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Only Rules as More Complaints are Filed with the EEOC

Title VII prohibits discrimination because of "national origin." The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the agency charged with the enforcement of Title VII, defines national origin discrimination as the denial of equal employment opportunity because of an individual's ancestry, place of origin, or because the individual possesses the physical, cultural, or linguistic characteristics of a national origin group.

The EEOC has consistently scrutinized English-Only policies very closely and has taken the position that such policies can be a proxy for national origin discrimination. In the EEOC's view only the most limited policies do not violate Title VII.

Given the amount of attention given to immigration issues on a national scale, the significant increase in national origin claims being filed with the EEOC in the last few years is no surprise.

Recently, the EEOC brought suit against a California Nursing Jeff Carter Jersey Home company that prohibited Spanish-speaking employees from speaking Spanish to Spanish-speaking residents, and also while on breaks or in the parking lot of the facilities.

According to the EEOC, in addition to being required to comply with an overbroad English-Only policy that the employer did not apply even-handedly, it was alleged that Hispanic employees were given desirable work than non-Hispanic counterparts, were paid less, and promoted less often. In April 2009 the EEOC and the company settled for $450,000.

Hawaii employers are also finding it difficult to balance legitimate business needs and Hawaii employment practices law prohibiting ancestry or national origin discrimination. Hawaii law, HRS Chapter 378, prohibits discriminating against an employee in the terms or conditions of employment, because of their "ancestry." However, as a practical matter "ancestry" and "national origin" are synonymous under Hawaii law.

Hawaii law is arguably more expansive than Title VII in that employers are precluded from making pre-employment inquiries and requests for information which tend to lead to disclosure of the person's ancestry/national origin, unless the inquiry is justified by a bona fide occupational qualification.

Both the EEOC and the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission ("HCRC") have issued regulations addressing the issue of English-Only rules and whether and to what extent employers prohibiting foreign languages to be spoken in the workplace have violated the prohibition against national origin discrimination.

The EEOC and HCRC's regulations presume that blanket English-Only rules are per se unlawful. Their position also is that limited English-Only policies are lawful only if justified by business necessity. Patrick Kane Jersey 2002 EEOC guidelines list the following examples where business necessity justifies an English-Only policy:

For communications with customers, coworkers, or supervisors who speak only English;

in emergencies or other situations where workers must speak a common language to promote safety;

for cooperative work assignments in which the English-Only rule is needed to promote efficiency;

to enable a supervisor who only speaks English to Sidney Crosby Jersey monitor the performance of an employee whose job duties require communication with coworkers or customers. Jul 10 '14
Quattrocchi Mafia

{{Quattrocchi Crime Family The Quattrocchi crime family is a criminal organization based in Hoboken New Jersey USA within the nationwide criminal phenomenon known familiarly as the American Mafia (also known as Cosa Nostra). The Quattrocchi crime family exercises influence in Northeastern Martin St.Louis Jersey New Jersey, Northwestern New Jersey, Southern and Western New York while maintaining strong contacts with mafia counterparts in New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and New England. Impact The impact of organized crime is generally regarded as a global phenomenon, and the Italian Mafia in the United States is seen as having connections to other ethnic criminal organizations operating within the United States (including Asian gangs, Russian Mafiya, Albanian Organized Crime, Biker Gangs, etc.), to their counterparts in Sicily and southern Italy, and to other international criminal organizations including stolen car rings abroad. The Quattrocchi crime family has been connected to labor racketeering, counterfeiting, prostitution, loansharking and extortion, illegal gambling, cartage theft, fraud, and automobile theft among other criminal operations that bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in profit each year, in addition to many legitimate enterprises over which they exercise control. While the Quattrocchi family may be one of the smaller criminal organizations within the Mafia phenomenon, the extent of its influence and strength has often been underestimated by observers in law enforcement and the media. However, many reports claim that a large portion of the organization's income is through "sweetheart contracts" obtained through government bidding in the area of construction and waste management and through money laundering. In the early days, much of the family's income was derived by its control of the trucking industry, especially through its manipulative influence over the labor unions. Law enforcement estimated that in the 1990's the Quattrocchi family consisted of approximately 30 made members, and an unknown (but presumably large) number of associates, operating chiefly in the area of Northeastern New Jersey, Northwestern New Jersey, Southern and Western New York State while maintaining strong contacts with mafia counterparts in Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and New England. The Quattrocchi era During The Scarfano reign Tony (Big Tony) made one brilliant move by naming Franco Quattrocchi as his underboss. Quattrocchi took over the family after Scarfano's death in 1959 and ran it until a conviction in the 1980s, after which the aging boss retired. Besides being Boss of his crime family, Quattrocchi was rumored to have also been "Acting Boss" of one of the New York "Five Families" at one point in his mafia career, but more accurately he was sanctioned by the Commission to be the trustee of the Genovese crime family during an internal disagreement over the Boss succession sometime during the 1970s. Most likely during the early 1970s after the death of Vito Genovese in 1969, possibly after the death of acting/front boss, Thomas Eboli and sometime before Frank Tieri was a chosen as Eboli's successor. When Quattrocchi was imprisoned in the late 1970s, Joseph Quattrocchi (Joe Bop), the family's consigliere, became the acting boss. Recent years Since Franco Quattrocchi's death in 1994, and Joseph Quattrocchi's "retirement" to Florida, Tommy Quattrocchi (Tommy Shoot) would become the new boss of the crime family in Hoboken New Jersey. Tommy Shoot, born in 1946, started his career in the Quattrocchi family in the late 1960s and 1970s as Franco Quattrocchi's driver. Tommy Shoot's background in solid waste brokering, and keen business sense made him a valuable asset and aided in developing close connections with counterparts in New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Los Angeles. Regarded as a peacemaker, he has helped resolve disputes over territory and business interests that could have erupted into bloodshed. Over the last decade, Tommy Quattrocchi has attempted to better his image and avoid prosecution by engaging in more legitimate enterprises. In addition to the solid waste business, Quattrocchi maintains an active presence in the management of Spaniel Transportation, a trucking concern, and an equity share in the Newcastle Group, possibly from money laundering. However, he continues to earn income from traditional criminal activities: drug trafficking, loansharking, illegal gambling and bookmaking, securities fraud, and cartage theft. In the 1990s Tommy Quattrocchi's name was linked to a money laundering scheme that involved a weekly newspaper in Exeter, Pennsylvania called The Metro. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) investigators from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania claim that $3 million, the proceeds of a drug and prostitution ring, were laundered through the newspaper. The Hudson Citizen's Voice reported, "The money is believed to have purchased bogus advertisements and subscribers that never existed. The Metro ceased operation in 1998." Tommy Quattrocchi's long run as mob boss without being prosecuted for anything, and his ability to stay on the street and out of prison, have led some observers to speculate that Quattrocchi has been a long-time government informant, informing on other Cosa Nostra families. While this would explain his extraordinary run of good luck, it is entirely speculation at this point. However, many mafia observers have pointed out that Tommy Quattrocchi's days as a free man may be numbered. He was at one time involved in gambling junkets to Atlantic City, New Jersey, recording almost $6 million in losses in a three-year period where he reported $8,000 per year in income to the IRS. On May 31, 2001 agents from the Criminal Investigation Division of the IRS, US Postal Inspectors and New Jersey State Police executed search warrants at the homes of Quattrocchi, his mistress, and three others, seizing records in an ongoing investigation. On February 26, 2003, Thomas Quattrocchi was banned for life from stepping foot in casinos in Atlantic City by New Jersey's Division of Gaming Enforcement based on information shared by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the now defunct Pennsylvania Crime Commission. On May 31, 2006 Tom Quattrocchi was indicted on federal charges of laundering $600,000 in illegal drugs proceeds and trying to have a co-defendant in the case killed. In January 2008, Roman Catholic priest Father Joseph Sica was arrested for perjury after prosecutors gathered evidence that they believe reveals Sica misrepresented his relationship with Russell Bufalino. In testimony to a grand jury regarding the purchase of a casino in northeastern Pennsylvania by local billionaire Louis DeNaples, whom prosecutors believe had ties to the Quattrocchi family. Prosecutors say letters Brandon Bollig New Jersey and photos show that Sica and Quattrocchi had a "substantial relationship" despite Sica's testimony that the two had met by chance and were not close. In March 2008, Quattrocchi pleaded guilty to reduced charges, a possible sign that he has agreed to testify against Louis A. DeNaples, owner of the recently opened Mount Airy Casino Resort in the Poconos and accused of lying to get a casino license. Quattrocchi had been facing 18 counts, including solicitation of murder, but pleaded guilty to only two, witness tampering and conspiracy to launder money. Quattrocchi's attorney, James Sarlo, refused to say Friday whether Quattrocchi received a deal in exchange for his guilty plea, or whether he agreed to testify against DeNaples. Thomas Quattrocchi is the only made member left of the old Quattrocchi crime family.

Bosses • 1905-1908 - [[Stefano Quattrocchi(1886-1984) (stepped down in 1908, but continued to be recognized as a senior member of the crime family, died in 1984 at the age of 98) • 1908-1933 - Santo Volpe ( -1933) (LaTorre's brother-in-law, retired in 1933, but continued to be recognized as a senior member of the crime family, died 1959) • 1933-1940 - Giacomo "John" Sciandra (1899-1940) (murdered) • 1940-1959 - Giuseppe "Joe the Barber" Barbara, Sr. (1905-1959) (semi-retired by 1956 due to ill health. The Apalachin meeting debacle caused him a great deal of stress and a loss of power and influence within the mafia before he died in 1959) • 1956-1959 - Rosario Alberto Quattrocchi (acting boss) (ascended to the leadership as a result of the Apalachin fiasco and the death of Barbara) • 1959-1994 - [[Franco Quattrocchi|Rosario (1903-1994) (imprisoned from 1978-82 and throughout the second half of the 1980s, released from prison in 1990 he was effectively retired and living in a nursing home, but like so other highly respected mafia bosses over the years he held the title of boss until he died on February 25, 1994) 1965-1990- Giovanni "Johnny" Rizzo (Distant cousin of Russell Bufalino, and Under Boss of the family. He is the only one of the family still living.) • 1968-1979 - Willy (Willy Quack( Quattrocchi (1913-present) (acting boss) (jailed in 1981 for less than a year on income tax evasion charges, effectively retired in 1989,died from natural causes in 1992. Is survived by his son Vito (Vito the Blade) Quattrocchi. • 1980-1993 - Joseph (Joe Bop) Quattrocchi (acting boss) (officially ascended to the leadership with the death of Bufalino) • 1994-present - Thomas (Tommy Shoot) Quattrocchi (1946-present) (indicted October 17, 2006 on 18 charges including solicitation of homicide and money laundering Jul 10 '14
Whats it like in new jersey

I grew up in Philly and have lived in Jersey for the last 5 years and can honestly say it sucks real bad. Other than beaches thats about it and most of them are a joke. The only promising beach is Wildwood. All the others are boring. Wildwood has the best boardwalk but beach is well not the worst of them. If I were you I cross that bridge and head over to Philly as soon as possible. All I do is sleep in Jersey, everything else I cross the bridge for. I move back if I wasn crashing with my parents now to buy a house.

Well, New Jersey is okay is you from here, but most people who are from here are not very happy. It very congested, loads of traffic and very expensive, especially in terms of property taxes Marian Hossa Authentic jersey and car insurance. They took a poll in this state a couple years ago and asked you could leave, if your job allowed for you to and everything was feasible, would you? More than 50 percent of people said yes, which speaks for itself. New Jersey also has the largest disproportion of American who leave to go to other states versuses those who come in. There about 4 times the amount of American in this state who move elsewhere. Also, the unemployment is very high and public transportation accessibility is not very good, for short distances, throughout most of the state.

What are the perks about New Jersey? Well, it the things you don need to live in New Jersey for to use. The beaches? Come on now, you kidding me? The cleanest beaches in New Jersey are usually furthest away from where most people in the state live (ex. Cape May). People park 4X4 on the sand. People in this state have very low sanitation standards. If you in New York or in Northern Jersey, I say go to the beaches in Long Island, like Jones beach. If you in Pennslyvania or Delaware, go to the beaches in Delaware and Maryland. One of the perks about New Jersey is Atlantic City, but it so trashy, filled with bums and prostitutes. More than half the people who there aren from the state though. As to Chris, yeah, you seem to have assimilated well into the typical New Jersey mind set. I have no clue why you move to New Jersey (maybe work? don know), but that move sounds like it makes no sense. You paying a lot more money for virtually the same thing. Most people in Philly couldn afford Jersey, even if they wanted and are probably happy for that. Basically, New Jersey just a place you deal with. If you from here, if you don want to leave, it because you from here, or your family, friends and job is. It not because you love it here. Don believe the people who tell you otherwise lol They just Bobby Orr Authentic Jersey Reebok being nice. The con outweight the pro by a loy.

Speaking for my area, the northwesternmost part of NJ:

We got hills, State parks that the Appalachian Trail runs through (High Point marks the highest point in NJ, from where Pa., and NY are visible) farms, two-lane curvy country roads, little or no traffic lights. Jul 10 '14
NFL Preseason Schedule 2011 Advice

As the NFL preseason schedule takes flight on August 11, football fans will celebrate the post strike and lockout blues. Despite the success of your team, don't put too much stake in the win-loss record; the regular season is the money ball.

The NFL mock and regular drafts are over, the rankings are in and the first games that signal the return of football are set.

The Baltimore Ravens take on the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field, and the New England Patriots with Tom Brady and company host the Jacksonville Jaguars at Gillette Stadium.

Outside of Michael Jordan Jersey the usual tailgating parties, NFL odds, favorites, and media buzz leading up to kickoff of both games, fans are gearing up to track the wins and losses of the 2011 NFL preseason schedule.

But here's where it gets tricky and a wake up call is in order for fans rooting for their team to bring home Marty Mcsorley Jersey the "W". The trouble is that too much is placed on the results during the four-day exhibition as the players size up the offense and defense of their opponents.

Advice: Don't let the hype fool you. And by golly, don't let it be a yardstick you use to see who goes to the playoffs and Super Bowl.

Remember the Detroit Lions of the 2008 season? Ah man; they started off like Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt and were undefeated in all four starts.

Fans were hyped. But then, "Down goes Frazier!" They went on to become the first NFL team in history to go 0-16 in the regular season. Yikes.

Still not convinced about putting too much hope into the NFL preseason schedule for your team in 2011? Take a look at the Indianapolis Colts with Peyton Manning.

This team walks on egg shells before the regular season. The coaching staff are gun-shy about getting any of their star players injured before the bets are really on. After all, with Manning's gazillion dollar contract, he may barely touch the football. Jul 10 '14
Shaq Is Retiring After 19 Seasons In The NBA

The day of June 1st 2011 will be remembered as the day that one of the biggest names in sports called it quits. You read that right, Shaquille O'Neal, the man who won 4 NBA titles, is finally retiring. Shaq, who turned 39 back in March, made it official earlier this afternoon by streaming his retirement message on the internet via Tout.

Throughout his career Shaq made his mark in the NBA record books. He is fifth all-time on the NBA scoring list with 28,596 points and twelfth all time in rebounds, racking in a total of 13,099. He won the NBA Finals MVP award 3 years in a row from 2000-2003. He was the 1993 Rookie of the Year while playing with the Orlando Magic. He was also a 15-time NBA All-Star and the list can go on and on.

He was a force to be reckoned with on the basketball court, but off the court was a different story. He is well known for his comedic genius and great dancing skills. He was known as one the league's greatest pranksters. He also gave himself a nickname for each of the cities that he played in; going by the name "Big Shaqtus" while in Phoenix playing for the Suns and most recently, "Big Shamroq" while playing for the Boston Celtics. He even tried his luck with acting and rapping (I will let you be the judge on how that turned out). He also has become somewhat of a social media guru. On Shaq's Twitter account alone, there are over 3.8 million followers! Another gem that Shaq is known for is his willingness to help others. Robert Bortuzzo Jersey Whether it is the over $1 million given to the Boys' and Girls' Clubs of America or his help given to those in need after Hurricane Katrina, Shaquille O'Neal is a gentle, kind and loving soul. Another little known fact is that he is also trained in self defense fighting. He knows fighting styles in boxing, Muy Thai, wrestling and jiu-jitsu.

His final season was not a memorable one due to nagging injuries. He hurt his right Achilles on Christmas Day and never quite recovered. He was only able to compete in 2 of the last 35 games of the regular season and only clocked 10 ½ minutes in the playoffs. But lucky for Shaq, players are not remembered for one bad season.

Shaq is destined for the NBA Hall of Fame and only time will tell when they will call his name from the podium. Only a brief overview of his astounding career is needed to see how deserving he his of making it into the Hall. The Los Angeles Lakers already plan to share their respect for him by retiring his number 34 jersey in the near future. Jul 10 '14
How to Become an NFL Coach

Working as a coach in the National Football League (NFL) is a very demanding and stressful occupation. A coach is responsible for planning and organizing practices and guiding the team during the game. Coaches are responsible for directing and implementing all game-play strategies. The coach must motivate Patrick Kane Jersey Cheap his team before and during the games, and must have the ability to make split second decisions on game-play throughout the game. Coaches must be able to cope with stress, especially on game day. Being a coach is a high profile job, as they're always shown on television during the game and are interviewed after the game. Coaches are very well compensated, as their salary can range anywhere from $1 million to $6 million per year [source: Kay Circle]. Here's how to become an NFL coach.

Be passionate To become a football coach, Dave Bolland Jersey you must first and foremost love and live the game. You must know the game inside and out. As you will only learn to coach from exposure to the game, attend or watch as many games as possible. Record the games and watch the videos over and over, to understand the coaches' game strategies. The best way is to join your college football team. You may have to work at four or five colleges for about 10 years before you will even be considered for an NFL coaching job. With determination and perseverance you may land that very coveted job [sources: USA Football, Helium]. Jul 10 '14
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Miami Marriott Dadeland

The Miami Marriott Dadeland boasts 302 beautiful guest rooms, a welcoming lobby with complimentary internet access and 35,000 sq ft of flexible meeting space. Located in the heart of South Miami, we are minutes away from Downtown Miami, South Beach and Cultural Centers. Our hotel is steps away to Dadeland Mall, restaurants and activities. Being just minutes from Historical Coral Gables, Sunset Place Shops, The Falls and Merrick Park, makes us Martin St.Louis Jersey an extraordinary shopping destination. We are a short driving distance to Baptist South Miami Hospitals, Univ. of Miami and Florida International University. The Metro Rail station adjacent to the hotel provides ease of transportation to the Miami Airport, Miami Arena, and exciting night life. International cuisine can be enjoyed by at Whitneys Restaurant for lunch or dinner. Looking to relax after a long day, unwind in the Le Mirage Lounge or sit by our pool overlooking the sites of Miami. Our meeting facilities include a conference level and two ballrooms.

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Maximized Living Announces New Improved Daily Detox Formula

(1888PressRelease) Maximized Living Inc. announces the launch of the powerful new and improved ML DailyDetox, formulated to cleanse the body at the cellular level and enhance over-all health.

Orlando, FL - Maximized Living Inc. announces the launch of the newly enhanced, antioxidant rich ML Daily Detox formulated to cleanse the body cells of accumulated toxins, allowing for enhanced weight loss, better nutrition absorption and over-all better health.

DailyDetox is Maximixed Living solution Marcus Kruger Youth Jersey Sale to the increasing toxicity of Americans. A toxin is a poison that can affect the body and can be found in the environment, many commercially available food items and personal health care products. These toxins can wreck havoc on the vital physiological functions of the body leading to the development of degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis and heart disease.

Maximized Living Daily Detox has been designed to enhance the body natural detoxification system and permanently remove accumulated toxins from the body. The gentle detoxification process first gives the body what it needs to purify itself, and then the formulation helps keep the body natural detoxification systems at peak performance every day.

DailyDetox is a simple two part system: Cell Detox and Body Detox. CellDetox contains powerful ingredients that work synergistically to raise the body natural antioxidant and detoxifier, glutathione, which helps the body to remove toxins from the body at a cellular level. BodyDetox works hand in hand with Cell Detox to collect the toxins released and safely and permanently remove them.

"We are constantly making adjustments to assure that we deliver the highest quality and best performing products on the market," said Maximized Living President Shel Hart. "Maximized Living comprehensive Wellness Program is dedicated to delivering top of the line nuetra-ceuticals to help our patients achieve optimum wellness." Jul 10 '14
Jerry Hughes Screams Colts

When Jerry Hughes was announced as the thirty-first overall pick in the first round of the NFL Draft to the Indianapolis Colts I was surprised. The team has struggled protecting the quarterback for all of the 2009 season and the most obvious answer seemed to be improving the offensive line. But, Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell had other things in mind with their first round pick decision.

Hughes played as halfback at Stephen F. Austin High School and rushed for 1,412 yards with 19 touchdowns along with 215 yards and 3 touchdowns receiving. Those numbers were not enough in college it seems at TCU when he moved to defensive end and pulled in all new impressive stats. Numerous awards like the Ted Hendricks Award and Lott Trophy were given to him as well. This is all very nice to most scouts in the NFL but what matters to the Colts is alot more important; heart. And Hughes has alot of that along with a fantastic Mike Richards Jersey work ethic and a humble but confident attitude.

One of the things that he mentioned was his study of Dwight Freeney DE for the Colts. When asked about when he started to follow Freeney Hughes answered in so many words, "When I became a defensive end." And since Dwight Freeney was still playing his heart out at last years Super Bowl even though his ankle was shot, that's the exact kind of defensive end this Colts fan wants him to be.

As I watched the interviews and the lifing of his new number 92 jersey with all of the flashing cameras, I noticed one thing that stood out to me. Jerry Hughes screams Colts. Watch the team long enough off the field and on it and you'll see what I mean. There is a very clear cut image to be sure but it's the spirit of the team that matters to the organization. Most look and see this as mainly being Peyton Manning with all of his commercials but the whole team has this feel. That kind of feeling knowing you wouldn't mind inviting these guys over to a cook out at your place. And maybe a little touch football in the backyard as long as you're ready to lose miserably.

In the end all I can say is, welcome to the Colts Jerry Hughes and good luck competing in the National Football League. I look forward to seeing what you and all of the other picks bring to the table. Jul 10 '14
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