterminator and who pays? The conundrum in the emerging field of bed bug law is pitting landlords against tenants and filling court dockets.

Legislation recently introduced in the New Jersey Legislature as Assembly Bill 3203 would force landlords to shoulder the entire financial burden of combating bed bugs by making them solely responsible for conducting annual inspections, distributing and displaying educational material created by the state, immediately treating reported bed bug infestations, and maintaining a bed bug-free environment throughout the apartment building or complex. Similar bills are under consideration in other states.

Citing the nationwide 500% increase in bed bug infestations and calling the common bed bug "a public nuisance," Bill 3203 states, "it is a matter of public welfare to protect New Jersey citizens' health from this pest." Noting that owners of multiple dwellings are "in the best position to coordinate the extermination bedbug infestations in that multiple dwelling," the bill directs, "Every owner of a multiple dwelling shall be responsible, at his own expense, for maintaining the multiple dwelling free of an infestation of bedbugs." Landlords who fail to act would be fined $300 per infested apartment and $1,000 per infested common area. Local health boards would have the power to act for and bill unresponsive landlords. (You can read the complete text of New Jersey Bill 3203 on the Stern Environmental website.)

Given the exponential increase in bed bug infestations nationwide, landlords are leery of the possible financial repercussions of such legislation. In New York City, bed bug complaints jumped from 1,839 in 2005 to 8,830 in 2008. Violations issued by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development rose from 366 to 2,757 over the same period. New York and New Jersey apartment owners are legally tasked with providing pest control for tenants. It's the apartment owner's responsibility to provide tenants with a pest-free living environment. That wasn't always true. Since the 1908 case of Jacobs v. Morand, tenants had been legally obligated to pay their rent even if bed bugs had made their apartment inhabitable. That changed in 2004 with Ludlow Properties, LLC v. Young when Judge Cyril Bedford ruled in favor of a frustrated tenant who had refused to pay rent for six months because of a persistent bed bug problem, writing:

"Although bed bugs are classified as vermin, they are unlike mice and roaches, which, although offensive, do not have the effect on one's life as bed bugs do, feeding upon one's blood in hoards nightly turning what is supposed to be bed rest or sleep into a hellish experience."

Today, tenants seem to be winning the litigation war against landlords, but it's a tough fight. When bed bug infestations are discovered, tenants and landlords point the finger of blame at each other. "It gets back to the issue of responsibility," said attorney Ronald Languedoc. "In law, the party that asserts a claim usually has a burden of proof. I think it is probably hard to track down where, precisely, they came from and how they got in there."

Under current New York and New Jersey law, apartment owners bear the responsibility and financial expense of providing housing that is rat-free, roach-free and now bed bug-free. For cash-strapped apartment owners, there's the rub. Rats, roaches and other vermin are attracted by garbage and unclean conditions. The connection to proper maintenance, efficient trash collection and regular pest control is obvious. The cost of such regular maintenance is an expected part of managing an apartment building. Just like electric, water and other utility costs, these expenses are figured into monthly rent payments and recouped.

Bed bugs are an entirely different problem. Bed bugs are not attracted by filth. They are insects of convenience like lice and fleas. These tiny insects crawl from one infected individual to another. They set up house near beds and in bedrooms, hiding in cracks and crevices during the day and creeping out at night to feed on the blood of their unsuspecting prey - humans. The size of an apple seed, bed bugs multiply quickly and are adept hitchhikers. You can get them from contact with an infected individual, visiting his home, brushing his clothing, standing next to him or borrowing his belongings. You can get bed bugs by sitting in a seat just vacated by an infected person on a subway, park bench, taxi or airplane. Since not all people react to bed bug bites, people often spread bed bugs without even knowing they have them.

Bed bugs can come into an apartment on someone's clothing, in suitcases and backpacks, in the creases of storage boxes, in the cracks and crevices of used furniture, in the upholstery of a rental sofa and in refurbished mattresses. Apartment owners have no control over what attracts bed bugs or how the annoying little buggers get into the building. You can understand their reluctance to take responsibility for a problem they didn't create and have no control over. Yet that is exactly what housing legislation requires them to do. Particularly exasperating are the strictures in New York City and under consideration in Jersey City and the New Jersey state legislature that prevent apartment owners from passing along the often hefty costs of eliminating bed bug infestations to their tenants.

The life cycle and living habits of bed bugs only confound the problem. A single female bed bug can produce up to 500 eggs during her one-year lifespan, laying about five eggs per day. Moving through five nymphal stages, bed bugs reach maturity in just five to eight weeks. They nibble on their human prey at night, feeding for up to 10 minutes every three to five days. The tiny bugs are often mistaken for other pests and their bites for mosquito or spider bites. Not all people react to their bites which look like raised, red welts and many don't react (itching is typical) for several days after being bitten. Some people are so embarrassed, they fail to report an infestation or uselessly try to treat it with Raid. By the time the problem is noticed or reported, a considerable infestation can have developed.

Often by the time Steve Larmer Jersey they're identified, bed bugs have spread to other units in a building and the original culprit can be hard to identify. Because bed bugs spread easily through wall voids, elevator shafts, plumbing and wiring conduits, and heating and cooling ducts, next door units and those on the floors above and below an infested unit are also likely to be infested. Treatment of one unit can simply send bed bugs scurrying to find new living quarters. Even vacant apartments are not safe as bed bugs can live for one to seven months without a blood meal.

Eliminating bed bugs in a multi-unit apartment building can be a nightmare for everyone and an unexpected financial burden for the owner. Because of the many variables involved - the need for tenant cooperation, the bugs' minute and numerous hiding places and their tendency to spread quickly and Mark Messier Jersey easily -- multiple pest control treatments over a spaced period of time are necessary to completely eradicate bed bugs from an apartment building. Apartment owners are being asked to shoulder the financial burden without remuneration, sometimes without essential tenant cooperation, and with no guarantee that the whole mess won't happen again. It's not hard to understand why apartment owners feel new bed bug laws are unfair. Jul 10 '14
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Drew Brees Discusses the NFL Lockout

New Orleans Saints Quarterback, Drew Brees, joined WWL in New Orleans with Bobby and Deke, to talk about, what else, the ongoing NFL Lockout. Wouldn it be nice if we could talk about the upcoming season, instead of courts, lawyers, and "secret" player workouts? Brees has been one of the more outspoken players since the NFL labor negotiations began. Combine that with being a former Super Bowl MVP, and one of the most respected guys in the League (not to mention a fellow Purdue grad.), it always very interesting to hear what Brees has to say about the state of the NFL.

Brees was asked how NFL Free Agency would work if they played under the rules of the old Collective Bargaining Agreement. His response:

"That been talked about quite a bit because that was an uncapped year, which was last ED Belfour Jersey year. It would be an uncapped year with reduced benefits for players unfortunately there was no 401 K match, there was no annuity, there was no health reimbursement account, none of those normal benefits we would had, and free agency was at six years. So you will have had to play six years in order to become a free agent. There quite a few guys that would normally be free agents after four years, but in the uncapped year last year it switched from four to six. You look at guys on our team like Roman Harper would be a free agent, but if it six years he not, David Thomas would be a free agent, but if it six years he not, Lance Moore another guy. There quite a few. In fact there over 200 across the NFL, actually 400."

Brees has organized off season workouts with his Saints teammates. He was asked how those workouts could give the Saints an edge. His response:

"That the plan. You can only worry about the things that you can control. We can control what the court is going to decide in regard to this lockout, but the fact is we can go into our own team facilities so you have to assemble on your own, you have to make your own arrangements, there so many young players that don have the ability to be here paying rent somewhere or even travel back and forth between here and home so a lot of us feel like it our responsibility as veteran players to organize these workouts and to really get something out of it and take care of these young guys because in the end the team that has been together, has been working hard, is in the best shape, and is the most mentally prepared, is the team that is going to fare best during the season I believe. We having a great opportunity with all the young guys that are present right now, it gives an opportunity to install the offense and install the defense, work through a lot of the things that a lot of the guys on other teams I afraid are not getting that opportunity so when camp Marcus Kruger Youth Jersey Sale does start and the season does start I think they going to be behind. We don want that for our guys. We want them to be on track." Jul 10 '14
running jogging newjersey

Um, this might not work, but then again it might: when most of the malls open there's nobody there but a bunch of old folks walking around. They like the climate-controlled atmosphere, and because it's early, lack of darned kids. I'm not sure if you're allowed to actually run, however, but you'd be hard pressed to find a more comfortable environment.

posted by Civil_Disobedient at 9:03 AM on April 17, 2005

The Otto Phele park in Saddle Brook Nikolai Khabibulin Jersey Sale connects to the Rochelle Park Area listed on the Bergen County Brian Campbell Jersey parks list, a little like a stretched out figure-8. That loop is definitely the type of length you're looking for. There's an entrance to the Rochelle Park Area that's actually in Paramus, or at least it's very close to the Paramus malls--I used to ride my bike that way to get to the Garden State Plaza when playing hooky in junior high.

In , the gigantic concrete blight in the upper right corner is the Plaza mall, the black oval in the upper left corner is Otto Phele Park in Saddle Brook, and the woodsy river running from the lake towards the lower left is the Rochelle Adam Burish Jersey Park section.

To cross the river at the south end of the Rochelle Park park and continue along the loop, you DO have to go out onto the sidewalk for a wee bit. Like half a block, maybe. But that's it. Jul 10 '14
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